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What Happens If You Really Piss Off A Narcissist?

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My ex-husband is a narcissist and has Venus in Scorpio. When I divorced him, he stalked me and threatened to beat my new (and still current) boyfriend with a lead pipe. He was never physically violent toward me, but I was afraid he would kill me during that time. This was almost five years ago, and he's calmed down, but I still dread making him mad. Since we have a kid together, I'm stuck dealing with him.

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Play the victim. Maybe not at first, but eventually.

The best quote I've heard about narcissists is that they are the hero or the victim but never the perpetrator. 

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"Ex-communication" is a a good term for the dark ploy the family narcissist uses to exclude those they are unable to dominate.  They exclude and drive away other members of the family---until they want or need something. 

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Some can needle, provoke, or want to make you angry. They want a reaction. Some will just be aggressively rude towards you! They are miserable people.

Honestly, living with one is hell. The best way to stay sane is to move out and never come back.

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They throw a fit, basically. Think of a four yr old throwing a fit and filter that through whatever manipulation tactics the narcissist has mastered. Ie, violence, intimidation, pleading, gaslighting, pouting, emotional manipulation, financial abuse, social abuse (like Tam mentioned). But no matter how sophisticated their tactics- its a toddler throwing a fit.

Often their tactics work, because they are so embarrassing that the other person just gives in out of pity. When they figure out that they cant manipulate you, they accept it. Usually surprisingly peacefully too. 

Also, narcissists only get pissed when their ego/image is threatened so thats something to consider. Its never anger over something that is like a deeply held principle. 

Personally, I wouldnt waste two seconds worrying about a narcissists anger. Ive found that in general they are actually really ineffectual people. 

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anonymoushermit said
Some can needle, provoke, or want to make you angry. They want a reaction. 


I second this. Especially when you remove them from your life without warning because you're sick of their shit. And then they proceed to block you on Facebook, which is most likely to get a reaction from your end.


I kid you not, this happened to me last month. I just laughed because it was pathetic and sad. I didn't think my removing them on Facebook had that much of an impact on their life. And I personally don't think they should give a shit if someone walks away like that.

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