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mercury bust

Is Mercury More Powerful Than Pluto?

This is an important topic and rarely (if ever) discussed in life or in astrology. no⋅tion /ˈnoʊʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [noh-shuhn] Show IPA Pronunciation –noun 1. a general understanding; vague or imperfect conception or idea of something: a notion of how something should be done. 2. an opinion, view, or belief: That’s his notion, not

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criticism say nothing

How Well Do You Handle Criticism?

I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with criticism, over the years.  I’ve learned to never criticize anyone or anything unless my opinion is solicited. I’ve also learned how important it is to accept criticism. In fact, it’s a great fortune when someone with a fine mind shares their thoughts with you, even if they’re not

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