Sample Astrology Composite Chart Report

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Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

The interpretation of your relationship is based on the positions
of the planets at the time of your birth, and the composite chart.
For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along
with other technical information, are listed below:

Gisele: Tom: Composite:
Sun: 28 Can 13 11 Leo 18 4 Leo 46
Moo: 4 Sco 43 6 Ari 23 20 Cap 33
Mer: 15 Can 22 8 Vir 08 11 Leo 45
Ven: 19 Gem 26 1 Can 07 25 Gem 16
Mar: 5 Lib 44 11 Gem 45 8 Leo 44
Jup: 9 Vir 29 26 Gem 56 3 Leo 13
Sat: 23 Vir 00 19 Leo 11 6 Vir 06
Ura: 21 Sco 32 7 Sco 50 14 Sco 41
Nep: 20 Sag 21 13 Sag 30 16 Sag 55
Plu: 19 Lib 06 11 Lib 55 15 Lib 30
Nod: 20 Leo 25 17 Lib 27 18 Vir 56
Asc: 15 Cap 47 17 Lib 52 1 Sag 50
MC: 4 Lib 55 20 Can 15 1 Vir 50
2nd: 15 Aqu 47 17 Sco 52 1 Cap 50
3rd: 15 Pis 47 17 Sag 52 1 Aqu 50
5th: 15 Tau 47 17 Aqu 52 1 Ari 50
6th: 15 Gem 47 17 Pis 52 1 Tau 50

Tropical Zodiac Tropical Zodiac
Standard time observed. Daylight Savings Time observed.
GMT: 20:00:00 18:48:00
Time Zone: 3 hours West. Time Zone: 8 hours West.
Lat. of birth: 27 S 47 37 N 33 47
Long. of birth: 54 W 14 Long. of birth: 122 W 19 28
EQUAL houses EQUAL houses
Chapter 1: On the Ascendant

Chapter 1: On the Ascendant

Ascendant in Sagittarius:

Any time you are together you will do everything in grand style. There is nothing introverted in your life as you wander around through life together doing nothing special. Visiting every place you can think of so others can see you, rather than you seeing them is just part of your makeup. You have many associates and acquaintances together, but the chance of having real friends is questionable.

You like to keep communications light, non-threatening and casual rather than get involved in heavy discussions. You have a love of travel and both of you should have been born with roller skates on your feet so when you awake you can be on your way again. Philosophic thought and religious matters will have special importance in your lives in some form. When pointing out your views to others here, don’t take the direct route but utilize a gentle approach so that people don’t feel that they have just been steamrollered!

No one can accuse you of being sticks in the mud as you get easily bored if you spend too much time in one place. Usually an hour or so is your limit. You are the true adventurers who need change to grow. You have an inner knowledge that something is going on somewhere that you should be investigating, talking about, taking a risk (especially gambling) at or living life to the fullest. Should your high expectations fail, you dust yourselves off and try again, never giving up on faith or hope for the future.

Commitments can be difficult for you but if they allow you room to move around they stand a very good chance of succeeding. The word Miser would never be used in your vocabulary’s because everything you do together is on a grand scale. You give and live the best that you can no matter what the circumstances. When you see a project in your mind, it becomes a mountain, even though in reality it may be the size of a mole hill. Business, politics,
teaching and religious careers are your area of expertise and where you may find your life’s work.

You are always good friends to others, but you probably will not receive the same in return. This is why you will make a good teachers. In this way people can learn from their shortcomings about what friends really are. look to the house where Jupiter is located to see where your good luck and good fortune can be found.

Ascendant is in Sagittarius, Sagittarius Decanate

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, together you love to talk and travel because of your restless nature. You will become bored easily and need to be going someplace all the time. You will be much more friendly but need to watch the tendency to gossip however. You are intuitive and because of your sales ability you may sense what others need. You will have to effectively deal with the energy that you scatter all over the place and recognize that when you get your point across, you may offend people.

Chapter 2: On the Midheaven: How you are seen as a couple

Midheaven in Virgo:

Since this is the most “visible” part of the composite chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world as a couple. Your mutual goals together will keep you very active, perhaps overactive. You are somewhat self centered, and it would not be wise to criticize your fellow man. You will acquire a restless nature and become super nervous people.

