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Neptune: Does Guilt Have A Purpose?

Hi, Elsa What do you think about guilt? Does it have a real purpose or is it just something we should get rid of as soon as possible to go on with life? How does astrology relate to guilt? Gemini by the Sea, Colombia Hi, Gemini.  Thanks for the question. Guilt definitely has a purpose.  […]

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Neptune Direct: December 3, 2022 – Money Disappears

People rarely notice Neptune changing direction.  I doubt it’s any different this time but you may want to let it register this time around because the effects are likely to be experienced. A planet’s energy is amplified when the body slows down to change direction, so there is that. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter at this

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Is Neptune a Malefic?

There’s a lot of discussion among astrologers about how to classify Neptune. And in classic Neptune fashion, confusion abounds. Some say Neptune is a little slice of divinity, the higher octave of Venus and the symbol of unconditional love. Others say it is an obvious malefic, throwing human lives off course and causing us to

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Neptune: When The Veil Drops!

A client asked me to cover this topic, post a consultation.  She writes: “Veils are dropping. Pretty astonishing.” I have that in my notes. All about Neptune and how it drops the veil. Because that is THE most positive interpretation of Neptune I’ve ever read or heard! It feels to me like Neptune is always

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Why is Neptune the Higher Octave of Venus?

If you hang around astrology circles long enough, you’ll eventually hear about the outer planets being considered “higher octaves” of some of the faster-moving planets. What this means is that the outer planet is considered to bring a higher, more universal expression to the principles of the faster-moving planet. But what does that mean in

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