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Astrological aspects for psychologists?

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Can anyone help me analyze if my chart shows potention for being a therapist/ psychologist? What other professions would resonate with this particular astrological configuration? 


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I think Jup/Gemini/12th is pretty darn good for that. I read planets in the 7th help w/ a psychology career, your Neptune is there, good for compassion/understanding other's problems. it's trine Saturn, bringing together reality and hope. Saturn/Mercury, you think things through, solid, along w/ Taurus Sun. My take.

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I knew three therapists: One was a Leo, one was Pisces, and one was a Pisces too. ? 


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I see Pluto in the 6th house so I think it would help with that. Pluto likes to dig deep and find the truth. Psychology is about learning what makes people tick.

My psychologist is a Gemini Sun. I'm not sure what other placements he has though.

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