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Chiron - Where Is Your Wound?

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*correction 13 degrees PLUTO not Pisces.  contemplating how some answer may exist between the natal Uranus and Pluto squeeze.

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I have Chiron in Aries (2nd house). Wavering self esteem and negative/critical body image. I can see the logic behind looking to the opposite house for healing. Eighth with moon-Pluto; I thrive in deep, intimate relationships, and I guess having these associations is soul nurturing and therefore self esteem enhancing.

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Using my original example of Aries, traditional or current teachings or thinking says, Chiron in Aries is the wound and Chiron in Aries is also the healer.

Whereas I am suggesting that Chiron in Aries is the wound and the opposite sign being Chiron in Libra is the healer.

Perhaps, seeing the two sides of Chiron as an Aries/Libra axis of Wound/Healer can help in not only identifying the wound, but also the path to healing through balancing of this axis. I’m going to call it the Chiron Axis.

As for aspects from other planets or angles to the Chiron Axis, they serve to intensify (Pluto), to challenge (Saturn), to magnify (Jupiter), to alter (Uranus) the manner or process in which Chiron balances the axis e.g. Aries/Libra.

For example: a guy I work with has Chiron in Taurus in 3rd (Wound), which would implies that Chiron in Scorpio in 9th (is the Healer). His wound is insecurities around his communication; he has told me on many occasions that nobody respects what he has to say. The path to his healing maybe is through transformation of how rigid his mind can be, by developing a broader view which will impact his communication so that it encourages higher learning from all. Then the Taurus/Scorpio axis can rebalance. I also don’t think the Chiron Axis should be viewed as singular, as it can have many layers of what Taurus/Scorpio or Aries/Libra represent. Nor is it static, as it can potentially be a lifelong rebalancing act, because of synastry, transits or progressions that may continuously tip one side or both sides of this axis. Or some people may have an aspect to this Chiron Axis natally, which means rebalancing requires more effort or perhaps may never be achieved during their lifetime.

Another example: a person I know has Chiron in Aquarius 2nd (Wound) which would imply that Chiron in Leo in 8th (Healer). His wound is low self-esteem regarding his ability to innovate in his career. He is an interesting case, because he has recently experienced setbacks on a work project and t.Saturn is soon approaching his Chiron Axis (on the side of the Wound). The path to his healing is possibly transforming this endless creativity for the sake of creativity cycle that he places great importance on or perhaps a rebirth of what he defines as creativity, because he may then see that he has already created a legacy. I am interested to see how he will handle t.Saturn on his Chiron Axis. 

I hope this better explains my thinking on the Chiron Axis.

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Pisces Chiron in the 4th....poisoned at the root. Intense (conjunct Pluto/Black Moon Lilith ) healing through public service (Virgo 10th house). 

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Chiron in the tenth house--wounding regarding how others view me, my public image. I definitely see my home as a respite, but also see how having a strong foundation, in general, would work as an antidote to that particular wound. 

This idea is really interesting. Chiron is interwoven in some of my major aspects, so I'm going to think more about this. 

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Interesting theory. For me, the opposite point seems to be the wound and Chiron itself seems to be the healer. I don't know much about the subject, though I find it interesting the Magi society slates Chiron contacts in synastry and composites as soulful sex. 😀

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