You are tranquil and shy together and are most content when you are working in the background of any organization rather than on the firing line where all kinds of nastiness goes on. Because of this you would excel in any area where details need to be finished up. Jobs that would bore other people to death are fine with you, just as long as you can work in peace. Careers dealing with clothing, restaurants, or medical are your cup of tea.

Any situation that involves quick responses will not find you around in close proximity, because you approach everything cautiously while estimating any dangers involved or benefits that can be gained.

Your manners and mannerisms together are always correct and above board. Your quiet and unemotional viewpoints are immediately apparent because you do not spread sympathy and caring although you may be. You come across ready for business and display a conservative approach to everything and everybody. You will draw people to you who need honest assessments of situations or special advice. This is your area of expertise. You never miss anything that goes on in your environment whether at home or at the office and are always looking to learn something new.

The tenth house is the home of worldly aspirations and attainment. This sector shows how you present yourself to the public, and deeds for which you leave behind as your legacy, or what you will be remembered for. The tenth has domain over the profession, public offices held, and your reputation. The combined energy of Virgo here, indicates that work and service for others is your key to success. The written word, organizing for other people or making
observations for other people are your fields of expertise together, although you can be somewhat critical. You can become bored very easily, and need a career that keeps you intellectually stimulated. Careers in large organizations, federal government, education or churches could use your organizational abilities. Look to the house where Mercury is located to see what kind of career you might choose, or how you will be remembered.

Chapter 3: Planets and Aspects

Sun in 9th house:

The Sun in the 9th house will give both of you great insights into the makeup of the world around you. You will have a great interest in religion, law, philosophy, metaphysics and you may decide to travel quite a bit in order to grow. Instead of a relationship you might decide that a platonic affair is enough for you, even if sex is involved. Communication will be very important to you both, since you probably share common goals and interests. The only difficult side to the Sun being in the 9th house is that your relationship is likely to be more intellectual than emotional. You can use the Sun energy in the 9th house to make plans for your future together.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Your relationship may not be so much an emotional relationship as it is an intellectual one. Yours is perhaps a relationship where you can exchange thoughts and ideas, study, research, spend hours in conversation and enjoy mental stimulation rather than physical. For you, sex takes place mentally rather than physically. Rather than having an emotional rapport, you may be more detached and logical in your relationship.

Your conversations will be excellent and since you have so much in common, you probably think the same ways about life in general. You will have no trouble understanding what the other person is talking about. There are very meaningful discussions indicated here and should you be involved in creative or business ventures together, then this aspect is an added boost for the conception of new ideas.

You can feel very close to each other with this aspect, without feeling vulnerable, and doing your “own thing” will be a prerequisite for the two of you. Trips and travel, whether local or long distance, are also part of this aspect. Sitting still may be difficult for you both.

Sun Conjunct Mars

At the very least you excite each other and arouse very strong energies within your partner and you will have to learn how to handle passion, anger and conflict in positive and creative ways. You will find that when you are together that you can be extremely competitive, anxious, boisterous, and energetic.

If you are looking for a relationship that is quiet and calm, then you have the WRONG relationship here. But if you harness all of this energy to create something, then you can make wonders happen together. The desire to win, to compete, to excel, to make war instead of peace, to encourage each other to succeed and to be courageous exist in this truly dynamic aspect. Remember, however, that because these energies are so aggressive and irritating, they must be channeled constructively or very negative results will occur. If you allow the negatives to operate, then the question is, “Which one of you will be the bigger bully to the other?”.

This combination demands activity and accomplishment and that should be the underlying element in your relationship. Because this aspect also generates a great deal of heat, the sexual, lustful and communicative levels will all be quite intense as well.

There is a great deal of self-confidence generated here, so try not to force issues beyond a workable level. Games of competition, physical exertion and sports are an excellent way to use this tremendous energy. As with other intense energies, you must be careful how you use this energy so you do not hurt other people around you. Because this aspect is so impulsive, you should be careful that the aggressive nature of this energy does not turn into anger and that you do not resort to physical abuse or injury to settle your differences.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter brings substantial advantage, growth, progress, success and increase into your lives. Good fortune, achievement and blessings will arrive in ways that cannot be measured, simply by your being together. It can never be said that you want for anything with this aspect and, instead of limitations being placed upon you, opportunities never imagined will now come your way. Higher thoughts of expression and philosophical and religious pursuits may become part of your daily life. Expanding your education or beliefs can now be possible.

