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How To Woo A Leo Woman!!

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Leo Woman

I've been working with a man, recently. He's had a relationship with a stellium-in-Leo woman since the 1980's.  On and off - professional, friends, lovers, at different times. But now he knows he loves her... like he's waking up to this fact.

They are definitely compatible, but I think she put him on ice for some bad moves he made. Nothing a person can't recover from. He just might have taken this Queen for granted.  She's helped him out (professionally) many times... they are in the same field, or similar anyway. There is a synergy between their skills. He's an idea man. She's creative and artistic... Leo and Libra

How would you advise him to go about wooing her?

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Show her she can trust him! Be independent and strong. Surprise her. And give her a stage to shine . It sounds shallow maybe . But I as a Leo woman with a Leo stellium appreciates that. 
my love is a Scorpio and he lets me shine, he’s always helpful and caring ( not in a feminine way) but does everything to make me feel better and do better. He has his Mars in Libra and it works very well. 

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A Leo woman does not like a wimp! He needs to take her out to a really nice restaurant, pay for everything, and look at her like he's never seen a woman before.

A Libra man will like nice places -- theatre, museums, wine tastings, and so will a Leo woman. I think a Libra can pull off a real nice courtship.

One thing a Leo woman will not like, is a fence-sitter. They may have history, but Libra cannot rely on that history, if he is to pave a newer, more serious path. It can be hard because Libra men can have a tendency to be a little wishy-washy, which Leo will sniff out immediately. If Libra shows that he means business, Leo will be impressed.

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