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How Does A Libra Break Up With You?

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How does a Libra end a relationship? How do you know you’ve lost their interest, for good?

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Libra ascendant, I weigh things for a long time.  I insert into conversations between us, what bothers me.  The other person's response is what I want.  At least, hearing what I'm saying (It hurts me, that...).  I should maybe add, I have suntaurus, and venuscancer.

How do you know you've lost a Libra's interest, for good?  If repeatedly, you invite them to events you know would otherwise appeal to them, and they're "simply too busy," - consistently - and later on, never invite you to any event (reciprocation), they're gone.

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Cheat on me, it’s GAME OVER. I will break it off in a heartbeat. ?

(I’ll still be civil with you if I see you in the street, but if you turn into an asshole....gurl BYE. Libras don’t like assholes.)

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I am a Libra Sun-NN-Mars-Merc.

How does a Libra end a relationship?

I do it fairly and with love, after having given due consideration to all (3) sides of the coin.

I do it in a peaceful manner, and from a place of peace.

How do you know you’ve lost their interest, for good?

I will tell you, politely but straight up. I never say anything I don't mean. You will know that from our relationship. So when the time comes that I say "It's over", you should know: It's over.

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