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Synastry Aspects That Spell Doom In Relationship!

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Are there any aspects between charts, that you feel are irreconcilable in a close relationship? Or maybe just not worth hassle?

Personally, I don't like a person's Saturn messing with my Venus.  I don't mind the Pluto stuff though...

What do you think?  
What have you seen?

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Maybe, Mercury-Saturn or Mercury-Pluto .... I can't stand mind games.

Via Composite I've seen couples struggle with Sun-Chiron, I think this is a deal breaker - a wound to the purpose of the relationship; since a relationship can't heal itself, this is a wound that may never heal.

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i dont really like Jupiter same sign as my sun, or moon, or conjunct or whatever it's called. Friendship and distant friendship is fine. I actually like Saturn trine my Venus, and my Saturn trine their venus, even opposition with their moon. I often like Opposition and trines best. Jupiter to his moon, or my jupiter to his moon and his Jupiter to my moon is really nice and easy going, so flowy and easy. I actually dont mind squares with Mars, as long as we have easy going Jupiter to Sun, Moon, and Venus. I dont really like controlling too much so its nice to have a partner who has more mutable than cardinal. lol I think i have more cardinal than my husband. but he does have Libra Pluto singularity.

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(My) Venus conjunct (their) south node. It’s nice reuniting with these karmic figures, very intense passionate, natural connection, and then it was very very extraordinarily painful. (This has happened twice!)

The silver lining is getting the opportunity to address that karmic relationship, but until it happened I didn’t have the presence of mind to cut my losses and avoid participating in more pain. Very gratefully, a point of significant healing has been reached on all sides, so I’m hoping for all us that we’re free now. 

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I would tread very carefully if their Pluto was square my Mars. I experienced this with a guy I was not romantically involved with and it was rather intense. Pluto was transiting/conjunct my venus.  We shared a mutual attraction but I’m thinking it was fortunate we were both taken. The attraction is very physical/primal. I fear bumping into this guy; if anyone could make me transgress it would be him.

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Husband: Saturn 5 Taurus.  

Contacts to half my chart. Challenging in the beginning. Very. Offering up ultimatums. Gross. I mean, I flat refused to deal with old man river (even though he was younger than me) and ran from him for 9 years.  Ugggg he was like a parent. And he would not let go. He was always watching over me. 

31 years later. Married. GLUE! Sometimes grandpa (I call him that all the time) bugs the shit out of me. (he has a Cap moon too) But, I would push him uphill in 15 ft of snow if he had no legs for the rest of my life. No person in my life has ever been more loyal and committed to me and my circus. And, he is a good man. He watches over me like a pack of guard dogs. It's when he decides to scold me that things take a turn.....

(also, his Jupiterscorpiosmily_gif is conjunct my stelliumscorpiosmily_gif

 Are there any aspects between charts, that you feel are irreconcilable in a close relationship? Or maybe just not worth hassle? 


Your moon in my 8th house

God, I just can't deal with another person again who's moon falls in my 8th house. I can't stand it. It's so intense. I run, only to come back and give more. There is never enough you can give...they take and take and take until all that is left of me is bare bones.

If you are born into a family or have children with their moon in your 8th you are not going to get away. It's a trap. But, if I were ever to date again (which will never happen) and the persons moon fell in my 8th, I would change my phone number and never speak to them again. I can't stand it. I would gladly deal with Saturn any day of the week than this bullshit. Constant drama. Button pushing. It's exhausting. I feel like I am serving a life sentence in prison. I know it's supposed to be a symbolic reflection of what is in me. I can't stand it. That's just how I feel. Might not be that big a deal to someone else.  Can you love and hate someone at the same time? 

On the other hand, I have two people in my life with this and both of these people would kill someone that hurt me. 

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