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Saturn Crossing Ascendant: Your Experiences?

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Hello & happy new year! 

I just read a recent thread posted by Kleo regarding Saturn beginning it's journey through her 1st house. I too am about to get this transit, but not before Saturn crosses my ASC! I am hoping to get some feedback on what this significant transit felt like and, or how it manifested for others. My astrology textbooks feel sort of cookbook, if you know what i mean, in describing this transit. But they all say it's a crucially important period! So I am trying to be ready. 

While saturn was in the 12th, I had to deal with my own depression and faced my illusions , things I was projecting onto others and then back onto myself. I have Neptune in there so this enhanced the effects. A foggy time of life, but with some bright spots in between.

When Pluto crossed over my ASC in 2011 it was a very intense time. But I'm hoping that instead of intensity, Saturn will lend its constructive and productive influence, and help me "make some ground" or gains in life as things have really felt slow to congeal in recent years.

Would love to hear your experiences...thank you 😉

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Saturn in the 12th house: felt confused, lost, cast adrift. Nothing felt secure or certain. I basically let thing slide (unless I HAD to deal with them).

Saturn in the 1st house:  I feel more ready to tackle issues in my life head-on. Like Steve Irwin wrestling a crocodile. But I have to be REALLY careful not to take on anyone else's issues or I start to feel ill. When Saturn crossed my Ascendant, I didn't feel relief--I felt HEAVY. Sooooo tired. The weight of the world was on my shoulders. Or so it seemed, til I landed in the hospital and realized that I needed to let others in my life step up and help, too. 

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Last time, I got engaged to be married.

Not sure about this time - only been less than a week thus far.

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Hi Elios,

There are quite a few of us experiencing this transit currently, and hopefully people will continue to post as their saturn/asc transits unfold.

Is this the first time you've had saturn cross your ascendant? Last time I had this transit I was 6 years old and it coincided with me starting primary school. For me saturn transits seem to have always marked something new in terms of educational or career developments. My saturn is conjunct pluto on the cusp of the 10th/11th houses.

I can't report on the current transit however as it's only just crossed my asc at 2'57cap. I have a 5 planet stellium in sag however, and when saturn passed over this area of my chart I had to work hard! It was during this period I started work as a counsellor and came to realise how easily others could access my energy and I had to start working on some boundaries. My workload was also really heavy during this time, however once saturn cleared the stellium things got kind of nebulous and confusing.

I think as a Cap asc I'd prefer to have saturn giving me a bit of a push in the right direction than to feel like I have no destination at all (which is what Saturn in the 12th has felt like for me).

The other thing I'm aware of is that some of my first house challenges have already been set for me- I'm having to renovate our house so it can sell in november as my partner and I are getting married and starting a family. This isn't really ascendant stuff, but fits the definition of first house perfectly. I wonder if you can already see some of your challenges starting to take form? I'd be curious to hear about this.

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The first time Saturn on my ascendant was back in 1988. I had found a job in a profession that I was working in at the time which gave me a lot of stability. I worked that job until 1994. I don't remember any relationship issues going on at the time.

It crossed my ascendant the second time last month on my birthday. I am finishing up my Masters now (in a different profession, ready to work a second career) and I am again in a position where I have been offered a job where I will have a lot of stability and room for personal growth. ETA: I am happily married now for almost 25 years.

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Saturn crossing my Ascendant was pretty uneventful, but I definitely noticed the shift from Saturn in Sadge into Capricorn. The exuberant, fiery, buoyant feeling went away and was replaced with a grounded feeling. At the tail end of Saturn in the 12th, I had no goals because it was too foggy and the going in circles was annoying. I also felt a lot more permeable, and there were so many ways to get poison in the well. After Saturn crossed my Ascendant, I got a lot more clarity. I'm trying to rebuild and get some footing back. When Saturn was in my 12th, I felt obscure and ignored while also wanting to isolate myself, but after Saturn crossed my Ascendant, I've been a lot more visible (a normal amount). It's definitely the start of a new phase in a person's life. I've been thinking about a lot of things, in order to organize what was impossible to mentally sort out when Saturn was in the 12th, and I'm trying to come up with a new normal.

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