Mars Saturn

Mars in aspect to Saturn. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

whipping post

What Makes A Planet Afflicted?

“…what makes, in your view and experience, a planet truly afflicted? You’re a well grounded astro professional (I actually mean “your-feet on the ground, so you can bring other there too) and your life experience is a gem…” Elevated Neptune on The Day After The Neptune Veil Drops Thanks for the question.  Mars and Saturn are […]

mars warrior

Mars Conjunct Saturn: Controlled Burn

Mars aspecting Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology. It’s broadly considered to denote cruelty, especially if the planets clash. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is probably the easiest to work with.  This is because it marries the energies together. Together, they mimic Mars in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Mars is

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