Saturn In Sagittarius – A Real Education – Workshop Transcript


Do you believe nothing good will ever happen to you? Conversely, do you believe you’re immune to negative happenings in your life?

Do you realize how profoundly your beliefs affect your everyday life? What if you believe you can’t when you can? What if you believe you can when you can’t?

This workshop will teach you all about Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius These are some of the many points I will cover:

  • How you can benefit (Sagittarius) from the limits that naturally occur in life (Saturn)
  • How to recognize and rein in your own inflation
  • How to ground your vision of your future
  • Saturn return in Sagittarius
  • Real (Saturn) education (Sagittarius)
  • Your responsibility (Saturn) to teach (Sagittarius)
  • Defining and standing up (Saturn) for your beliefs (Sagittarius)
  • How to mature your life philosophy
  • How being a humble student opens doors
  • The effects of Saturn in Sagittarius’ transit through each house
  • How to get off your high horse (and avoid being knocked off)
  • You’ll learn exactly what challenges this transit will present.
  • You’ll be given remedies and coping strategies that have been tried and proven by my own experience. In other words, I didn’t learn this in a book.
  • You’ll understand the meaning of it all – this is inordinately important and will help you.
  • You’ll learn to swim, rather than sink, during this very stressful 2.5 year period of your life.

The workshop is 80 pages long. It’s delivered by email in pdf form.

Table of Contents


Chart One: Fleshing Out & Fact Checking Your Story
Chart Two: Framing The Narrative Of Your Life, Past & Present
Chart Three: The Saturn Return, Simplified
Chart Four: Life As A Temp



Sagittarius Saturn through the Houses
Natal Saturn through the Signs

This is 80 pages of highly readable, easily accessible instruction. You’ll be totally prepared!

Please check the link in the confirmation email and click to download. Thanks!



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