Sample Progressed Chart Report

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Sample Astrology Report for a Progressed Chart for
Angelina Jolie on July 16, 2012

Birth Data for Angelina Jolie: June 4, 1975, 9:09 AM, Los Angeles, California

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SUN 18 Can 51 NEPTUNE 9 Sag 26
MOON 24 Leo 30 PLUTO 6 Lib 39
MERCURY 29 Gem 09 ASC. 27 Leo 16
VENUS 1 Vir 40 MC 23 Tau 18
MARS 7 Tau 29 2nd CUSP 27 Vir 16
JUPITER 22 Ari 52 3rd CUSP 27 Lib 16
SATURN 22 Can 00 5th CUSP 27 Sag 16
URANUS 28 Lib 22 6th CUSP 27 Cap 16

Tropical Equal Standard time observed
Date of Progressed Chart: July 11, 1975
GMT of Progressed Chart: 18:56:02
Lat. and Long. of Progressed Chart: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34
Lat. and Long. of Birth: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34
Aspects that occur within approximately 1 year: Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, Sextile


Your Personality Profile is revealed by the imprints of the planets in your NATAL Chart. The NATAL REPORT is a projection of ‘Personality Potential’ and can be compared to a ‘Blueprint’ of a building that is being planned for construction. At different stages of development while the building is being built, certain additions, deletions and/or other changes may become desirable (or even necessary) and the original blueprint may be modified to accommodate those changes. And so it is with your personality as indicated by your NATAL Chart. During the ‘building’ of your life, your personality is being developed, and the imprints of the personality blueprint are being modified and/or changed, both by your own choices and by circumstances beyond your control.

The progression of the planets as they continue their respective orbits into different signs and houses, and the aspects they form, are beyond our control. But we DO have some control over how we handle these new influences, and how we let them affect our personality. In order to deal with these influences, it certainly would help for us to know WHAT these influences are, and WHEN we will have to deal with them. The PROGRESSED REPORT provides that information: the WHAT, the WHEN, and (in some reports) the HOW.

Now, for the first time, we have a Progressed Report that not only tells us WHAT, WHEN, and HOW – it also tells us HOW LONG! It locates the signs, the aspects, and the house positions for each of the planets for any given year of your life and tells you how long they will remain in those positions. With each of the interpretations for these progressed planetary positions, we include a brief synopsis of the influences and imprints of its position in your Natal Chart for your comparison.

Many techniques for following the development of man from birth through life have been devised and studied by Astrologers since about the second or third century BC. The technique used in this Report is called ‘Secondary Progressions’. This system uses the ‘Day for a Year’ process which appears to have been practiced since Ptolemy and Copernicus, and was supported by the German mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). The system is implemented by choosing a specific birthday. We then count a day for each year of your life, and cast a chart for the ‘progressed birthday’.

The Progressed chart is the first chart used in Predictive Astrology, for it provides a good preview and overview of what you can expect in the coming year. We feel that the Progressed chart provides the first step toward using Astrology for a better and more fully informed way of living life – AS IT UNFOLDS.

When combined with information obtained from a ‘FORECAST REPORT’, OR ‘TRANSIT REPORT’, which interprets the aspects of the transiting planets (where the planets actually WILL be at any given time), we can get an extremely comprehensive body of predictive information for any ‘progressed year’ – and beyond. Check with your personal Astrologer for information concerning these Reports.


Like the Sun-sign, progressing the chart will change the sign on the cusp of the first house, your Ascendant. It will also bring influences of the new sign into play upon the personality in changing, modifying, and ‘blending’ experiences. Each time a new sign ‘rises’ on the first house, you may feel a little disoriented, especially during the first year or two. This is because different methods, or ‘styles’ of operating in interpersonal and business transactions can vary considerably under the influence of different Rising signs. Since the Ascendant represents the face (the ‘Mask’) we show the world, others may begin to see us in a different light before we become aware of any changes in ourselves.

Unlike the Sun’s thirty-year cycle, the change cycles of the Ascendant may not be as predictable as the Sun, since the houses may have more, or less, than thirty degrees. Casting the chart for the place of residence instead of the birthplace can also affect the degree of the Ascendant. The exact time of changes from the birth chart Ascendant and from the progressed Rising-signs can be difficult to trace when changes of residence are extreme.

The Rising sign in the Progressed chart determines the signs on the houses, just as it does in the Natal chart. Each time the Ascendant changes, the sign on the cusps of the other eleven houses may change, also. The interpretations of the signs on the houses will give some clues regarding the affairs of each house during the year for which the Progressed chart is cast. These signs on the cusps may not change very much from year to year unless you move your place of residence a significant distance from one geographic location to another.

Your Progressed Ascendant is now at twenty-eight degrees of the sign, Leo. The following interpretations are for the current year and place of residence.

PROGRESSED LEO RISING WITH NATAL ASCENDANT IN CANCER – Since the person with Cancer rising is ruled by emotions, the moody, changeable quality of this rising sign is apparent to everyone around. When in control of his or her emotions, this native is the most understanding, sensitive person you could hope to find – and, if not in control, the most miserable. To others you appear gentle and soft, but you can act rather reserved with them until you know them well and feel it is safe to be open with them. You have a strong need for emotional security and a sense of belonging, and are deeply attached to the past: your heritage, roots, family, cherished friends, familiar places, etc. Making radical changes or moving away from what is known and safe can be very painful and difficult for you. You tend to hold on to people and memories, as well as possessions of personal or sentimental significance. Having a home, a safe haven, is very important to you. Others see you as extremely caring. It makes no difference whether you are male or female, you are the Earth Mother. You ARE caring and nurturing. If you lack children of your own, you will find surrogate children or pets on which to bestow your maternal instincts. You are strongly attached to family and family traditions.

