All about the Mars in the natal chart…

Mars attacks from space

Passive Aggressive: The Unconscious Mars

Astrologer, CF Perez, is interested in women and Mars. I was writing on her astrology mailing list some years ago. She was attracted how overtly I express Mars energy. We became friends. We both feel that many women (and some men) have problems expressing their Mars energy. I’m talking about their anger, their hunter instinct,

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Mars in the Zodiac: Are You a Bear?

This is a true story. Two boys went to a fair. This was in 1960’s before “animal rights” existed. They had a bear in a ring, wearing boxing gloves.  He was up on his hind legs and sort of weaving back and forth, with his (gloved) paws, waving in the breeze. You could box this bear. If you


8th House Perspective: Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

I have been talking about being the one to “hold the knife”. I don’t realize I’m talking in code. Here’s the root of this… ~~ I’m often asked about this series of posts regarding the use of other people’s negative energy. I wrote this fifteen years ago but it’s the kind of thing that will

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Libra barbie

How Does Mars In Libra Act?

Mars is in detriment in Libra. Mars, by it’s nature wants to conquer. Mars in Libra wants to act fairly which is completely ineffectual against a true warrior. For example, Mars in the opposite sign, Aries, with initiate the fight. Aries will throw the first punch which provides real advantage over Libra who is always

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