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Chiron - Where Is Your Wound?

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I've been thinking about Chiron, specifically in the duality of the wound and the healer that are both embedded in Chiron.

Intro to Chiron:

What I want to explore is the possibility of our Chiron wounding being rooted in the opposition to your natal Chiron. I am not ruling out that maybe for some it's the reverse, because the wounding is so obvious i.e. natal Chiron is the wound.

e.g. n.Chiron in Aries (the healer) then the opposition being Chiron in Libra (the wound). The houses being the specificity. Therefore Chiron achieves healing by restoring the balance between Aries/Libra.

What do you think?

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Mine is in Taurus. Well gee, I wonder where my self-esteem issues come from?

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I have Chiron opposite Pluto so...

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4th house chiron opposite Uranus/Pluto

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Chiron in Cap on the Asc.  

So the 7th house is the wound? Other people? That sounds right for me. I’m not sure how my Asc is the healer though. I am most definitely not a healer!

i always thought Chiron sat on your wound, and interpreted my social discomfort to that. I haven’t really got a good take on it so I’m interested in hearing more from others how it works for them, and maybe more from you, OW, on your experience.

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The wounding/healing in my chart is along the Pisces/Virgo spectrum.  Chiron is in the 9th house of Pisces at 10 degrees.  My wounding was initially in the 9th house as I dropped out of university at 17 and that wound clung to me for a looooong time.  I am contemplating that the healing occurs in Virgo (Teacher) in the 3rd house of communication and - I am thinking - early education.  10 degrees (where the healing of the wound might be according to your theory Osiris Wife) is between my 8th house Uranus at 8 degrees and Pisces at 13 degrees Virgo.

However, I say this about teaching and I am NOT convinced.  Deeply as Pluto would say - I do not believe.  I feel sort of flippantly (like Gemini 3rd), surfacely chit chatty.  That I am speaking not from my core at all, rather from the social butterfly self who knows what might be good to say, what is easy to say.  

Then again is it a case of do until I believe?  Smiling until I mean it.   Do it til I feel it?

Perhaps the wounding is now occurring in the 3rd, with recent healing occurring when I achieved the long sought degree.    Much speculation.  (Capricorn Jupiter currently in the 6th house of daily living.)

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