Pluto in Aquarius

What to expect when Pluto transits Aquarius!

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Pluto Transiting the 8th house in Aquarius

Hi, Elsa. I have been meaning to ask if you please might consider writing about Pluto transiting the 8th house in Aquarius, as it would be great to read what you think of this? Cancer Rising in Australia Hi, CR.  First, on the chance you don’t realize this, Pluto is very slow moving. It will […]

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How To Deal With Pluto Transiting Aquarius

Tara asked on Meaty Psych & Astrology, if I were going to hold a workshop on Pluto in Aquarius.  I don’t plan to, because I don’t think it would be that helpful. Saturn transits a sign for 2.5 years. You have a job to do. If you can define the job (with or without help),

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Shellshocked! Adjusting To Pluto In Aquarius

Saturn and Pluto have changed signs. People seem shellshocked to varying degrees.  Basically, they’ve not adapted to the change which I think is understandable. It may not have occurred to you, this would be good idea.  I think it’s the idea. I’ll make my case and you can decide. I don’t know anyone who is

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Cost Of Reducing Your Social Interaction

Recently, I was thinking about how people rarely argue anymore. I’ve noticed this since Saturn went into Pisces. It’s too draining? It is draining, so this seems a reasonable response.  Put your own gas mask on, blah, blah, blah.  But then I started noticing a downside. This prompted me to start a thread in the forum to

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