Venus in aspect to Saturn. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

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Venus Conjunct Saturn In Pisces: Universal Law, Money Disappears, Feeling Rejected

Venus will conjoin Saturn in Pisces on March 21, 2024.  There’s a high side to everything but this is a tough one. People are sensitized.  It’s common to feel rejected; to imagine you’re being rejected or oppressed. The simple fear of this happening can disable a person. In some cases, this may be actually be […]

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Romantic Love Is A PSYOP

I’ve come to see that romantic love is a psyop for the part. I’ll tell you how I came to this conclusion. I see and work with many people who are disillusioned with their relationships. They’re dissatisfied and this holds true whether they’re married, dating, dating seriously or absolutely, completely alone. How could this be? 


Your Personal Problem, Guaranteed To Ruin Your Relationships

Some people have a “fatal flaw” when it comes to relationships. I’m talking about the kind of person who is never, ever going to have a successful relationship. Well…unless they fix their fatal flaw, which never seems likely. Invariably, their flaw is tucked neatly into one of their blind spots. There a number of “fatal flaws”

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