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Pluto in 12th House: Connecting With Your Dead Friends Or Relatives

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I was watching a recording of a program that was produced in the mid-sixties.  For some reason, this old man I knew came to mind.  He was a WW2 soldier. I was a teenager.

tag - old man's bar.

Anyway, he came to mind very strongly. It occurred to me he might have watched this program back in the day.

Actually, the odds are pretty high because there was so little programing at that time. I felt connected to him and then connected to a bunch of people because, again, there was so little to see on TV, everyone saw the same things...

Well, except me.  I grew up without a tv, but maybe you get what I mean. I can touch these people through this medium, it seems.

How do contact your dead loved one?

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scorpio sun and mercury 12th house. They come in dreams. My dreams are waking me a lot lately. So restless.

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Pluto is currently in my 12th house.  I seem to be thinking of dead people a lot.  Several people I know have died during this transit.  Sometimes I go to the graveyard and pray for them. Its a peaceful place to spend time. 

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They're always around so it's kind of easy.  I've got a 12th house mercury and I am almost finished with Pluto transiting my 12th so it is just as natural as breathing to me. I sometimes wonder if I'm functioning as a psychopomp in my dreams.  I've had a few very vivid dreams about helping people leave parties etc only to find out a day or so later that that person had died.  Eerie but not scary to me.  It just is. 

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