When your Ascendant moves into Leo in your PROGRESSED Chart, you may feel that you sparkle brilliantly when the Sun is shining and actually feel subdued when it is hiding. This progression can bring you a fiery personality influenced by leadership, determination and stability. Leo must lead, and you may assume the leadership role subtly and without any sense of abdication on the part of others while this sign is on the Ascendant in your Progressed Chart. You will also feel the need to excel in what you do now, and anytime you feel failure you are likely to be wounded more deeply than you want others to know. When this happens, you will go into hiding, lick your wounds in private, and restore your sense of self-worth in your own way and your own time. Relationships can be exciting during this life cycle, but you will want to them to be on your terms. You could feel devastated when you fail to live up to your expectations – or, to what you think are the expectations of others. When you hide to lick your wounds, you need to be particularly wary of indulging in alcohol or other drugs to help restore your self-esteem. You could find them to be too effective, causing you to disregard more positive and healthy measures. Mood altering chemicals are likely to produce more euphoria for Leo Rising than for others.

PROGRESSED VIRGO ON 2ND HOUSE – Mercury rules Virgo in your progressed second house of money matters. This is the planet of speedy communications and intellect, and Virgo is the sign of detail and organization. You will be very particular in the financial area during this time, and your business activities should be well organized. You will be a good planner, and can work quite well behind the scenes.

PROGRESSED LIBRA ON 3RD HOUSE – Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, art, and material possessions. When progressed into the third house of the thinking mind and communications, it influences an attitude of fair play and justice in all these matters. You are likely to be brutally honest in communications efforts, and you will expect others to be honest with you. You will desire some form of higher education now, and will seek a philosophy you can accept. You will like luxury and travel.

PROGRESSED SCORPIO ON 4TH HOUSE – Pluto rules Scorpio on the fourth house of the Progressed Chart. Scorpio is represented by the Eagle and the Serpent, while Pluto is the planet of regeneration and the underworld. This configuration in the fourth house of home-life can make you gruff with your household, but let outsiders beware! Any criticism from others will be totally resented, even if you agree with them. Yours is likely to be an active home, with a special place, or ‘den’ for you.

PROGRESSED SAGITTARIUS ON 5TH HOUSE – Jupiter, the planet of expansion and ‘good fortune’ rules Sagittarius, sign of idealism and thrust. This combination in the Progressed Chart on the fifth house of love and romance, children, and creative expression, magnifies the importance of these areas in your life. You are likely to be ‘lucky-in-love’, spoil your children, and to love sports and speculation during this progression.

PROGRESSED CAPRICORN ON 6TH HOUSE – Saturn, planet of limitations and discipline, rules Capricorn, the sign of conservatism. When it is in the sixth house of work, service, and health in the Progressed Chart, it brings a great depth and seriousness to these areas of life. You will be organized in your work, and when you work, you work hard. You will be disciplined in the services you offer during this time. Health problems could arise, centered around the knees, skin, or stomach.

PROGRESSED AQUARIUS ON 7TH HOUSE – Aquarius, sign of steadfastness and social responsibility, is ruled by Uranus, planet of sudden changes, inventiveness and the unusual. In the seventh house of the Progressed Chart, they indicate the need for individual freedom in partnerships, and possibly an unusual spouse. Close relationship in marriage is likely. Try to avoid being overly idealistic and of setting unrealistic expectations. Relationships can terminate during this time if they do not provide individual freedom and mutual respect.

PROGRESSED PISCES ON 8TH HOUSE – Pisces, an emotional sign, is ruled by Neptune, the psychic planet of hidden meanings. With this sign on the cusp of the eighth house of the Progressed Chart, a reluctance to dwell upon death or dying is indicated. If inheritances are indicated, they are likely to be under unusual conditions. You will be tempted to postpone dealing with insurance, legal matters, and other people’s money during this time. You may need to be more assertive in dealing with these areas.

PROGRESSED ARIES ON 9TH HOUSE – Mars, the action planet of fire and energy, rules Aries, sign of new beginnings. When this Cardinal sign is progressed into the ninth house of the higher mind and needs, it can produce the crusader instinct. You are not likely to be limited by traditional religious dogma now, but visionary thought could influence studies into the occult.

PROGRESSED TAURUS ON 10TH HOUSE – This is the House of recognition, personal achievement, honor, and career or vocation. Taurus, the ‘bull’ is ruled by Venus, planet of aesthetics, material resources, love, and sociability. When this sign is found on the cusp of the tenth house of the Progressed Chart, it indicates a desire for wealth and recognition to be fulfilled by the profession or vocation. Real estate could become an avenue of speculation now, or you could begin some sort of an avocation in some area of the arts. You will earn money to support high standards of living.

PROGRESSED GEMINI ON 11TH HOUSE – Mercury rules Gemini, sign of the Twins. When progressed into the eleventh house of friends, love received, and goals, it indicates an intellectual duality in group activities. Friends are likely to be intelligent and ingenious now, and very much an intellectual stimulation for you. More than one thing can be going on successfully at the same time.

PROGRESSED CANCER ON 12TH HOUSE – Cancer, emotional sign of the mother, is ruled by the emotional planet Moon. When it is found in the twelfth house of hidden matters and the subconscious process in the Progressed chart, emotions are likely to be very vulnerable. Mysterious feelings from the subconscious can make you want to cry without knowing why. You will need to seek seclusion at times. This configuration can make you very intuitional and psychic when it is in the progressed chart.


