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Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy

We’ve got an abundance of Scorpio and Pisces energy right now. This is from 2007 and on topic as far as Scorpio and the exchange of energy. Rox asks: “You say that Scorpios absorb other people’s energy and being one I can say this is totally correct. I find I’m a magnifying glass. Whatever emotion […]

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Jupiter Ruling Pisces: Truth, Denial, Spirituality

I think this statement is correct but it assumes the truth “gets out” which may never happen. Or it may happen but not in your lifetime. I also think this phenomenon is described by Jupiter & Pisces. Basically the truth (Jupiter) is obscured (Pisces) until the veil lifts (if it lifts).  I do think there

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Neptune: When The Veil Drops!

A client asked me to cover this topic, post a consultation.  She writes: “Veils are dropping. Pretty astonishing.” I have that in my notes. All about Neptune and how it drops the veil. Because that is THE most positive interpretation of Neptune I’ve ever read or heard! It feels to me like Neptune is always

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What It Means To Be A Pisces

Pisces are always trying to read the signs the universe is sending them. To other people, a very bad car accident is just a moment of carelessness, or bad luck. But to Pisces, it may be a warning from the universe to be more careful, or it can be a sign to make some changes

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Competing With A Person’s Fantasy

You can think about this is a romantic context but I don’t think it’s limited to one type of relationship. Some people live in such a fantasy world, your humanness can only let them down. A person can idealize a lover or a friend, but they can also idealize a job or a place. When

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