You make each other happy just by being together and the world becomes a much more satisfying place for you because of your togetherness. Travel, especially the long distance kind, or connections to people of different cultures may also play an important part in your lives.

Success in all endeavors is indicated by this aspect. You may notice considerable financial improvement and the happiness you share will rub off on others as you seek to improve their lives as well. Sharing the good life may take its toll in the weight department, though, because Jupiter loves to expand whatever he touches, the old waist line included. You may also enjoy some surprising results with lotteries and speculations, as long as you don’t over do it.

As a couple you will enjoy popularity and any legal matters that happen to arise will probably be settled much more in your favor with benefic Jupiter here.

The biggest danger with this aspect is that you may get carried away with all the bounty and benefits bestowed and overindulge yourselves beyond your means. False pride and showing off can also happen with this aspect, so keep an eye out for that.

Sun Trine Asc.

Social activities are at the top of the list for the two of you. You are not likely to shun contact with others or want to be by yourselves. Instead, you will make a real effort to bring people you have a lot in common with into your relationship.

You make good friends for others and, in turn, draw them to you. If yours turns into a love relationship, not only will you be lovers, but you will have the luxury of being very special friends as well. There is likely to be a certain tenseness or restlessness within your relationship, but nothing that cannot be worked out. By all means, use this energy to seek out new experiences and adventures together, either at home or traveling to distant lands and cultures. Because of the energy of this aspect, you are sure to enjoy more experiences than most couples.

Moon in second house:

The Moon always represents your emotional needs and when placed in the 2nd house it indicates that money, security, financial happiness and possessions will be a very strong emphasis in your lives, like the glue that binds you together. You will never be too quick to give anything away that takes away from your secure home life. Now this need for emotional security could cause one or both of you to become “pack rats”, which means you keep adding to what you have, never getting rid of anything. You will find in the long run that material possessions actually start to own you, thus limiting your freedom. Then you are trapped in the relationship because you are afraid to lose the things that keep you together. Even though some of the negatives have been pointed out, this is still a very favorable position for the Moon and the relationship’s security.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Saturn

If you can stand the separation, frustration, distancing and withdrawing from each other that this aspect tends to cause, then you might grow quite a bit from this experience. Even in the best of circumstances, in time you may become very distant and detached, living a very mechanical and unemotional existence.

There is another possibility, however. This is the one where you want to be together very much, but other commitments and outside obligations won’t allow you to do so on a full-time basis. This will also prove to be a very unfulfilling emotional experience, even though closeness is what you desire above all.

Unfortunately, this may be a situation where karmic conditions are teaching you lessons though pure frustration and emotional torment. You will have to find other ways to be emotionally fulfilled rather than looking for support through this relationship.

This aspect is not an indication that you won’t ever come together but it does tend to indicate that the short periods of mutual happiness you may experience will be overcast by long, dry periods of emotional isolation. Both of you may find that you end up quite lonely or insecure because of your experience together.

Mercury in 9th house:

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and intellectual thought. Mercury in the 9th house indicates a great deal of mental activity and an interest in expanding your thinking. Because you have come together as a couple, there will be greater interest in publishing, writing, travel, law, literature, philosophy, spirituality and religion for both of you. Whatever the endeavor, your relationship will go through changes with this placement of Mercury. People in your environment will begin to see that you can rise above daily difficulties by seeing the big picture and they will gravitate to you for your input. Your relationship is very fortunate because you are able to learn and grow as a couple and you can pass on the knowledge you acquire to others.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

Heated debates, mental sparring and even some down-and-dirty arguments are sure to play a major role in your relationship. There will be no beating around the bush here, as you try to “tell” your partner what you are thinking, rather than explaining it. Disputes, frustration and verbal abuse can be the result of these communications, not so much because you differ in opinion, but because of the ways in which you express yourself to your partner.