The Sun moves forward (counter-clockwise) in the Progressed chart from its Natal position at the approximate rate of one degree for each year of life. This means that the Sun will progress into a different sign by, or before, age thirty. Remember that these Natal Sun-sign influences are with us all our lives in the form of birth imprints. In the Progressed chart, the new Sun-sign will influence, enhance, modify, and/or blend with those in the Natal chart – and so with any subsequent progressed Sun-signs. The influences may be most recognizable during the first year for which a Progressed chart has been cast after the Sun has moved into the next sign. Sometimes there can be events or situations which trigger significant life changes (relocation, graduation, job change, marriage, divorce, new home, etc.). Some of these could vividly high-light the influences of the Sun entering into a different sign.

As you read this report, look back over your life and try to remember if there were any events that could have changed your directions or goals when the Sun entered a new sign. You can count back to 00 degrees from the Sun-Sign degree of this chart to find the year, letting each degree count as one year. Allow about three years on either side of that actual date.

At the end of the thirty years that each new Sun-sign remains in the Progressed charts, the personality will have somewhat absorbed and assimilated the influences of all of these Sun-sign positions – and so with the new progressions to come. As in all Astrology, you have, and have had, free will to make choices. Those choices can be very significant in determining how much effect the Progressed Sun positions have in modifying your Personality Profile. Transiting planetary aspects to the Sun can also help you anticipate new influences and enhance the sense of timing. Hopefully, you will be able to make better life choices based upon an expanded base of information through astrology.

Your Progressed Sun is now in the nineteenth year of a 30-year cycle in the sign, Cancer. You have about 12 years left in this life-cycle.

PROGRESSED SUN IN CANCER WITH NATAL SUN IN GEMINI – There is a dual quality to the NATAL Gemini personality. Variety is the spice of life for you, and you are happiest when you have more than one dominant interest. You enjoy your hands being busy, which they are very capable of doing on their own while your mind and attention can jump around to many things at the same time. You have to work at calmness of mind and body, and the best discipline to achieve this might well begin by trying to keep your hands and feet still – and to eat slowly. It’s no use suggesting that you think slowly, for you are a Gemini. You are, in many ways, an eternal child. Your mind is bright, alert, curious, flexible, playful, and always eager for new experiences. Your attention span can be quite brief, but you grasp ideas quickly and once your initial curiosity has been satisfied, you want to go on to something else. You crave frequent change, and meeting new situations and new people. You may live in your head a great deal (reading, observing, thinking, spinning ideas around) and you need mental stimulation every bit as much as you need food and drink.

When the Sun moves into Cancer in the PROGRESSED Chart you will need to deal with the force of the emotions, planning for security, defending the position, and demanding recognition of the feelings. The energies flow outward to achieve the image of emotional fulfillment. Perhaps the greatest adjustment from the Sun in Gemini will be the slowing down of the nervous temperament. As a result of the rapid movement of the Moon however, mood changes can be rapid and remarkable. The Cancer Sun will tend to place the emotions within the self rather than to project them upon someone else, as the Gemini was likely to do. You may be surprised at how easy and natural it becomes to express your emotions through tears. Your temperament will be romantic, indulgent, and easy hurt. Your instinct for giving and caring will help fulfill your concept of self esteem. If there has been any kind of instability in romantic involvements while your Sun was in Gemini, the Cancer Sun is likely to help settle them down. There will be more of a tendency to focus on one relationship at a time. You will be more protective of loved ones, and may even become a little jealous of them. This extreme emotional temperament may make you more prone to disease, and symptoms are likely to be exaggerated emotionally. You may also have a tendency to overeat.

PROGRESSED SUN IN 11TH HOUSE – The Sun ‘passes through’ each house one time each year. Its influence ‘illuminates’ and brings into focus the affairs of the house in which it dwells (or is passing through). In the PROGRESSED Chart, we fix that focus on the house occupied by the Sun on your birthday anniversary for the year the chart is cast. The Sun in the houses represents the departments of life most strongly affected by the individual will and power potential. In the eleventh house of the Progressed Chart it inspires an interest in friendships and group activities. You are also likely to be interested in occult subjects, scientific endeavors, and technological advances. You are likely to have many friends by whom you are held in high esteem. You will have a strong sense of the brotherhood of mankind during this progression. Humanitarian feelings are enhanced. You like to see things in terms of universal laws that apply impartially to all. With your nature toward group leadership however, you need to beware of any tendency to dominate others for selfish purposes – or, of any tendency to let others dominate you for the same reasons.


The close proximity of the Moon to the earth and its rotation around the earth causes it to pass between the earth and each sign of the Zodiac quite rapidly. It averages about thirteen degrees per day – a little less than three days per sign. Under the day-for-a-year progression system, it will take approximately thirty months, two-and-a-half years, for it to complete each life-cycle of the Moon.

The Moon is the only ‘planet’ that could show up more than once in a Progressed chart in the same sign in which it was found in the Natal chart. Although these natal influences ‘imprint’ our personalities and are with us throughout our lifetime, when the Moon appears in the same sign in the Progressed chart, it can give us an opportunity to modify even those natal imprints to some extent. In the delineations for the Progressed Moon-signs, we will include the Natal Moon-sign interpretations.

In mythology the Moon is always female – as the Sun is always male. In most ancient cults and religions, the Moon represents the female force which reflects the male force of the Sun. There were many ancient Lunar holidays and festivals. In modern religion, the date for the Easter holiday is still determined by the Moon’s orbit.

