Venus in aspect to Pluto. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

Pluto and persephone

New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects

I’ve been writing about ex-lovers (corpses) coming back around when Venus aspects Pluto.  Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Aquarius at the moment.  A longtime client hired me yesterday.  She wanted to talk about something I wrote in a consultation back in 2012.  Specifically, this: “In this mail, you reveal yourself as a woman


Venus Inconjunct Pluto – Corpses In Denial

Venus Pluto relates to what I call “corpses”. These are people and things, dead in your life, that come back to haunt. (Search “step away from the corpse” on this blog). Under the inconjunct, I’ve noticed people showing up with a story; their view of what transpired between the two of you. Hard to say

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