All about Venus! Aspects, transits, position in your natal chart…

My Lover Won’t Commit

There is no denying relationships are more complicated than they’ve been in the past. It’s become common people have conflicting desires or ideas around how relationship should form or be maintained… or not maintained. I see a lot people who seem to “travel” through relationships. They’re sort of constantly… moving… on.

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Venus, Love & Partnering

Venus in a natal chart shows what you’re attracted to. It will also show how you love and what you value. I have Venus in Leo. I like to be entertained. It follows I would not marry someone who did not entertain me. This is true and valid. But I would not marry just any

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Music: Venus and Her Tastes

My daughter was a teenager. Try as I might, I just didn’t like the music she was listening to in the era. I thought I could and should love whatever (and whoever) my kids loved but as it turned out, I couldn’t manage. The truth came out instead. We were in the car with her

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