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The Compatibility Report for Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady
Birth Data for Gisele:

Gisele Bündchen
July 20, 1980
5:00 PM
Tres de Maio, Brazil
Birth Data for Tom:

Tom Brady
August 3, 1977
11:48 AM
San Mateo, California


This Lovers Report is divided into 4 chapters.


Chapter 1
A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Gisele’s Sun in Cancer and Tom’s Sun in Leo:

Both of you take life very personally, probably more personally than you realize. Your feelings and your pride are easily wounded by criticism or lack of appreciation from the people you care about. There can be an unusually warm loving bond between you, though your temperaments are quite different. Tom is very proud and wants recognition, appreciation, respect, and love from a partner. Gisele wants to be needed and desires sympathy, tenderness, and
emotional support from a partner. Tom has difficulty accepting and expressing needs, sadness, or weakness, and is uncomfortable when Gisele expresses doubts, insecurities, weaknesses, or moodiness.

Tom is the more dominant of the two of you and is likely to take the lead in your relationship – which is fine with Gisele, who has no need to be on top.

Gisele’s Moon in Scorpio and Tom’s Moon in Aries:

Both of you have strong emotional responses to people and situations, but you express yourselves very differently. Tom becomes frustrated and impatient rather easily and is prone to frequent, but short-lived, outbursts of temper. Gisele, on the other hand, often hides feelings and holds on to hurts or grudges for a long time. Gisele is emotionally complex, secretive and often suspicious as well, and capable of tremendous emotional intensity. Gisele loves or hates wholeheartedly. Tom is more simple and direct than Gisele, and may not fully appreciate the depth of Gisele’s feelings.

You may have some vicious conflicts at times, yet you are drawn to one another’s passion.
Chapter 2 Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

Tom’s Asc. Conjunct Gisele’s Pluto:

Gisele holds an unusually strong fascination for, and influence over, Tom. You are drawn together by an almost irresistible attraction, and it may be difficult for either of you to extricate yourselves from this relationship because the bond between you is so compelling. Very little can be hidden from one another. Your subconscious motives, feelings, and desires are brought to light in this relationship, which is likely to profoundly change your attitudes towards
yourselves. You are likely to feel either much more powerful, or heavily dominated by, your partner. This is an intense and revealing relationship!

Tom’s Moon Opposition Gisele’s Mars:

This is a “hot” relationship. Sexual and physical attraction is strong, tending to lead to hot pursuit of each other. Subtlety is lacking and one, or both, of you may feel your approach to sexuality is too aggressive or insensitive. You also enjoy competing with each other and working hard together. Competitive sports, games, and outdoor activities are good outlets. You must strive to avoid conflict because the aggressive quality of your relationship can easily flare
into anger and hostility.

Tom’s Mercury Conjunct Gisele’s Jupiter:

Your conversations frequently turn to philosophical, religious, or political areas. Your discussions often move more towards the forest than the trees. You help each other get a broader perspective of your situation and you are likely to find yourselves traveling, exploring, and, in many ways, broadening your horizons. Gisele believes in and encourages Tom’s ideas, plans, and intellect.

Tom’s Asc. Square Gisele’s Mercury:

Frequently the two of you view a situation very differently, and you frequently respond to events very differently. Unfortunately, you are also inclined to feel that your approach is superior and feel very frustrated that you cannot enlighten your partner. Very often, also, this annoying situation is triggered by a relatively minor incident. Try to better appreciate your partner’s point of view.

Tom’s Asc. Trine Gisele’s Venus:

Romantic attraction is strong and you both deeply admire and appreciate each other. Romantic or sentimental gestures, such as bringing home flowers, come naturally to both of you and this love affair is very important to both of you – and could possibly lead to a long-term relationship or marriage.

Gisele’s Venus Sextile Tom’s Saturn:

There is a high level of trust in this relationship. Both of you are willing to make sacrifices for each other, but the sacrifices are hardly noticed because you love each other and it feels natural to give to one another. If you have children, you will find that you are able to work together very effectively as parents and meet the many trials and tribulations effectively. Your love for each other grows through the years and the respect and appreciation that you have for each other is very great indeed. This is a lasting, deep, meaningful relationship.