In astrology, ‘she’ dispenses her influences indiscriminately upon male and female alike, though each sex is likely to respond to the influences in somewhat different ways. The Moon-sign influences in the Progressed chart will affect the emotional side of your personality as it was imprinted by the sign the Moon was in at birth and modified by subsequent progressed Moon-sign influences. The intensity of the changes can range from deeply sub-conscious to dramatically emotional.

Your Progressed Moon is now at 25 degrees of an approximate two-and-a-half-year life cycle in the sign, Leo. You should have, roughly, 06 months left until it moves into the next Moon-sign cycle.

PROGRESSED MOON IN LEO WITH NATAL MOON IN ARIES – When your NATAL Moon is in the sign of Aries, you could behave in precipitous ways without considering the consequences or how it affects others. You can have sudden flare-ups of temper, but they are temporary and soon over. You are very independent, going it your own way, right or wrong, and you will not tolerate interference from ANYONE. You could even try to dominate others in relationships, and you are likely to take the reactions of others quite personally. Women with an Aries Moon in their birth chart are likely to show many of the more traditional male personality traits. They could be more independent and self-sufficient, and may tend to choose careers over the traditional ‘housewifely’ roles. Whether male or female, you need to be able to use your initiative, and you could assume the leadership role quite naturally. You would not tolerate a tyrannical or prejudicial boss, and you will expect the same kind of fair consideration in all your relationships. For all people, the Moon here is likely to provide ambition, drive and assertiveness. You will probably start more jobs than you finish for you cannot tolerate delays. You will want what you want right now, for you are impatient and can become bored quite easily. You will need to practice patience and tolerance. ‘Lighten-up’ should be your keyword.

When your Moon moves into Leo in your PROGRESSED Chart, it will bring an unconscious need to be admired and appreciated – and a conscious need for romance and affection. Your need to love and be loved is a healthy emotional drive which motivates you to continued self awareness and self-improvement efforts. You may occasionally have secret doubts about your own self worth, often interspersed with feelings of invincible superiority. It is the latter side that you are likely to show the public in order to protect your emotional vulnerability. You will be extremely romantic and sexual during this cycle, and intimate relationships are essential to your feeling of well-being. You can be extremely loving and self-sacrificing in romantic relationships, but heaven help the partner who should fail to show appreciation. If a relationship should become stale and routine, you are likely to seek a new conquest. Bright colors will appeal to you, as will sunshiny days. You like to feel bright, enthusiastic and up-beat. When you have a down day, you will hide away and ‘lick your wounds’ in secret. You must avoid alcohol and other drugs to elevate your mood – they could prove to be too effective, with the risk of addiction. Leadership roles come easy to you, and you do make a good boss. You may change jobs often, for the grass will always look a little greener on the other side of the fence. You are a sucker for flattery and a little praise will make your day. You will want your home to be a show place, and you want your family to be at their best. You do need to watch for tendencies toward inconsistency and stubbornness.

PROGRESSED MOON IN 12TH HOUSE – The Moon will pass through all the houses of the Natal Chart approximately every twenty-eight days, making its daily and hourly influences very fleeting. In the twelfth house of the Progressed Chart however, the personality begins preparing for a new cycle of personal development. Self worth from the last cycle is sensitively measured and evaluated, and the deeper part of the nature is strongly awakened. There can be a feeling of confinement and an emptiness, as of waiting. Occult or psychic experiences may occur, as well as hospitalization, separation, or death. At this time you are tempted to withdraw and keep your feelings secret. This could be extremely counter-productive, however. What you hide from others you also hide from yourself, and what you hide from yourself can control you from the subconscious. What you really need this year is to communicate your inner feelings to another person whom you trust. Inability to trust may be a part of your problem, and it can only be overcome by risking. Relations with women can be difficult, and again, the solution is communication. You will probably not want to do much socializing when the Moon is in this house, and choosing to be alone can be good. It can be an excellent time for spiritual and mystical growth and discipline, for you can understand these teachings at the emotional level.


As in the Natal Chart, the blend of the Progressed Sun-Moon influences are extremely significant toward understanding the modification of the personality from that which was indicated by the Natal Chart. We urge you to review the interpretation in your Natal Chart. The interpretation of the Progressed Sun-Moon blend is printed next. Study it carefully, in addition to the delineations of Sun in Sign, Sun in House, Moon in Sign, and Moon in House. We suggest that you compare them also with the same interpretations in your Natal Chart.

PROGRESSED: CANCER SUN AND LEO MOON – Your Cancer Sun and Leo Moon blend provides the foundation for developing a strong personality when it is found in the Progressed chart. The Sun is ruler of Leo, your Moon-sign, and the Moon is ruler of Cancer, your Sun-sign, thus creating a strong reciprocal bond. Your appearance of pride and self worth is well founded and will be readily apparent to others. Your understanding of Self could be gained quite easily, and there will be a sense of emotional rightness as the Sun illuminates the emotional Moon. The Moon’s emotions will soften the glaring action of the Sun during this life cycle, and there will be emotional social poise in your life as well.


Mercury in the signs gives clues to the kinds of concerns that occupy your mind and reveals your psychological approach to making decisions and conveying your ideas to others. Mercury influences the kind of communications you have with other people throughout the year: those received as well as those you send. It indicates shifts in mental focus and intellectual attention as they are impacted by the influences of the Progressed sign. It can also indicate travel, such as short trips which don’t upset the daily routine too much. You can usually count on not being bored by Mercury influences, and the daily routine is more likely to be intensified rather than subdued. On another level, Mercury IS the every day routine, indicating everything we are so accustomed to that we don’t even notice it. On still another level, it may indicate a time when you should just sit and think.

