Synastry – the study of relationships in astrology…

Venus and Mars Pompeii

Saturn Square Venus In Synastry – Controlling The Other Person’s Aesthetic

When your partner’s Saturn squares your Venus, there is often a conflict involving  a person’s appearance.  My problems on this front are long-standing.  For example, I once had a boyfriend and while we loved each other, my clothing gave him fits. His Saturn was square my Venus, I’m sorry to say. Here he complains I

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full moon in scorpio 2021

The Moon In Synastry

When judging synastry, don’t overlook the moon.  When two moons are in easy aspect, it gives a feeling of a blood connection. This is because the moon represents your family. When someone blends into your family…well, think about it. Also think about what it’s like when they don’t! If the two moons are in the same sign,

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