Tom’s Mars Square Gisele’s Jupiter:

The two of you enjoy planning and designing methods for achieving success. You encourage each other to achieve your dreams and Gisele frequently points out new avenues and grander vistas for Tom’s talents and energy. However, the propensity to speculation and unrealistic optimism is also very strong, and many of your joint ventures are likely to prove wasteful, poorly timed, or extravagant.
Chapter 3 Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Conjunct Jupiter:

Enormous benefits, expansion, success, and growth come to both of you through the vehicle of your relationship. You’ll be blessed with unusual good fortune and fulfillment, both materially and in less tangible ways. Most of all, you will feel that you have plenty when you are together. Instead of seeing limitations, you’ll be able to see possibilities for an expanded life, opportunities that you may have missed before. Religion, philosophy, or higher education
may become a focus in your relationship, even if neither of you is especially inclined that way.

You increase one another’s optimism and broaden one another’s viewpoints, opening up much more of the world to one another. Long distance travel or making connections to other parts of the world can be a part of this.

Essentially, your relationship is about increasing growth, freedom, and expansion in your lives. Much success and fulfillment are generated when you are together.

Composite Sun Conjunct Mars:

Without a doubt, the two of you rouse strong energies within one another, and you will have to learn how to manage conflict, passion, and anger in a creative way. When you are together, you both tend to become competitive, overly eager, rambunctious, zealous. You are not destined to have a peaceful, placid coexistence! However, you can initiate new projects and get lots of work done together, if your drives are harnessed and channeled into creative
enterprises. Winning at work and competition, developing a warrior spirit, encouraging one another to be bolder and more courageous – these are the positives you will discover and create together if you can diffuse the more aggressive, abrasive energies you bring out in each other.

Action, doing, accomplishing are much of what this relationship is about. Because you generate so much heat – on all levels – when you are together, your sexual energies will also be stimulated and will certainly be an undertone in your communication with one another.

Composite Mercury Conjunct Mars:

Vigorous debates and intellectual sparring will inevitably play a key role in your relationship. What you might try to convey tactfully in other circumstances, you will state directly and unequivocally with each other. This can lead to numerous arguments and disputes, not so much due to deep differences of opinion but simply due to the way you both communicate with one another.

It is likely that one or both of you will come to feel verbally attacked, or criticized for petty things, unless you both are willing to work on being gentler in the manner you speak to one another.

On the other hand, if you enjoy bantering, competing intellectually, and hotly debating various issues, you may not consider any of this a problem. It will, however, be an ongoing dynamic in your relationship with each other.

Composite Mercury Square Uranus:

There is an electric, intellectual quality to your relationship. You’ll be continually challenging or upsetting one another’s ways of seeing the world, provoking each other to THINK and to remain mentally alert, active, and awake. One of you is apt to be considerably more liberal, progressive, “radical”, and interested in unconventional or alternative concepts and methods than the other, who finds this both fascinating and unsettling.

When you are together you tend to speak before you really ponder what you are saying, and the intellectual give and take between you can be rather dazzling. You may feel more brilliant and quick-witted with one another than you do singly. However, you will also find one another’s company to be nerve-wracking and not very relaxing a lot of the time.

You are great for one another when it comes to brainstorming, stimulating original thinking and inspiring one another intellectually – and that is at least part of what this relationship is for.
Chapter 4 Other Themes in Your Relationship

Gisele’s Sun in Tom’s 10th house:

Gisele takes a keen interest in Tom’s career and line of work. Gisele provides encouragement and support to Tom, but may become overly concerned and meddlesome with Tom’s affairs. Tom respects and appreciates Gisele but may feel that the focus of the relationship is often too impersonal and worldly-oriented.

Tom’s Sun in Gisele’s 7th house:

Although you have opposite personalities in some ways, you complement each other well and both of you enjoy having a partner that takes care of many of the things that you prefer to avoid.

Gisele’s Moon in Tom’s 1st house:

Gisele’s family background and domestic life has a striking effect on Tom. Tom may feel “adopted” by Gisele’s family or find that Gisele’s life style and home makes Tom feel extremely comfortable and at peace.

Tom’s Moon in Gisele’s 3rd house:

There is a natural smoothness and ease with which Tom can express ideas and concern to Gisele, which fosters a warm friendship between you.

Gisele’s Mercury in Tom’s 9th house:

Gisele’s more philosophical or religious side is brought out in this relationship, and Gisele tends to assume the role of teacher or sage. If Tom sympathizes with Gisele’s views or is impressed by Gisele’s wisdom, the relationship goes well but if Tom perceives Gisele as being foolish or illogical, then a large gap in communication develops.

