Pluto in Aquarius

What to expect when Pluto transits Aquarius!

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Pluto in Aquarius Positives

We’ve had a fair taste of Pluto in Aquarius. Have you noticed anything positive? I’m aware of the power of detachment. The machine churns on, but you can separate yourself. Take some space! This includes, withdrawing from the internet. I have also found myself, using breathing techniques which has never been a thing for me.

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Mars Conjunct Pluto In Aquarius: Feb 14, 2024 – Trigger

Mars will conjoin Pluto in Aquarius on February 14th. I’ve already covered this, as far as Valentine’s Day. See: Comin’ In Hot! This will be more personal; to me but also to you. When Pluto ingressed into Aquarius, my lifelong friend, Ben, had a devastating stroke.  He’s a Scorpio with an early degree Aquarius rising.

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