Right from the start this relationship might feel like the Battle of Gettysburg as you come under verbal attack and are criticized about every little thing that is important or that which has absolutely no importance at all. Unless you both work on being nicer to each other, this is going to be a very difficult relationship in the communication department. And that will, of course, spill over to all the other areas in your relationship.

Mercury Square Uranus

If you are looking for a relationship to uproot your pattern of thinking, mix in a little adventure, and experiment in the mind-blowing side of weird, then congratulations, you may have found it. New ideas, alternative ways of thinking, changing old patterns of thought and just plain bizarre behavior tend to go along with this aspect. Expect the unconventional and the ever-changing, frequently and suddenly.

Trying to communicate in stereo can’t happen so you will have to stop talking while the other person is talking so you don’t miss their train of thought. There is much nervous energy surrounding you both and together you can come up with some wonderful new ideas, perhaps far ahead of their time, and enjoy some excellent creative adventures together. But plan on taking a break from one another from time to time in order to repair your burned out brain cells and get some sanity back into your lives. There is so much stimulation and mental excitement between you that it may be difficult for you to settle down to the routine, everyday aspects and needs of your relationship. Because a certain amount of restlessness and anxiety go along with this aspect, you will need time to recuperate. So take it, even if it means getting away from each other at times.

A serious side to this aspect is that the two of you may constantly challenge and disagree with your partner’s viewpoint just for the sake of causing a commotion. At first this can be great fun and very exciting. But in the long run it may become very old and when one or the other of you tire of it, it may be too late to do anything about it because your partner will have already up and left. The two of you need to control the tendency of automatically disagreeing
with the other’s viewpoint in order to keep some stability in the relationship.

Mercury Sextile Pluto

One of the major effects that this relationship will have on you both is that it will change your thinking at very deep levels. Through long conversations you can act as psychoanalyst for each other by bringing up old problems and resolving them. Uncovering the mysteries of what makes your partner tick is exciting for each of you. Of course, there will be unpleasant things that you will learn about and with which you will have to deal. But, with every gain comes a loss and with every loss comes a gain.

Be careful of becoming so involved in an issue that you become obsessed and fanatical about it or that you try to convert or manipulate your partner’s thinking to your own. There is the possibility here that you will try to force your partner into thinking and believing the same way you do. Mental competition between you will only serve to break your relationship apart. The ways in which you communicate and the energy that both of you have are very strong and they can influence a great deal of people, so these energies must be used very responsibly.

Together you may choose to delve into the occult or to use the power of mind over matter. Just make sure the dark side does not win you over. If you get carried away in any of these areas, people may perceive you as a threat and bring danger to you. Should you heed the above warnings, then you can gain some very important truths about life, the universe and yourselves.

Mercury Semisquare Venus

Communication will be a strong suit between the two of you, especially regarding objects of beauty, music, art, love and romance. Both of you share common interests in these and other related areas.

You will enjoy telling each other how you feel and you prefer doing so in the written form of cards and letters. At best you will avoid anything that is too ponderous, choosing to keep your conversations light and loving.

If there are arguments at all, you both will make them as sweet as possible so that you don’t offend the other. You are sensitive to your partner’s feelings and you will say what needs to be said, but in a way that doesn’t hurt the other. This aspect helps smooth out any rough edges in your relationship.

Venus in 7th house:

Venus, the planet of love and affection, located in the 7th house of relationships, intimacy and marriage is a wonderful placement with respect to your relationship. Venus, in of and by itself, does not guarantee success in relationships as it is very lighted-hearted and playful and needs more stability in the chart to make it work. But it will be very easy to share your emotions and feelings together and work as a couple rather than as single people. You will want to spend as much time together as possible and share good feelings with everyone you come in contact with. The only danger with this placement is that you may be too much at ease with each other so that when difficulties come up you will be reluctant to bring up problems that really need to be discussed. In time this can wear very thin and when the resentment finally erupts there may be no way to control it. Find a way to express your feelings before problems develop.

Venus Semisquare Mars

The physical and sexual side of this relationship will sizzle for sure. You have heard, of course, of the rocket’s red glare and this is where it originated. Sexual games, intimacy and being warm for each other’s form are excellent descriptions of this aspect. But there is a negative side to this energy that you should be aware of. Your relationship is likely to be a sexual “game” where one has to be the dominant partner or one has to be the conqueror. If both of you tries to be the dominant partner, true fireworks may start, as the battle for victory over the other is not likely to be a pretty sight. Another side effect of this energy is the jealousy and possessive that develops because of the need to control and manipulate the other.