Tom’s Mercury in Gisele’s 8th house:

Your conversations are rarely superficial, and the intensity and depth of your conversations may have been an important factor in drawing the two of you into a relationship. You are also likely to develop joint business ventures or financial strategies.

Gisele’s Venus in Tom’s 9th house:

Tom has a great deal of respect and appreciation for Gisele, and may even look up to Gisele. If Tom ever feels that Gisele’s motives are not sincere or genuine, then the disappointment can be crushing to your relationship.

Tom’s Venus in Gisele’s 6th house:

Gisele sees Tom as a person who is ready and willing to help with any problems that arise. Tom is a dependable friend that Gisele can count on.

Gisele’s Mars in Tom’s 12th house:

Gisele has a strong desire to know Tom in a very intimate way, and often pressures Tom to reveal innermost, hidden traits. Tom, in turn, reveals more to Gisele than to others. You enjoy times alone together, when you can be more intimate and less inhibited with each other.

Tom’s Mars in Gisele’s 5th house:

The two of you make a great match for games, especially outdoor sports. Tom also encourages Gisele to develop creative talents, and you may become involved together in creative projects.

Gisele’s Jupiter in Tom’s 11th house:

Circumstances develop so that the two of you become very active together in community affairs, socializing, or political/social action. Together the two of a wide variety of friends and acquaintances.

Tom’s Jupiter in Gisele’s 6th house:

Tom loves to be of practical service and help to Gisele, though possibly reluctant to help out others. Tom takes a great interest in Gisele’s health and overall well-being, and helps take care of day-to-day chores.

Gisele’s Saturn in Tom’s 12th house:

If your relationship is a deep, long-term one, you will find that you are unable to keep any secrets from each other. Gisele has a knack for prying into Tom’s subconscious or hidden fears and concerns. Issues such as death, afterlife, guilt, and religious faith are brought to your attention, even if these topics normally do not interest either of you. If either of you has any significant “emotional hang-ups” (phobias, fears, guilt, etc.), these problems will be brought to
the surface in this relationship, and you will not be able to escape facing them. Gisele, in particular, won’t let Tom avoid these issues and brings them to the surface. The opportunity for inner growth and development presents itself but you may also become further enmeshed in these emotionally based problems.

Tom’s Saturn in Gisele’s 8th house:

If you are married or live together, you will find that finances and management of resources become a significant issue in your relationship. Tom is likely to be hesitant to freely provide and give as willingly as Gisele would like. One of you often wants to keep certain assets owned individually and is unwilling to share them. The problem may be more subtle also, and one of you is likely to feel at times that the other is selfish and unwilling to share, even if you cannot defend your reasons for feeling this way. You are also likely to find that attitudes towards sexuality and love-making are different, and your moods are not always in sync with each other. You may wish your mate were more sensitive, or more aggressive (or less aggressive), more romantic (or less romantic), etc.

On the other hand, if both of you are able to avoid the tendency to be selfish at times and withhold feelings, you may find that you are able to overcome old habits of extravagance, poor judgment and lack of discernment in financial matters. Illusions about romance can also be replaced with more realistic views.

Gisele’s Uranus in Tom’s 2nd house:

Gisele encourages Tom to use more creative, unusual methods for investing, developing financial stability and security. Gisele may, for example, encourage Tom to invest in a new enterprise that presents big opportunities but is also risky.

Tom’s Uranus in Gisele’s 10th house:

Tom has lots of original ideas on how Gisele can best achieve career goals. Tom is likely to encourage Gisele to take a more adventurous, risky route, and Tom often feels that Gisele holds back by being too conservative and security conscious. However, not all of Tom’s ideas are well founded, and Gisele must have the ability to separate the really useful creative ideas from those that will only result in chaos and confusion.

Gisele’s Neptune in Tom’s 3rd house:

Frequently, the two of you misunderstand each other regarding some practical detail or specific instruction. Without realizing it, Gisele tends to communicate less clearly to Tom than to others, and does not concentrate as much on the practical nitty-gritty of what is being communicated. Tom, in turn, responds by being slightly distracted and less attentive to the factual details being communicated.

Tom’s Neptune in Gisele’s 11th house:

You are likely to become involved in social groups, political or altruistic organizations, committees, and religious groups together. A big challenge will be how to maintain a high level of integrity and honesty in these activities so that the ideals can be reached.

Gisele’s Pluto in Tom’s 1st house:

Gisele is fascinating, mysterious, almost charismatic to Tom. There is a strong desire to know each other more intimately, and share very personal experiences. You may also be prone to power struggles at times or try to manipulate one another.

