Find Your True Love & Soulmate – Workshop Transcript


  • Do you have Venus in Capricorn?
  • Venus square, opposite or conjunct Saturn?
  • Do you have Saturn in the 7th house or Venus in the 10th?
  • Are you a Cancer or Capricorn Sun or rising?
  • Do you have Saturn conjunct your ascendant or your descendant?
  • Saturn in Libra?
  • Planets in Libra squaring planets in Capricorn?

If you have one or more of these signatures in your chart, chances are you’ve struggled to find love. You’ve probably felt blocked, lonely and deprived when it comes to love and relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This workshop was entirely devoted to overcoming problems that dog a person with a Venus Saturn signature in their chart. I don’t care how jacked you think you are. If you start to read this transcript thinking you have problems that can’t be solved, you’ll leave it knowing otherwise.

Here’s what you can expect to gain from the workshop:

  • You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how Venus Saturn energies combine and manifest in your life
  • You’ll understand the common pitfalls with this combination and be armed with tried and true remedies for each challenge
  • You’ll learn how this energy is an asset and how to exploit its potential
  • You’ll learn about Venus Saturn energy by sign and aspect as outlined by Satori

I feel that people with a Venus Saturn signature in their chart are underserved in astrology. . It’s a tough aspect – no one wants to take it on. This workshop was meant to fill this void and I think we succeeded in doing so.

The transcript is close to 70 pages long. It’s focused entirely on outlining the patterns and problems that are common to people with a Venus Saturn signature in their chart. Examples are given and solutions are provided!


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