All about Sagittarius. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

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Henry: Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 1

Today’s newsletter spurred a lot of emails.  They made me realize, something is missing. I’ve maintained this blog for a long time. Nearly 25 years! Obviously, most who read here have no earthly idea my background… which used to be common knowledge. Specifically, that man right there is my grandfather. He was called a “health

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The Danger Every Sagittarius Needs to Avoid

Everyone knows Sagittarius to be curious and open-minded, always looking over the next horizon. They seek and they search and they are always ready with a new question about what it all means. This can be both enlivening and frustrating, but it is also necessary. The real danger emerges when the seeking stops.

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Sagittarius & Aging – Calming The Restless Soul

Hi Elsa, You wrote, or maybe created a video on the subject of recognizing “Restlessness” in a natal chart. It got me thinking about that in myself, and my husband. What are some of the placements that would point to being restless? And is it your experience to see restlessness wrestled to the mat over

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