Tom’s Pluto in Gisele’s 9th house:

Tom challenges Gisele’s philosophical and religious views. You are likely to find yourselves in enthusiastic, and sometimes heated, conversations about politics and social issues. These conversations are penetrating and deep, and both of you are likely to find them illuminating, although often uncomfortable as

Gisele’s Asc. Square Tom’s Pluto:

Tom is a force for considerable benefit or harm in Gisele’s life, either greatly enhancing Gisele’s personal power and confidence, or seriously undermining it. Tom forces Gisele to examine the hidden motives and intentions behind Gisele’s actions, and may bring out some unsavory aspects of Gisele’s character or past history.

An intense confrontation of wills, often going on in a subtle, behind-the-scenes way, characterizes your interaction at times. It is very likely that there is much “unfinished business” of an emotional or personal nature which draws the two of you together, and may bind you in a powerful love-hate, “can’t live with him, can’t live without him” relationship.

Tom’s Asc. Sextile Gisele’s Neptune:

Helpfulness and a mutual, unselfish concern for one another’s welfare eases many of the stresses or difficulties that may come up in your relationship.

Gisele’s Moon Conjunct Tom’s Uranus:

Your feelings towards each other change quickly and you often react to each other rather impulsively. When the mood is right, you find each other sexually irresistible, but at other times you get on each other’s nerves. You may feel like you fall in and out of love on a monthly basis! It seems that you are either making love, fighting with each other, or indifferent to each other, and you may sometimes wish for greater constancy. Your domestic life is likely to be very unstable. If you can be flexible and flow with the fluctuating feelings, this relationship can be exciting and fascinating – otherwise your patience will wear thin and you will perceive your relationship as hopelessly unstable and your partner as unreliable and untrustworthy.

Gisele’s Moon Trine Tom’s Venus:

There is a particularly sweet, loving, caring quality to your relationship that both of you may tend to take for granted. Others, who lack this quality in their own relationship, do notice it and may enjoy the kindness and devotion you have for each other. You both find it easy to give freely to each other.

Gisele’s Mercury Square Tom’s Pluto:

Your conversations have a deep, probing quality. There is a strong tendency to attempt to coerce your partner to understand your point of view and agree with you. Tom may attempt to dominate Gisele’s thinking, or radically alter Gisele’s view of things.

Tom’s Venus Square Gisele’s Mars:

This is likely to be a stormy and fiery relationship. The romantic attraction between you is very strong, but your feelings are often not in tune with each other. One of you (typically Gisele but sometimes Tom) may feel sexually aroused by the other and consequently be too aggressive in approach, while the other person feels great love and affection, but is not feeling as sexually attracted. Jealousy and possessiveness are also likely. Feelings can swing back and forth and you may not realize how much you love each other until you are away from each other.

Tom’s Saturn Square Gisele’s Uranus:

Tom’s caution, needs for security, stability, and commitment holds Gisele’s needs for freedom, excitement, and novelty in check, and this is a source of friction between the two of you, which may become an intense conflict. Gisele tends to rebel against Tom’s demands or restrictions and is inconstant or unreliable with Tom, who may never feel quite safe with Gisele.

Gisele’s influence on Tom is unsettling or disruptive, but this may have a positive, liberating effect if Tom is stuck in an unsatisfying and outmoded pattern or lifestyle.

Tom, too, may give Gisele some much needed structure, grounding, and stability. To avoid some of the more difficult potentials of this conflict, Tom must give Gisele plenty of freedom and learn to relax, flow, and become comfortable with a certain degree of uncertainty or insecurity. Gisele must respect Tom’s security needs, and not take on an adolescent, self-centered, irresponsible attitude toward Tom, stirring up Tom’s fears and insecurities.

Tom’s Saturn Trine Gisele’s Neptune:

There is an unspoken sense of working together for spiritual growth or of helping one another unselfishly, a spiritual commitment to one another which is subtle and often not strongly felt by either of you until adversity assails you. Through your relationship, there is a deepening of your faith and a serious pursuit of your dreams and spiritual yearnings.

Tom’s Saturn Sextile Gisele’s Pluto:

The two of you can be a very disciplined, focused, dedicated team, working towards realizing some ambition. You help one another achieve your deepest life purposes, and if either or both of you is a workaholic, the relationship between you will bring that to the fore.

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