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Natural Authority

Some people have a natural authority about them.   Capricorn, yes. I have it to a (very) limited extent, but there are people out there, if they say it, it goes! It doesn’t matter if a person like this is lying or completely out of their skull, crazy, they will be taken seriously by almost everyone,


What Drives A Person To Abuse Others?

Hi Elsa, I’ve got a question. What do you think drives people that go through life using and abusing others? Using any opportunity they can to benefit? I think the term ‘Narcissist’ is used maybe too often, I mean, can ALL these types of users/abusers be Narcissists? How can they move through life knowing what

Achilles Heel In Your Natal Chart

“Achilles Heel” refers to a weakness or a vulnerable point, in spite of overall strength.  A client read Passive Aggressive – The Unconscious Mars. It caused her to ponder the damage done by the repression and denial of her anger over the course of her life, though she’s been successful. I have another client; wounded

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