You may find this a sexually unfulfilling relationship until you figure out who is the master and who is the slave, if you allow that to happen at all. The probable outcome will be anger, which is unfulfilled sexual desire turned inside out. At different times each of you will blow hot and cold, always opposite the state of the other at that moment. If you can figure out your differences and learn not to use sex as a weapon, then this can be a very passionate and rewarding relationship.

Mars in 9th house:

Mars is the planet of fire, activity and aggressiveness. Mars in the 9th house indicates a strong need to share ideas, philosophies and beliefs. If your ideas are compatible, you will protect them dearly, while trying to convince others to see your point of view. If however, your ideas oppose each other, then you will spend a lot of time arguing. Trying to convince others to accept your beliefs will be met with great resistance. Mars here indicates traveling together
extensively, but to be on the safe side, you should exercise caution regarding any and all modes of transportation. Mars also indicates working together in educational or intellectual endeavors as well.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter

What a dynamic duo! You are full of life, confidence, creativity, energy and you are blessed with an abundant amount of luck. You will be able to accomplish much more together than you ever thought possible when you were apart. That is because the combined energy of this configuration adds a jolt of wonderful energy to do with what you please. Accomplishments should be at the top of that list. You will seem to sense when it is just the right time to attempt a new venture, usually with great success. Use this energy to do good for others, perhaps compete or join forces in sports, but do use it!

Jupiter in 9th house:

Jupiter is at home in the 9th house of spiritual insight and awareness, philosophic thought, long distance travel and religion. One or both of you may change your point of view on the above issues or these issues will become more important in your lives because you are together as a couple. Traveling together appeals to you because it allows you to share intellectual, philosophical or religious interests and opinion which will lead to greater growth. Together you will adopt a standard and style of living including morals to live by. You will change those things that you believe intolerable. The two of you will grow a great deal just by being together and you will feel much more complete with Jupiter located here. Jupiter here does not guarantee you a long-term relationship, but he will give you very rich experience.

Jupiter Trine Asc.

This aspect indicates that you will grow a great deal just by knowing each other, no matter what the outcome of your relationship is. When you are together, you will feel good about yourselves, more so than when you were single or apart. You will find that there is less competitiveness, annoyances or irritations to deal with because of this energy. You will have a greater tolerance for each other’s faults or shortcomings than other couples have. This relationship may play an important role in your lives in that you will grow as people and even if the relationship does not last, the memories and the roles you play in each other’s lives will be important in your future. In some cases with this aspect, you may have met or joined together because of a common intellectual interest, something profound and deep for both of you.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Neptune

Whatever Jupiter touches it expands and when linked to Neptune it will expand the idealism, fantasy and illusion in your relationship. Everything about your relationship is great, wonderful and flawless, or so it would seem. But you may not really be seeing things as they truly are. The two of you may have your blinders on and only be seeing what you want to see. Unfortunately, your expectations may be replaced by discouragement and confusion when the light of reality finally settles on you. This relationship will take your hopes and dreams to a new level, but it may just as easily bring these hopes and dreams crashing down to earth if you do not stay grounded and honest with each other. Each of you may have the tendency to get carried away with your emotion and think that you have found Nirvana. Perhaps you have, but the only way you will know for sure is to put your relationship through the test of practical, everyday living. Then you can realistically decide exactly what there is between you.

You both need to make a concerted effort to understand what your relationship is all about. Question things and don’t assume. Be honest with each other and avoid engaging in any mind games. Be realistic about what your relationship can really do for you and the ways in which you need to grow and expand. Don’t let idealism and romantic sentimentalism cause you to see the other person in the light of your own imagination rather than the reality of who they really are. All these things need to be looked at closely with this aspect.

Any kind of speculative venture should be left alone as you have a tendency to go wild with optimism, finding that it comes up short in most instances. You need to be more cautious with respect to other people’s motives and with business enterprises as well. Remember the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

On a deeper spiritual level, however, just the opposite may be true. A spiritual quest of some kind is likely to color your relationship for the better. This is perhaps the greatest saving grace of this aspect. As long as you both are practical and take care of everyday responsibilities, then you should be fine. Use caution in any charitable endeavor as the people you are trying to help may very well take advantage of your gestures, leaving you very disillusioned about the whole process.

