Mercury Mars

Mercury in aspect to Mars. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

Vintage Astrology Blogging… The Freak That Is Elsa P Goes Skating

I wrote this astro story in 2003.  It’s funny/uncensored, revealing, free expression. Includes swearing!  Let’s go! Yay!  It’s also prelude to Pining For Reuben. ~~~ Kris said she was surprised I’d not seen, Gone With The Wind.  I responded: “Yeah, well I never saw Star Wars until twenty years after the fact. This in spite

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Sun, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio: Fire Up Your Soul

The sun, Mercury and Mars will be in Scorpio, today through November 11th.  The stellium will peak under the full moon eclipse in Taurus so there’s an opposition here. I want to isolate the Scorpio because the planets are moving as a loose unit, where the Taurus situation is not. It’s that but it’s also because

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