Saturn In Scorpio Workshop – Transcript


Did you miss our workshop on Saturn in Scorpio? It was great!

There was such a demand for the content, I put together a pdf of the class. The transcript is 49 pages long.

The content is original, uncensored, and sure to be helpful. It’s a wonderful guide. I don’t think you’ll be bored!

Here’s what is included:

Introduction to Saturn in Scorpio

Chart #1 The Pain, The Shadow And The Psychological Construct
Chart #2 Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury & Saturn Return in Scorpio
Chart #3 From Hype To Humbling To True Empowerment
Chart #4 Problem Solving 101
Chart #5 FEAR

BONUS – Saturn transits through the houses by satori

Once you’ve paid for the workshop, you’ll be sent a link to download.  Buy now, thank me later!

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