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Saturn Crossing Ascendant: Your Experiences?

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Changes in the administration at work, transformed my work experience from great to awful. 

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It really pays to be patient under this transit as in my case, little delays have been experienced. If you weren’t a patient person prior, this is a good opportunity to develop in this area. 

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What an awesome thread. Classic EE forum. 

For me, Saturn in my 12th was difficult. I felt like everything I had been working towards, the things I thought I knew about myself, just disintegrated. I felt lost and confused. I recognize now that script belonged to my family and had to be set aside, but it was painful. I didn’t purposefully rebel or anything, I just could not do it. I was in my late teens and early twenties during these transits so when Saturn went through my first, I was becoming my own person, separate from my family. Nothing I did was what my family had in mind for me, and there’s still something of a divide between us due to the conflict of nature or character. It would have been a lot easier being the person they wanted me to be! Haha. I’m just not. It never felt right for me, but I didn’t know enough to know that was a signal. I wasn’t doing anything particularly worrisome, but not following their script was the most worrisome I could do. I couldn’t bring myself to follow their script, so I was flying blind and made plenty of mistakes.

Besides the conflict and hurt in disappointing family, I had fun. I had different types of friendships and relationships. Most of the people I interacted with at the are not in my life, but quite a few still are. I developed a strong work ethic, and honed some skills along the way. I think my eyes being opened to the fact that there are ways of life, that people get by in all sorts of ways, was the most important takeaway. That sounds obvious but I was raised with tunnel vision regarding the right career, relationship, way of being, etc.

That would have been when Saturn was in Libra, activating my angular houses and would have opposed or squared my many Cardinal placements. 

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