All about Capricorn! Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

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Henry: Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 1

Today’s newsletter spurred a lot of emails.  They made me realize, something is missing. I’ve maintained this blog for a long time. Nearly 25 years! Obviously, most who read here have no earthly idea my background… which used to be common knowledge. Specifically, that man right there is my grandfather. He was called a “health

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Who Wants To Be A Capricorn Rising?

In one of my recent videos (What Does The Natal Chart Reveal?), I made an offhand remark. I stated, “No one wants to be a Capricorn rising”. Someone emailed me about this, which I don’t mind by the way.  Essentially the question was, what’s wrong with being a Capricorn rising?  I told the gal there was

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Is Capricorn Always Career-Oriented?

A question I hear a lot, particularly from younger clients and friends, is why Capricorn is so regularly described as career-focused. Many of them who have Capricorn placements either say they don’t identify with their sign or even worry that they are failing somehow if they are not putting their career first. This does a

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