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Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

I’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy. […]

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Libra and Projection

I’ve written quite a bit about the 7th house and projection, but what about Libra, the sign that rules the 7th house? Libra is also known to project: Positive Projection: Libras’ desire for balance can lead them to project their positive qualities onto others. They may see others as kind, fair, and cooperative, even if these qualities are not


Importance Of The “Flyover Signs” Of The Zodiac – Libra

“Flyover Country” is a pejorative term for the American states, located between the two coasts. We do the same thing with zodiac signs. Some signs are elevated while others are denigrated or simply seen as irrelevant for any excellent, uplifted person. The problem is the main functions of all of the signs are inordinately important

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Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?

We’re in “clustered planet season” so I wanted update this post. With the stellium in Capricorn last year, I noticed all the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac. Having Libra, I notice when things are lopsided! I tied this to the pandemic. People were either out there, at large; working in a

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Why Does the Sun Fall in Libra?

The Sun is the glittering, shining core of who we are. It is the very essence of our being. It is the vehicle of our individuation. It makes sense that it can shine more in certain signs than others, but how can the Sun ever really fall? Let the tale of Apollo and Daphne be

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