Finding Love With Astrology – Master Class

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Do you consistently fail when it comes to finding love? This course will teach you what I have learned about identifying and solving relationship problems, working with thousands of clients in my astrological practice over the last 35 years.

This Master Class – Finding Love With Astrology, offers insight into all the common problems people have when it comes to love…and offers workable solutions to each.

The class will advance your knowledge around how people relate, in leaps and bounds, catapulting you into a new realm and saving you time, pain and money. Check it out!

All the major problems are covered in these sections:

  1. Opening a closed mind
  2. Thrill of the chase
  3. Tackling commitment-phobia
  4. Loving a fantasy
  5. All the rest of the problems

The content is unique. It offers everything I’ve learned over decades of consulting, in an entertaining, easy to follow format. All problems have solutions! I can guide you because I have personally had all these problems and resolved them. You too, can beat the odds!

This course will change your life by changing your perspective. It will teach you how to change patterns of relating to others that doom you in love, so you can find the partner you’re looking for.

The Finding Love Using Astrology Master Class is hosted in a private forum on this blog. Once you’ve paid, check your receipt for details how to access it. Thanks!

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