Saturn in 10th house:

Saturn located in the 10th house of business and career indicates that any goals you set as a couple will be very important to you and that your reputations will be flawless if you work very hard to be honest and moral in all issues. As a team you will work very long and hard to make your goals a reality. Saturn in this position can put a great strain on both of you because you may feel the world is ganging up against you. Success is not going to be immediate, but rather a slow and steady progress. Don’t try to take any shortcuts in the process. Saturn guarantees that if you try to cheat the system or do not plan carefully, then misfortune will catch up with you down the road. This is not a bad position for Saturn, but it does require a lot of responsibility and discipline to bring success.

Saturn Square Asc.

You may feel that the bond between you is so strong that nothing can ever divide you apart. This is not necessarily because of an attraction between you, but rather because the tie that holds you together seems fated, inevitable or predestined. Getting out of this relationship may be difficult because of material, psychological or other uncontrollable factors. If at some point you want to leave this relationship, you will have to examine the real reasons why you are together in the first place. At the same time, you may look at this relationship and see that you don’t have anything in common to sustain a real working relationship. If you desire to be lovers or to enter into marriage, then you will have to look for more positive factors between your charts that can help support such a relationship. Even in the most positive relationship you may find that emotional expression between you is very inadequate. You may also find there are great barriers set in place that prevent the two of you from ever coming together. This can be caused by circumstance, previous relationships, great burdens or responsibilities connected with the relationship, present relationships or a great difference in age between you. This aspect is called the aspect of mutual alienation, unrewarding to say the least.

Uranus in 12th house:

Uranus located in the 12th house creates situations in your relationship that you will not understand. Your relationship may be subjected to fate and factors beyond your control, or so it will seem. One or both of you tend to send out disruptive energy, do the little things that annoy the other or make the people around you angry. You probably aren’t even aware that you are doing it. People in general will not be happy to see you show up at their door as they will see you being very disruptive. Although they seem to have no apparent connection with either of you, outside forces may have a hand in the disruptions that take place in your life. You may be caught in a situation that you are resentful of but cannot admit to. Bring to the surface any hidden elements of your lives that you would like to change or rebel against before they surface themselves.

Uranus Semisextile Pluto

You will see a great deal of change occurring in this relationship, but change, in this case, is to be considered a very positive thing, for it leads to growth, renewal, transformation and new insights. This is a pleasant aspect to have as it tends to keep you from getting bored with each other and the world you function in.

Neptune in 1st house:

Neptune is the planet of deception and illusion, and with Neptune in the 1st house, great care must be utilized to see the relationship for what it “really” is. Both of you will see the relationship from different perspectives and you need to be very clear with each other to avoid misunderstandings. One of you may have a very utopian view of the relationship while the other is not coming from the same cloud you are. One person may be very happy here and the other may not, and one morning you will wake up to the realities of it.

There are two very distinct possibilities in this relationship. On the positive side, this can be a very spiritual, and humanitarian relationship filled with psychic and mystical overtones, or on the negative side very deceptive, spacey and a total illusion. The master of deception and illusion resides here, and it will be up to you to decipher what is, and what is not real. Since all liquids and drugs are represented by this position, there will be a weakness towards drugs and alcohol if not kept in check. On the other hand, one or both of you may have very real drug or alcohol problems to contend with or be in a program of rehabilitation.

Avoid putting yourself in a position of trying to “save” or sacrifice for the other for their own good, as this is another “illusion” of Neptune. You must work very hard at keeping this a very realistic and honest relationship. Get off the high cloud you are on – before you fall!

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Matters of spirituality, psychic awareness or communication, supernatural forces and mind-reading will be very strong interests in your lives and it may be impossible to deny or to get away from them. There may be times that you can actually hear what the other person is thinking without ever having to say anything. You might decide to play the role of psychic detectives, uncovering mysteries or hidden things. You enjoy anything that has to do with mind
expansion or mind alteration.

