Venus in aspect to Saturn. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

Venus and Mars Pompeii

Saturn Square Venus In Synastry – Controlling The Other Person’s Aesthetic

When your partner’s Saturn squares your Venus, there is often a conflict involving  a person’s appearance.  My problems on this front are long-standing.  For example, I once had a boyfriend and while we loved each other, my clothing gave him fits. His Saturn was square my Venus, I’m sorry to say. Here he complains I […]

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hall of mirrors

Venus Conjunct Saturn In Pisces: Universal Law, Money Disappears, Feeling Rejected

Venus will conjoin Saturn in Pisces on March 21, 2024.  There’s a high side to everything but this is a tough one. People are sensitized.  It’s common to feel rejected; to imagine you’re being rejected or oppressed. The simple fear of this happening can disable a person. In some cases, this may be actually be

in love

Romantic Love Is A PSYOP

I’ve come to see that romantic love is a psyop for the most part. I’ll tell you how I came to this conclusion. I see and work with many people who are disillusioned with their relationships. They’re dissatisfied and this holds true whether they’re married, dating, dating seriously or absolutely, completely alone. How could this

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