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How Does A Cancer Break Up With You?

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How does a Cancer end a relationship? How do you know you’ve lost their interest, for good?

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Now that Mercury is in Cancer for the next 9.5 weeks

Closing in on Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn in August .... I expect a flood of post lock down breakups.

I imagine Cancer would "ghost"... likely gets overwhelmed by the emotional drama of break-ups, so would run fast into that shell, in hiding, sobbing and eating dozens of beignets ...

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Haha, I instantly thought of 'ghosting.' Definitely.

Have had it done to me and have seen it done to others. You become a person they no longer want to protect and nurture even when they are getting over you...

A painful yet very clear message.

Yes, I guess divorce lawyers/attorneys are going to be busier than normal. Usually September (after summer holidays) and January (after Xmas holidays) is when they are busier.

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My ex has Cancer Moon and Rising. I was definitely ghosted! For right or wrong. 

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Well, I think the question really is... Does a Cancer really break up with you?

Or do they just string you along for eternity in an empty, and probably unreciprocal relationship because it includes too many different problems to try and break it off?

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With its pincers! popcorn_gif

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