All about Pisces. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy

We’ve got an abundance of Scorpio and Pisces energy right now. This is from 2007 and on topic as far as Scorpio and the exchange of energy. Rox asks: “You say that Scorpios absorb other people’s energy and being one I can say this is totally correct. I find I’m a magnifying glass. Whatever emotion

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Gaslighting, Self Defense For Pisces & Other Sensitive Types

I had a nice person tell me I had some kind of pathology yesterday.  I defended myself and I  thought nothing more of it. Today, I’m working on tomorrow’s newsletter which will dealing with all the planets moving into Pisces over these next weeks. It made me think of an old video which I’ve not

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fog bank

Neptune: When The Veil Drops!

A client asked me to cover this topic, post a consultation.  She writes: “Veils are dropping. Pretty astonishing.” I have that in my notes. All about Neptune and how it drops the veil. Because that is THE most positive interpretation of Neptune I’ve ever read or heard! It feels to me like Neptune is always

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