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Scorpio Eagle

Scorpio The Eagle

Concepts in astrology seems to morph overtime. In my world, highly developed Scorpio expresses as an Eagle. I’m talking about a person who is never petty or controlling. I’ll let Dr. Z explain it as he would know. See: Eagle This comes up today, because I’m working with a gal who has the chart as

Scorpio watercolor

Meaty Psych & Astrology

Back in 2012, Satori and I held a workshop on Saturn in Scorpio.  You want to talk about condensing it down.  There’s not a spare word in this document. It’s what it’s should be when these energies combine.  Real and spare and courageous.  No need to round the corners. Saturn In Scorpio Workshop – Transcript


Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy

We’ve got an abundance of Scorpio and Pisces energy right now. This is from 2007 and on topic as far as Scorpio and the exchange of energy. Rox asks: “You say that Scorpios absorb other people’s energy and being one I can say this is totally correct. I find I’m a magnifying glass. Whatever emotion

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8th House Perspective: Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

I have been talking about being the one to “hold the knife”. I don’t realize I’m talking in code. Here’s the root of this… ~~ I’m often asked about this series of posts regarding the use of other people’s negative energy. I wrote this fifteen years ago but it’s the kind of thing that will

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