Mercury takes a little less than thirty years to progress through the thirty degrees of each sign, so we may have a little ‘stretch’ or a little ‘overlap’ of influences when using the day-for-a-year progression system. We have tried to adjust the degree of Mercury in its current Progressed sign to give you some rough idea of how long it will be until it enters the next Progressed sign.

Your Progressed Mercury is now in the 30th degree of an approximate thirty-year life-cycle in the sign, Gemini. You could be, roughly, in the last year of this cycle.

PROGRESSED MERCURY IN GEMINI WITH NATAL MERCURY IN GEMINI – When a planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED Charts the influences are the same, but are just more long term.

With NATAL Mercury in the sign Gemini, you are likely to be versatile, unbiased, and impersonal in your ability to perceive truth. You are capable of deep scientific thought, and are likely to be well educated. You are probably knowledgeable on many subjects about which you are able to communicate easily, rapidly, and accurately in speech or the written word. True to the duality of the sign Gemini, you are able to register two impressions or think two thoughts almost simultaneously. You may find it difficult to shut out external thought stimuli, to the point that your nervous system needs periods of absolute quiet and meditation. You need to train your mental capacities so that you can focus on the important things. Concentration and disciplined study are not your strong points. Mentally restless, you may change jobs or locations frequently, or do work that involves variety and travel. You have a flair for language and for playing with words: for speaking, writing, or teaching in an entertaining and informative way. Sales, advertising, communications, journalism, or public relations are good areas for you. Your ability to be articulate and to communicate well is among your greatest strengths. You also enjoy meeting new people, learning a little bit about them – and you work well with the public. Love and romance can be exciting with intellectual overtones. Partnerships and personal relationships are likely to be extremely rewarding, providing you maintain your interest and continuity. You have an extremely active, lively and versatile mind, with a multitude of interests and an inexhaustible curiosity about life. You are quick to grasp new concepts and equally quick to lose interest in a project or an idea once your curiosity has been satisfied. You like to try a little bit of everything, and you may have difficulty settling down to any one thing.

PROGRESSED MERCURY IN 11TH HOUSE – Mercury in the houses deals with the practical affairs that occupy your mind, and shows what areas of activity will be influenced by your thoughts and communications. Progressed to the eleventh house, the focus is on communications and the exchange of ideas with friends and groups. You will seek out associations which will stimulate your mind, and you will both teach your friends and learn from them. During this time, you will become more open to all humanity, and are likely to gain much compassion and insight into the larger social issues. You love truth, impartiality, and the ability to think with originality and objectivity. You need to take care, however, that your ideas do not become eccentric or impractical.


Venus in the signs indicates how you express your emotions in personal relationships. It also influences your attitudes toward money, personal possessions, creature comforts, and social and aesthetic values. Venus is a social planet, usually bringing people together for parties and good times. It is also the planet of LOVE, and its impressions combined with the influences of the signs can tell you quite a bit about your experiences in love and romance. It is also the planet of creativity: of artistic talent and entertainment. The influences of the different signs of the Zodiac can help to dictate the forms of expression indicated to display these talents.

The annual orbit of Venus is usually only five or six days away from the orbiting time of the Sun, so it fits the day-for-a-year progression system quite well. Though there may be a very little stretch or overlap, we are pretty safe in estimating a degree of progression per year for Venus, as with the Sun.

Your Progressed Venus is now in the 2nd degree of an approximate thirty year life-cycle in the sign, Virgo. You have, roughly, 29 years left in this cycle.

PROGRESSED VENUS IN VIRGO WITH NATAL VENUS IN CANCER – When Venus is in the sign Cancer in the NATAL Chart, it imprints deep sensitivity in all your romantic feelings. You are likely to be extremely emotional and your feelings easily hurt. You tend to personalize and to react emotionally to anything that you perceive as criticism. Your moods will be fluctuating and unpredictable, but you are likely to hide behind a dignified exterior. You are very intuitive, and can usually pick up on the feelings of others. Because of that influence you need to associate with persons who are optimistic, enthusiastic and upbeat. Venus in Cancer also produces the mothers of the world, both male and female. You are sensitive and sentimental, and are deeply attached to family, old friends, familiar places, and the past. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, family rituals, and other days of personal significance is very important to you. A good personal relationship, especially if it is a marriage, is extremely important to you. You will make every effort to make your relationships work. You seek caring, emotional support, and security in love. You cherish and protect your loved ones, and can be extremely possessive of them. You need to be needed. You crave both financial and emotional security, and are likely to seek them in marriage. You want your home to be the center of social activities and you will strive to provide it with comfort and beauty. You need to watch out for unstable emotional reactions, maudlin sentimentality, and the tendency to sulk.

Venus in the Leo life cycle would have added action and enthusiasm and, possibly some jealousy to relationships.

When Venus moves into Virgo in the PROGRESSED Chart, you may begin to over-analyze your emotions and become very critical of those you love. You may become extremely fastidious about your personal appearance, manners, and hygiene. This could really be a cover-up for possible shyness and feelings of social and sexual inferiority. You may concentrate your progressed Venus influences into a primary professional life, in which you can become very successful in accumulating material comforts. You will be nurturing by nature and could be very effective in the human services professions. You will be quietly devoted and faithful to your loved ones, but you may be timid about expressing too much sentiment or emotion. During this life cycle you will be more comfortable showing love for someone by doing something for them, making something for them, or simply being there for them. This is probably because you can underestimate your attractiveness and lovability, and you may doubt your own worthiness to receive love and appreciation. You tend to be very picky about trusting potential partners. You will need to be careful lest you set your standards too high and wind up living alone. Also, beware of the tendencies to OVER-compensate on your part for feelings of inferiority.

