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Posthumous Charts?

“Hi Elsa, What happens to a person’s chart after they die? Do ongoing transits and progressions continue to affect it? Does the chart get “retired,” never to appear again in anyone else, or can its imprint be recycled and reassigned to another soul?” I’m pretty sure a person’s natal chart is sensitive to transits, after […]

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Life Taking You In An Abnormal Direction

I first encountered astrology when I was eight years old. It seemed to hold a lot of keys. It’s also seemed inexhaustible.  Both ideas have been proven true. I write about how a person’s skills degrade, when they’re not utilized. The reverse is true as well. To use your skills is to hone them. I’ve


Playing Your Part – Your Own Humanity

Your natal chart provides copious amounts of information in regards to your nature. I ran into this idea – maybe we’re just supposed to play our part. This makes a lot a sense. Who’s part would you play, if not your own? The problem arises when a person doesn’t like their part. I’ve had this


Astro Skeptics, God & Mystery

Recently I was visiting with a first time mother and her baby.  She’s skeptical of astrology, but people are super curious about their babies so she offered her baby’s birth data, just to see. Just like you inherit certain physical traits from your parents, you also inherit their energy to more or less of a

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How Does Astrology Work?

How does it all work? Astrologers present everything in such a matter-of-fact way, but what is your understanding of how and why the science works as it does and affects humanity the way it does? What a great question. It’s mind-boggling, I know! I’m not the best person to answer this, but I’ve been asked


Knowledge & Forgiveness

“To understand everything is to forgive everything.” -Madame de Stael What a provocative remark. I tend to think this is probably true but I can’t check it because it’s impossible to understand everything! I lean this way because I came to understand a lot of things that were previously hidden from me, during my 12th

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