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What Mars Placement Makes A Man Most Desirable?

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My personal favorites... 

Capricorn, stamina and self-control are very attractive qualities to me for a man, especially since I have a Mars/Saturn signature myself.

Virgo, my own Mars placement... the mix of brains + sensual earthiness is exactly what I like. 

Aries, they know what they're doing, or can act like it... and they go for it. The directness and confidence is very attractive. 

Taurus and Scorpio both have this deeply sensual vibe about them, there's also a strength they radiates that can be very sexy. 

Cancer, their moods can drive me crazy but their sensitivity and depth is very appealing. 

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A man with Mars aspecting Asteroid Adonis #2101 (tight orbs 0-1 degrees) will be desirable and irresistible. 

In Greek Mythology, Adonis was youthful, beautiful and a gorgeous man - the God of Beauty.

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Wow. I didn't know about this asteroid but I just checked and I have it in Scorpio, conjunct Pluto to the degree! I'll have to ponder that. Thanks for mentioning it.

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Ohh that is interesting, re: Adonis, would like to meet one of these ?, just to test the theory of course.

I think I’ve generally found earthy mars in men attractive. I like grounded and sensual.

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Sagittarius. But that's my Mars sign and I always go for Sagittarians.

I like intelligent, funny, and honest men. And men who have tattoos.

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I think Mars in Capricorn is most desirable, probably because my own Mars can be so dang inefficient and I just deeply admire people with strong discipline and rigorous work ethic. I guess Mars in Gemini is also kindof appealing to me. My own Mars is in Gemini and my husband has Mars in Leo. Ha ha... this bit from Cafeastrology spells us out to a T. geminismily_gif

"When Mars in Fire and Mars in Air people interact: they will often find some common ground–both are restless individuals who want to grow and expand. However, Mars in Air can be baffled by the way Mars in Fire takes things quite personally, and seems overly concerned with themselves, often ignoring other people’s perspectives. Fire Mars tires of Air Mars’s desire to talk about everyone else’s points of view. Air Mars’s theories and plans can be too detached, lighthearted, and lacking in passion for Fire Mars. Most frustrating is Air Mars’s concentration on theory, simply because Fire Mars wants action.

How they can benefit each other: When they consciously try to learn from each other, Fire can help Air infuse some passion and zeal into their lives, and help put some of Air’s ideas into action. Air can help Fire by offering more detached, impersonal points of view.

Common Ground: Both Fire and Air Mars people are positive, outgoing communicators. They both have a strong desire to learn and grow through their actions."

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