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How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life

Jupiter is considered a benefic planet in astrology. It’s a planet given to going overboard and this holds true when astrologers talk about it. The idea that money or things are going to fall from the sky when Jupiter transits your whatever is a common misconception. What you can count on during a Jupiter transit

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What Rules Bad Luck?

Hi Elsa, Is there such a thing as bad luck in astrology? I’m curious, because we’re often told to persevere in face of difficult times but I wonder if it wouldn’t be smart to actually call some things `bad luck’ & move on. What are some signs/aspects/transits that mark bad luck, if you believe there’s

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How To Be Happy In Life

I’m deleting old posts to clean up my database. I found this, written in 2011. It references, Pluto in Capricorn and now here we are… ~~~ eva writes on Why Are People Unhappy: “You know honestly I think people in this country have somehow weirdly been trained to be unhappy. My grandmother, and my mother,

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Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?

Has this ever been you: You check your transits and see a big, great Jupiter transit coming. Maybe Jupiter is about to conjunct your Midheaven or trine your Venus. You gear yourself up, expecting great things, only for…well, nothing. Not much happens at all. Maybe things go just a little easier, or maybe you get

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