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Humans Living In A Post-Truth Society?

I read this claim or accusation, almost all Americans argue in bad faith.  Specifically,  we are a post-truth society, where people say things and argue things they don’t even believe.   This was the observation of a foreigner (or a bot, how would I know?)  But this particular person/bot’s content is consistently original and intelligent. I

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Gustave Gilbert

The Collective Is Increasingly Sociopathic

I definitely feel the collective has become increasingly psychopathic. I’ve come to understand, it’s a result of “grooming”. The first time I ever heard of such a thing, was back  in 2011  when I came across a, David Berkowitz quote. See: Evil Diabolical Brainwashing.  I eventually came to understand, “evil diabolical brainwashing”, is widespread, taking

Mental illness

Mental Illness Chart Markers

Hi, Elsa, What are your thoughts on mental illness vs astrology? A lot of astrological personal traits can be interpreted as mental illness or a psychological problem. Cancers: anxious attachment Uranus: avoidant attachment Pluto: obsession Virgo: OCD Gemini: ADHD So in your opinion which one is it? I personally found my self to deviate more towards

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