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Bagdad Cafe – Just Who Is Elsa Anyway?

I wrote this post in 2007 when Saturn was opposing Neptune. I was trying illustrate this phenomenal mash-up of energies, which is shown strongly in my natal chart.  It’s just shocking. ~~ On the idea of being a Saturn Neptune type, I have a story that illustrates the confusion, perfectly. Not just other people’s but […]

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Poster of gregory peck in Gunfighter

Shadow Archetypes & Gregory Peck In “The Gunfighter

With the full moon in Leo, squaring Uranus, I’m pulling up creative/theatrical (Leo), uncommon type, astrology (Uranus).  This is from 2009. I have meant to watch, The Gunfighter with Gregory Peck for almost 25 years. I finally got around to it.  The timing was perfect I suppose. I became interested in seeing the movie in the

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ghost whsiperer

Venus Neptune: How To Quit Pining For The Perfect Man (And Dumping The Good Ones)

Are you pining for the perfect man?  If you’re a Virgo, or if you have Venus in Pisces or Venus aspected by Neptune, chances are you’ve invested years dreaming of some kind of idealized love.  You may pine for an ex. You may pine for someone you’ve yet to meet. You may pine for someone

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