PROGRESSED VENUS IN 1ST HOUSE – Venus in the houses gives us information about how you may express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in the various areas of your life. In the first house of the Progressed chart, it influences you to be socially outgoing, with a pleasing manner and friendly appearance. It could bring out a striking physical beauty as well. You should generally have a happy outlook on life, and your natural ability to mix well with other people should contribute to both good business and exciting romantic opportunities during this time. Artistic talent is also indicated.


Mars is energy and action. ‘His’ influences provide means of expression for the influences of the other planets through direct action. It can express temperament, set fire to the emotions, activate ambition, spur romance on, and sometimes set the stage for accidents. In mythology, Mars is the God of War.

It takes Mars an average of about twenty-two months to progress into a new sign, depending upon Retrograde movement, etc. Therefore it will be difficult to establish an accurate time frame for the duration of the Progressed Mars influences. We use two years as an approximation, but the length of time left in each sign cannot be very accurate. However, each time you have a Progressed chart cast, the position of Mars for that year will be accurate.

Mars is now at 08 degrees of the sign, Taurus. It takes approximately 60 years for Mars to pass through one sign in the Progressed chart. You have, roughly, 46 years left until it moves into the next Mars life-cycle.

PROGRESSED MARS IN TAURUS WITH NATAL MARS IN ARIES – Mars in Aries in the NATAL Chart imprints the personality with force, self-assurance, originality, combativeness, and mechanical ability. You are enthusiastic and inspiring, philosophic and idealistic in spirit, and very frank and open. You like sports, pleasure and adventure. You will have a strong self-interest and will push on toward your goals and ambitions with very little outside encouragement. You dislike limitations and restraints, and will more than likely be your own boss in your profession or vocation. You need to watch out for overwork and burnout – also for a hasty temper.

When Mars is in Taurus in the PROGRESSED Chart, it brings the personality practical qualities: ambition, quick wit, foresight, and good organizational and managerial ability. You are determined and consistent where self-interest is concerned and are likely to have good earning ability. You are also likely to enjoy your occupation, and carry it through with tact and diplomacy. However you will not tolerate much opposition, and need to beware of temper and ‘bull-headedness’.

PROGRESSED MARS IN 9TH HOUSE – Mars in the houses indicates the departments of life in which you exert energy to express your actions and desires. Ninth house position in the Progressed chart bestows interests in travel and outdoor sports: and, in religious, philosophical, social, and educational causes. You will push for the ideals you believe in, and will actively support institutions which support your views during this time. You believe in action, not just words. You like adventure, and may seek broad experiences. You will need to develop tolerance and understanding for those who do not share your convictions.


The rest of the planets take much longer to orbit through the signs and houses. Unless they were in the last few degrees of the Natal sign, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are probably still in the signs and houses they were in when you were born. If any of them have progressed into the next sign, the program will print the influences of the new sign as it compares to the old. It will only interpret the progressed house position. A major move in geographic location which changes the Ascendant may also change the house cusps and the signs on the houses.

PROGRESSED JUPITER IN ARIES WITH NATAL JUPITER IN ARIES – When the planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just more long-term.

Jupiter in the signs influences your ethical, religious, and philosophical standards and beliefs, and how you may express those interests. In the sign Aries in the NATAL Chart, Jupiter imprints the personality with leadership qualities in those areas as well as in education and spiritual activities. You have an intuitive understanding of spiritual creativity which can be transformed into positive action. You have faith in regeneration and a rebirth into a better way of life. You can display much enthusiasm and self-confidence, creating confidence in others and inspiring them to action. You need to watch out for feelings of self-importance and avoid ‘holy crusades’, but you do have the courage to embark on large endeavors which others would not attempt.

PROGRESSED JUPITER IN 8TH HOUSE – Jupiter in the houses indicates the departments of life and types of activity through which you express your religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. In the eight house progression, good fortune could come through inheritance, insurance, or joint finances. You may be attracted to such businesses as funeral homes, tax accounting, and corporate fund-raising. There will be a strong interest in life after death. You are likely to become interested in spiritualism, and to become aware that you possess telepathic powers while this progression is in effect.

PROGRESSED SATURN IN CANCER WITH NATAL SATURN IN CANCER – When the planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just more long-term.

Saturn in the signs indicates the areas in which you must accept responsibility and the ways in which you must practice discipline and develop maturity. In the sign Cancer in the NATAL Chart, Saturn can imprint the personality with moodiness and dissatisfied feelings. You may have difficulty in expressing emotion, and, when you are hurting, you are likely to withdraw into a shell. You need much approval and emotional support, but may cover up those needs by presenting a cold, austere demeanor. You will not like any kind of criticism. You need to practice discipline with your emotions, and develop trust in others. Call upon positive psychic sources to help you develop your highest qualities.

PROGRESSED SATURN IN 11TH HOUSE – Saturn in the houses indicates the areas of life in which we must learn to act with discipline: how to build structure and express practical ambition through maturity. Saturn progressed into this house encourages you to combine, or integrate your efforts with group expression. Friends will want to feel that you are with them. This is also a time to assess where you are in achieving your life’s hopes and wishes. If you are making progress, culmination can be expected when Saturn progresses into the twelfth house. If, on the other hand, progress is flawed, the next house will see a cleaning up and starting over.

PROGRESSED URANUS IN LIBRA WITH NATAL URANUS IN LIBRA – When the planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just more long term.

