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The End Result Of A Pluto Transit

A friend asked me how a Pluto transit works. “Is there an “end result” or does it move forward?” I can see why this would be asked. Pluto is associated with death.  For some this would be the ultimate, “end result”!  But I feel things move forward, post a Pluto transit, even if physical death is […]

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How To Survive A Pluto Transit

It’s not uncommon a person wants to die during the throes of a Pluto transit.  Sorry, but this is not allowed! I know these transits are freakishly painful. I just had to advise a client to play dead as a tactic to get through her day. I’m talking about pulling your horns in when you

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Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously

Sometimes I talk to someone who has all three outer planets transiting their chart at the same time. I’m not talking about opening up the orbs so wide, this situation becomes usual.  I’m talking about tight orbs; three hardcore outer planet transits hitting you at once. This was a common scenario back in 2019-20 when

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How to Prepare for a Pluto Transit

Pluto is known as the villain of the zodiac, and in many ways that reputation is deserved. And when we discover an upcoming Pluto transit, it’s incredibly common to feel fear and wonder what might happen to us and how we’ll survive. While it’s not possible to predict exactly what will happen, it IS possible

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