Pluto in 11th house:

Pluto has rulership over death and rebirth, regeneration, power, extremes, fanatical behavior and obsession. When located in the 11th house, it indicates that you will work very hard together in order to reach your goals and ideals. As a team you can accomplish anything you desire, while at the same time you can defend each other from unwanted outsiders. Yours is an intense attraction which draws other people to you and they are likely to be very intense as well.

This power can be either on the material plane, as in business or politics, or it can be personal power such as an intense aura that radiates from them. Pluto is very secretive and your friends may be powerful people who are not generally known by the outside world, but people who work behind the scenes in some way. Pluto in the 11th house also indicates intense efforts in humanitarian pursuits that can change the world through mass movements or revolutionary designs. Pluto here can have a transforming effect on your friendships and the ways in which you and others interact.

Pluto Semisquare Asc.

Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. There are powerful forces here that can work in either positive or negative ways. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration and as such, he will bring many changes into your lives. Many things will be brought about and brought to light, things and actions you didn’t even know you were capable of. At the very least this relationship may place you upon a much different path than you may have expected and any experiences within your relationship will be much more intense than ever before. One of the effects of a Pluto-based relationship is an intense fascination for each other that overrides all other interests or considerations in your life. This fascination and obsession can be one that has you going down a path of destruction, so you need to be very careful in this regard. There can also be tremendous power struggles within your relationship where one partner is much more dominant than the other and the second partner feels as though they have no will of their own. Under this manifestation of Pluto, the relationship may “self-destruct” when one tries to break free from the other, the result being a very difficult and bitter breakup.

Chapter 4: MIDPOINTS – Additional Influences on Relationship Potential

Mars Conjunct Sun/Mercury Orb:0 Deg 29 Min

Energy is present to accomplish any job before together, but it is a nervous type of energy that can lead to disagreements and quarrels; forcefulness; irritating and loud behavior; hastily conceived ideas; arguments.

Uranus Conjunct Moon/Saturn Orb:1 Deg 22 Min

This relationship will help you to break free from emotional turmoil experienced in the past; on the other hand your emotions can cause some explosive conditions to arise through restrained situations.

Neptune Conjunct Moon/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 42 Min

Situations in your life manifest as confusion, and issues are unclear in this relationship; powerful spiritual experience; deceitful partners who drain your energies and time.

Asc. Conjunct Moon/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 12 Min

Emotional upsets are sure to fill this relationship; easily prone to tears; making changes in habits or moods that are making life difficult for you; thoughts and desires of a private nature.

Venus Opposition Moon/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 55 Min

Changes will have to be made if you are going to keep the status quo in this relationship or marriage; events that are social in nature will have you feeling on top; softened mannerisms dealing with each other, especially in times of need.

Mars Conjunct Mercury/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 15 Min

Pursuing knowledge or education together; increased communication.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury/Neptune Orb:1 Deg 10 Min

Together your intuitive side comes alive, allowing confidence to become much stronger and active; an obsession to use psychic methods in determining reality; contacts ended with spiritual realms; purification rights to rid yourself of mystical influences.

MC Conjunct Mercury/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 29 Min

As a couple you will go out of your way to be of work and service for each other in your time of need.

Saturn Conjunct Venus/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 07 Min

Together it will be difficult to take control of your passions and desires, and bring them back down to earth; sudden anger can cause separations from each other; relationships may separate or divorce; difficult births.

Mars Conjunct Venus/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 38 Min

Contacts will be for social and romantic reasons; dating; social matters go well, and you are well received; sexual attractions.

Sun Conjunct Mars/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 13 Min

Marriage potential is strong for this relationship; leadership qualities emerge; success can come to both of you in some way; you have an extraordinary ability to organize; efforts and energy placed in legal or religious preservation.

Asc. Conjunct Uranus/Neptune Orb:1 Deg 01 Min

Every relationship can use a bit of understanding and compassion at times, and this is one of them; views gained though insight and inspiration.

Pluto Conjunct Uranus/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 18 Min

You have the ability to influence each other, with positive results; partners who put down your ideas.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 32 Min

Disruptive circumstances in this relationship are to be expected; adventuresome; supersensitive nerves; avoid the use of drugs; flair for the unusual; peculiar environments.