Uranus in the signs indicates the ways in which you deal with your urge for freedom and individuality. It indicates the motivations behind your wishes, hopes, and goals – especially mind goals. It may also show the type of friends you seek and the kinds of activities of the groups you belong to. Uranus in Libra in the NATAL Chart, imprints the personality in the way you handle marriage, partnerships, and social conduct. You are likely to have keen insights into all kinds of human relationships, and telepathic understanding of other people’s motivations. You may have new concepts of the meaning of justice and fair play. You are likely to value human relationships more highly than legal contracts. You will need freedom in marriage, which could cause difficulty in marital relationships. The message here is to consider others when attempting to change the status quo.

PROGRESSED URANUS IN 3RD HOUSE – Uranus in the houses indicates the types of activities through which you express your urge toward freedom and individuality. In the third house of the Progressed Chart, brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors are likely to become involved. Your mind is curious and unconventional, and this is likely to be reflected by those around you. During this time you could pursue interests in the unusual, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, or spiritual healing. You may have sudden insights which can develop into inventions and creative technology. Beware of jumping to conclusions and impulsive changing of opinions.

PROGRESSED NEPTUNE IN SAGITTARIUS WITH NATAL NEPTUNE IN SAGITTARIUS – When the planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just more long term.

LEFT SAGITTARIUS IN 1984-NEXT POSSIBLE IN YEAR 2147 – Neptune’s influences are mostly generational. It indicates a time when governments will fail in chaos, and both material and corporate structures will crumble. It indicates the kind of creative and imaginative cultural expressions you experience. In Sagittarius in the NATAL Chart the emphasis is on positive expression of higher religious and spiritual values. You will search for more personal contact with the God of your understanding through your inner being, probably through forms of meditation. You could be inspired to attempt the impossible to fulfill some of your idealistic goals.

PROGRESSED NEPTUNE IN 4TH HOUSE – Neptune in the houses indicates how you express your mystical potential, and may reveal some of the karma produced by your past actions. When it progresses into a different house, you have to be careful not to fall prey to mistaken illusions, for anything connected with the affairs of that house may seem to dissolve and pass out of existence in a subtle, most imperceptible manner. In the fourth house the focus is on the domestic scene, and when Neptune moves into that house in the Progressed Chart, your domestic and personal life can undergo many strange and subtle changes. Psychological forces will be changing your inner self quite noticeably, and you may become attracted to spiritual and occult subjects as a direct result of your own experiences. On the positive side, you may begin to create the kind of ideal of what you have always wanted your home life to be, and certainly, you will make your home a more beautiful place. The other side of the position can indicate a source of confusion and difficulty because someone in your home is working against you, and it may be difficult to find out exactly what is going on – for it could just be in your own mind. This can make you less confident and secure, but what is really reflected here are the tremendous inner changes in you. It is a time to seek serious and positive spiritual guidance. Alcohol and drugs could be especially destructive now.

PROGRESSED PLUTO IN LIBRA WITH NATAL PLUTO IN LIBRA – When the planet is in the same sign in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED charts the influences are the same, but are just more long term.

Influences of Pluto in the signs is also more historical and generational than personal. Individual influences are likely to produce permanent change. In the sign Libra in the NATAL Chart, the personal imprints on the personality are toward the conscious responsibilities for fellow men through justice, human relations, social expression and psychology. You will constantly be seeking balance in your life, as well as justice and fair play.

Influences of Pluto in the signs is also more historical and generational than personal. Individual influences are likely to produce permanent change. In the sign Libra in both the NATAL and PROGRESSED Charts, the personal imprints on the personality are toward the conscious responsibilities for fellow men through justice, human relations, social expression and psychology. You will constantly be seeking balance in your life, as well as justice and fair play. If Pluto is in this position in your Progressed chart, these influences will be with you for the rest of your life.

PROGRESSED PLUTO IN 2ND HOUSE – The second house focus is on money and material resources. Pluto’s presence here in the Progressed Chart indicates that your values will undergo a complete metamorphosis, which will affect both your personal possessions on the material plane and your sense of values on the psychological level. If this should begin with a breakdown phase it could be very upsetting. However, the end result will not be lack of supply. The perception of needs could change now, and the attitude toward property could change completely. Metaphysical and moral values could become more important so that you no longer seek material possessions. This could take several years, but when completed, it is likely to be permanent.


Following are the interpretations of the Planetary Aspects of the Progressed planets to each other. As in the Natal chart we use only the major aspects: Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, and Sextile. These interpretations may be a little different from the Natal Chart interps in describing the influences, as they are presented from the same point of view as transiting planetary aspects. Rather than natal imprints, these aspects represent influences you have to deal with during the time of this Progressed chart. Some of the slower moving planets with aspects in the Natal Chart may still be in orb. However the program allows less than one degree of orb, so that the influences will be strongly focused on the year for which the Progressed Report is prepared. Because of this narrow focus and the tight orb, there are not likely to be very many aspects (if any) in this Report.

The following progressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about 4 months in the future, that is about 4 months after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON SEXTILE MERCURY – This aspect between the planet of emotions and the planet of intellect in the Progressed Chart can give you a good memory and a good working relationship between your conscious and your subconscious mind. You are likely to be a good conversationalist because you are truly interested in whomever you are communicating with. You can emotionally and logically understand and communicate the ordinary, daily life affairs now, and you probably have a good business sense. This is a rare supportive aspect.

PROGRESSED MOON SEXTILE URANUS – This sextile can produce a feeling of restlessness and a desire for excitement. When it is in your Progressed chart, you may want to shake someone up who is near you, but you COULD attract someone who will shake YOU up. You will want to be with stimulating companions. Your desire for the new will include ideas also. You will not want to accept the same old routine during this time.

