Synastry – the study of relationships in astrology…

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The Moon In Synastry

When judging synastry, don’t overlook the moon.  When two moons are in easy aspect, it gives a feeling of a blood connection. This is because the moon represents your family. When someone blends into your family…well, think about it. Also think about what it’s like when they don’t! If the two moons are in the same sign,

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Analyzing Relationships: Synastry, The First Step

“Know thyself.” –Ancient Greek Maxim Synastry is the name given to the technique of chart comparison. You put one chart alongside another and compare how the charts interact, what interaspects the planets and angles make to each other and how they fall into each other’s house system. Examining the meaning behind each individual relationship of

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Moon Signs, The IC & Aspects In Synastry

Hi Elsa, Are relationships more likely to break up, lack a soul connection, or at least feel that the two are not in sync with difficult moon synastry? These questions are becoming more important to me. How will someone and myself blend so to speak? Do we look to combinations of the IC and the

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When Good Synastry Is Bad

Good synastry is great, right? No. Not always. I worked with a gal yesterday who is in a bad relationship with good synastry. This is not about her situation, but scenarios like here. You’re walking down the street minding your own business and WHAM!  You meet someone and the chemistry hits you like a (good)

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