Saturn In Pisces: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structures Dissolve


With Saturn in Pisces, reality morphs and structures dissolve. It’s common to lose control in one or more areas of your life. It can be extremely disorienting. The fear can literally disable you.

Currently, everyone is having a Pisces Saturn transit somewhere in their chart. Roughly one in twelve people will have Saturn in Pisces transit their 12th house, which is a double whammy.

If you have Saturn aspecting Neptune in your chart, Neptune in Capricorn, or Saturn in your 12th house natally, you’re particularly susceptible.

If you have planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), this transit will hit you personally, eventually. The fog and confusion can truly throw you for a loop!

This guide will lay out the challenges of this transit, along with remedies and coping strategies that have been tried and proven by my own experience. In other words, I didn’t learn this in a book! I have this combo natally. It was the bane of my existence until I cracked the code!

So you’ll learn to cope, but you’ll also come to understand the meaning of it all. This is inordinately important and will help you as with Saturn in Pisces, the GOAL can be obscured.

The guide will teach you to swim rather than sink during this very stressful period with Saturn in Pisces.

Also, if you have Saturn in Pisces or any Saturn and Neptune combination natally…

  • This guide can provide you a comprehensive understanding of your own fluid reality.
  • You’ll gain insight into the duality in your life.
  • You’ll learn how porous boundaries can for work for you.
  • You’ll learn to work with nuance.
  • You’ll learn how to transcend and avoid disability.

Addiction, confusion, faith, and escapism are addressed, along with much more!

You may have one problem one day and another a week later, so we included everything we could think of. The idea is that I can’t cover something of this magnitude in a 30 minute or even a 60 minute consultation. This is the best, most efficient way to fill this void.

The Saturn in Pisces transit through each house is covered. Satori has also noted the dates and degrees of all the major aspects the planet will form throughout the transit.

The guide is 44 pages long. It will be delivered by email in pdf form, so printable and readable on all devices. I want to tell you in advance that this is a metaphysical topic, foggy by nature. You’re likely to learn best by feeling and merging with the material. If it’s not clear, wait a day and try again. This is all part of the transit.

It’s entirely normal to not understand until you do. In fact, that’s one of the major things to learn during this transit.

Please check the link in the confirmation email and click to download. We thank you for your support!

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