The following progressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about 6 months in the future, that is about 6 months after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON SQUARE THE NORTH NODE – This configuration in the Progressed Chart could make you feel out of step with the rest of society. It is possible that something you need to do in your personal life does not conform to what you think society expects. You may have difficulty in gaining recognition or fulfilling ambitions where women play a major part in the endeavor. Weigh the outcome carefully, but remember that your needs must come first, regardless of what you think others might say.

The following progressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about 8 months in the future, that is about 8 months after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON CONJUNCT VENUS – This aspect bestows intense artistic ability, giving you a highly emotional response to beauty and harmony. While it is in the Progressed Chart, it will enhance your taste in clothing and food. You appreciate a beautiful environment and will create that for yourself. You have charm when dealing with others, and you are likely to find much success in romance during this time. You need to watch for a tendency to be self-indulgent, and beware that others can take advantage of you through your extreme sensitivity to their feelings now.

The following progressed Moon to progressed planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about a year in the future, that is about a year after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE – This aspect heightens the sense perceptions and dream activity. During this progression, you are likely to meet with unusual people. Awareness of the psychic is intensified, and you need to beware of the potential for self-deception, or of deception by others. Protect yourself through positive prayer and meditation against negative occult influences while this aspect lasts.

PROGRESSED MOON TRINE MARS – This aspect in the Progressed Chart provides courage and confidence which you are likely to express by taking the initiative and in making emotional contacts with others. You can speak directly and forcefully without being offensive, and you can stand your ground. You have the capacity to start short projects now, and get cooperation from others in completing them. Physical energy is high, and you should be able to accomplish much while this progression is in effect.

PROGRESSED MERCURY TRINE URANUS – This aspect in the Progressed Chart may make you feel more alive and mentally alert than at any other time. New ideas will come more rapidly than usual and your vision will have more breadth and scope. Communications will be dynamic and electric. You will seek stimulating people and thoughts, and it is a good time to begin the study of something new. You will want to break away from routine. Metaphysical studies are in order, and your intuition and perception are very active.


The Natal Chart is always significant in our lives, and it must be taken into consideration when interpreting any of the advanced charting efforts. The Progressed chart has moved the planets into new positions, sometimes forming new aspects with the fixed positions of your natal planets. Some of the aspects in the Natal chart of the slower moving (outer) planets may still be in aspect orb in the Progressed Chart. These aspects, and any new ones formed, will help to bridge the gap between the Natal and Progressed Charts. Because the program allows less than one degree of orb in order to focus the influences for the year the Progressed Report is prepared, there are not likely to be many planets in aspect – if any. If there are any aspects in orb, their interpretations will provide valuable information about influences you will feel during the duration of this Progressed year.

PROGRESSED SUN SQUARE THE NATAL MIDHEAVEN – This progressed position can indicate much activity in many areas of your life. You are driven by self-interest, with emphasis on professional and personal goals, some of which may not be in harmony with the interests of others. The aspect could indicate conflict with others, who may see you as selfish and uncaring. You may not feel like working with others during this time, but you must be careful and not work against them. Much can be accomplished, but don’t forget others have goals and feelings, too.

The following progressed Moon to natal planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about 4 months in the future, that is about 4 months after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON SEXTILE NATAL URANUS – This sextile can produce a feeling of restlessness and a desire for excitement. When it is in your Progressed chart, you may want to shake someone up who is near you, but you COULD attract someone who will shake YOU up. You will want to be with stimulating companions. Your desire for the new will include ideas also. You will not want to accept the same old routine during this time.

The following progressed Moon to natal planet interpretation will last about 2 months and it will occur about 6 months in the future, that is about 6 months after the date given on the cover page of this report.

PROGRESSED MOON SQUARE THE NATAL NORTH NODE – This configuration in the Progressed Chart could make you feel out of step with the rest of society. It is possible that something you need to do in your personal life does not conform to what you think society expects. You may have difficulty in gaining recognition or fulfilling ambitions where women play a major part in the endeavor. Weigh the outcome carefully, but remember that your needs must come first, regardless of what you think others might say.

PROGRESSED MERCURY TRINE NATAL URANUS – This aspect in the Progressed Chart may make you feel more alive and mentally alert than at any other time. New ideas will come more rapidly than usual and your vision will have more breadth and scope. Communications will be dynamic and electric. You will seek stimulating people and thoughts, and it is a good time to begin the study of something new. You will want to break away from routine. Metaphysical studies are in order, and your intuition and perception are very active.

PROGRESSED VENUS SQUARE THE NATAL NORTH NODE – This configuration in the Progressed Chart can create problems in marriage and financial dealings. There is the temptation to flaunt personal social preferences against traditional mores. Personal philosophy and expression may not be in tune with conventional society.

PROGRESSED URANUS CONJUNCT NATAL URANUS – Unexpected events and chagnes that you had not anticipated are likely now. You can learn from young, creative minds now, learn to improvise, and become more creative. This is a time to become more inspired and more inventive.

PROGRESSED NEPTUNE CONJUNCT NATAL NEPTUNE – Although subtle and easily overlooked, this is a time when you develop a new vision and dream for yourself. Experiences you have now mold become the raw material for developing a new sense of purpose and vision.

PROGRESSED PLUTO CONJUNCT NATAL PLUTO – During this time period you are likely to discover things you had not known about your family and ancestors, to gain greater psychological insight into yourself, and to develop a better understanding of the historical roots and unconscious motives of others. Although not obvious, all of these experiences are transforming you into a person who is different from what you were before this time period began.


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