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Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion

Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion This is a strong statement. I believe it’s true. I wrote about having a Venus Mars sextile in chart. It brings me good deal of satisfaction (Little Things Mean A Lot). Whatever love or money I get, I tend to feel satisfied with it. While this brings me pleasure, […]

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What’s The Difference Between Transits, Progressions & Solar Returns?

Dear Elsa, I recently had a solar return done. I would be very interested, if you could comment on the difference in use of: the progressive horoscope, transits and a solar return? Curious Hi, Curious. Great question! Your natal chart is a map of your personality. No one understands themselves, fully. We all have parts of

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What Is The Difference Between Synastry And A Composite Chart?

“Synastry” refers to the astrological study of relationships. There are several techniques. Each have their own merits. A synastry chart or “chart comparison” is when you check how one person’s planets relate to another person’s and interpret what you find. As an example, people who have their Jupiter conjunct one of your personal planets are

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