The opposition aspect in astrology (it’s my favorite)…

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Are Oppositions In Synastry Good Or Bad?

Oppositions in synastry create tension. Many feel this problematic. You don’t see things eye to eye (Mercury). Your values oppose (Venus). Your way of going about things (Mars) is very different. Simply speaking, these things are true.  But there are other considerations. For example, my Mercury in Libra opposes my husband’s Mercury in Aries.  It’s

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Multiple Oppositions In A Natal Chart

I ran into a pretty unique situation yesterday, working with a chart with three strong oppositions. I’m not talking about a stellium in one sign, opposing planets in another sign. I’m talking about three strong, highly significant, independent pairs of opposing planets. Like this: Sun opposite Pluto Venus opposite Uranus Mars opposite Neptune Oppositions in

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