Chapter 5: Other Issues in Your Relationship

Capricorn on 2nd house cusp

As a couple, with Capricorn on the second house, prudence and practicality will prevail in the handling of money. In the event you acquire large sums of money together, you will be very careful what you do with it, and how it is spent. It can come down to the fact that no matter how much money you have, you never, ever, have enough. Your purchases and investments will be conservative, and only those that give you the most and secure return for your money.

Together you may decide to live a rather simple life, void of the luxuries and expensive taste of your neighbors. Look to the house that contains Saturn to see where your money will be made.

Aquarius on 3rd house cusp

With Aquarius on the third house of communication and learning, the two of you will share quite an inventive, original and creative outlook on life. Your communications can be very fixed and inflexible, but your thinking may be well ahead of its time, with perhaps radical overtones. As a couple new and different ideas can occur daily, pushing you to explore something new and untried. Your interest in learning is for the sake of knowledge, not for earning the
almighty dollar, and passing what you have learned along to others. You need to give each other breathing room, so that you can communicate more freely and spontaneously. Look to the house where Uranus is located to see where your interests can be found.

Pisces on 4th house cusp

With Pisces on the fourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security, the two of you will have a strong emotional tie to the home and family unit. Pictures showing family history, and sentimental memorabilia will fill the home, and great sacrifices will be made for home, family and each other. Emotional upsets at home will not be appreciated as you need peace and seclusion to operate, and privacy will be especially important for both of
you. Both of you will be extremely sensitive to not only the home, but the environment within the home because of the spiritual value of Neptune, ruler of Pisces here. For you both, the home is a place that you can depend on for an escape from everyday life to slip into your own private world. Look to the house where Neptune is located to see where your home security can be found.

Aries on 5th house cusp

As a couple, you have Aries on the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. Together you are aggressive in life, and don’t mind spending money to be happy in your leisure activities. This energy is best devoted to outdoor and competitive activity, associated with physical exercise. Working with and for young people is favored although you can be quite short in your expectations of them, and impatient with their progress. Look to the house where Mars/Pluto is located to see where you might find your recreation and romance potential.

Taurus on 6th house cusp

The two of you have Taurus on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. Together you are practical, determined, conservative and responsible, having your goals in real focus. You must enjoy the work that you do, or you will not be happy with yourself or each other. You may work as teachers or counselor for
others because it gives you security and time for your other interests. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which can have a lazy side at times, and any job that is too demanding will find you rebelling in favor of the easy life. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where you might find work or service to others.

Gemini on 7th house cusp

Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, and Gemini is located here. The two of you will have to have a wide variety of interests to keep this relationship going, as boredom will set in quickly otherwise. But with Gemini placed here, that should not be a problem. You won’t be known as the most demonstrative couple, or demand a lot from each other. Life together should be happy, fun and lively but a lot of nervous tension will accompany it, bringing a certain degree of irritability. As a couple, I’m sure you will be very busy, racing around to keep up with that erratic energy. Look to the house that contains Mercury to see how you will deal with partnerships.

Cancer on 8th house cusp

The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Cancer will have an influence on the above matters in this relationship by adding an emotional element, as well as security into your
spending and physical habits. Nurturing each other in this way will be a very important part of your security and your happiness. Look to see which house the Moon is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Leo on 9th house cusp

The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house matters. With Leo ruling the ninth house, the two of you will be confidence and successful at implementing new ideas together. There is great vitality of spirit indicated, and travel will fill an emotional need for you both. Matters connected to education, religion, spiritual endeavors, philosophic thought will be important for you both as well. Together you can act as teachers in some way, and be a source of inspiration for others to follow. Look to the house where the Sun is located to see where your interests in higher aspirations can be found.

Libra on 11th house cusp

The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends and connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Libra located in the eleventh house, the focus of this relationship turns to working with friends in group associations. You can work as the head of a group together, and as a couple you will be highly visible in social situations. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where you might find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.

Scorpio on 12th house cusp

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society. Scorpio energy on the twelfth house for you both indicates that you are very closed off, guarded and secretive, especially in spiritual and mystical matters. Your ability to influence the lives of others occurs in subtle and unspoken ways. Look to the house where Pluto is located to find that area in which you retire from public view.

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