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October 21, 198010:46 AM Los Angeles, California

Solar Return calculated for: October 21, 2011, 10:59:09 PM, Los Angeles, California

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***** INTRODUCTION *****

The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time each year. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return. From this, it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year: opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

In some cases you will find contradictions. A planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite situation. This means that you could have two types of possible situations during the year. For example: a lover’s quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case.

The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

*** Astrological Data of Birth ***

The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions and other technical information is listed below:

Sun 28 Lib 29 Neptune 20 Sag 35
Moon 28 Pis 09 Pluto 21 Lib 58
Mercury 19 Sco 48 Asc. 13 Sag 44
Venus 19 Vir 36 MC 28 Vir 27
Mars 6 Sag 48 2nd cusp 13 Cap 44
Jupiter 28 Vir 52 3rd cusp 13 Aqu 44
Saturn 3 Lib 41 5th cusp 13 Ari 44
Uranus 24 Sco 12 6th cusp 13 Tau 44

Tropical Equal, Daylight Time observed, October 21, 1980, 10:46 AM
GMT: 17:46:00 Time Zone: 8 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34

Astrological Data of Solar Return:

Sun 28 Lib 29 Neptune 28 Aqu 14
Moon 24 Leo 53 Pluto 5 Cap 13
Mercury 13 Sco 35 Asc. 16 Can 38
Venus 16 Sco 10 MC 2 Ari 02
Mars19 Leo 25 2nd cusp 16 Leo 38
Jupiter 6 Tau 13 3rd cusp 16 Vir 38
Saturn 21 Lib 12 5th cusp 16 Sco 38
Uranus 1 Ari 34 6th cusp 16 Sag 38

October 21, 2011 GMT: 05:59:09

Los Angeles, California: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 7 Deg. 00 Min
Opposition: 6 Deg. 00 Min
Square: 6 Deg. 00 Min
Trine: 6 Deg. 00 Min
Sextile: 5 Deg. 00 Min
Semisextile: 2 Deg. 00 Min
Semisquare: 2 Deg. 00 Min
Sesquiquadrate: 2 Deg. 00 Min
Quincunx: 3 Deg. 00 Min

***** FIRST PART *****

Chapter 1: General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Cancer :
This year domestic and family matters will be of great importance to you. It may bring up memories of your relationship with your parents and the effect they had on you, both positive and negative, and the traditions and memories of your childhood that will aid you to grow and mature. Your sensitivity will increase considerably and you will be more susceptible than usual to sudden, unexpected mood changes. During this period you will be more emotional than usual and more likely to express these feelings openly. If by nature you are not very demonstrative, you may surprise those around you (and yourself) with your emotional outbursts, but if you are, by nature, used to expressing yourself freely, you may find yourself losing control in some emotional situations when you do not wish to. This would be especially difficult at times when the affection you express for another is not returned. Remember that you are strongly under the influence of the Moon this year!

During this period you could be confronted with an act or circumstance that touches you deeply. This could be something that was started before your birthday and is now completed. Although the result may not be completely favorable, you will realize, without a doubt, that it is necessary for your growth. Be aware of the fact that you could be more trusting than usual, thereby exposing yourself to undue pain or suffering. You should look at it as a growth experience which will, in the end, produce beneficial results.

If you are involved in politics in some way, this will be a good year to get more involved, increasing your influence in this arena. It is also a good time to put down roots, if this is appropriate and desirable for you. It may be the year you find that property you have been looking for. The most favorable months for this will be just prior to your next birthday. Purchasing real estate or a new home, redecorating or otherwise improving your present home, as well as strengthening love bonds and family ties, are all very favorable now.

During this period you may have some digestive problems brought on by too much anxiety or hypersensitivity. It is important that you don’t eat when you feel tense or talk about your problems during meals. You should chew your food well before swallowing and have a varied diet. Avoid red meats and fried or very oily foods that are difficult to digest. In women, this influence can increase fertility and the possibility of pregnancy.

In general, this will be a time when you won’t be inclined to have many surprises or extraordinary events occurring. You will very possibly find more Capricornian traditional and conservative people crossing your path. These are people who can help you in practical ways to achieve more stability in your life. You will meet worthy people whom you can trust and maybe someone older than you whom you can lean on.

Solar Return MC Aries:
This year you will be concerned with new ambitions and new enterprises. You will want to be very busy and want to get involved in something new. This year is a year when you will want to be the in first place. Professionally, there is a possibility of attaining a position of authority, and you will find it easy to express your ideas in your work place. However, you also can expect some disagreements or tension on the job. You will need to show more than average patience and understanding with your co-workers and associates.

If you are thinking of changing your occupation and beginning something new, this could be the year! You may acquire a position as supervisor where you would be in charge and responsible for the employees under you.

You will search for security and stability for yourself and any others for which you are responsible financially. However, you will also will be very eager to take action. It won’t be easy to find the balance between satisfying your own desires and fulfilling the obligations you have.

You may become interested in making some changes in your home environment. As you get more active in your work, you will look for peace and balance at home. You could get the urge to do some decorating around your home. You will find your home more enjoyable now. It could be a place of harmony in comparison to everything else. Any conflicts or difficulty in your home can be resolved more successfully. You will want to entertain more than usual, and will enjoy relaxing with friends and acquaintances.

Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in 4th house:
This solar influence increases your sensitivity so that your emotions will play a very important part in your decisions. If you don’t act more logically and less emotionally, you could have problems in practical decision making.

Your family and the ties that you still maintain with them will be emphasized. You will receive much cooperation and support from one of your parents or from both of them. However, you also could feel tied to, and obligated to keep up, certain traditions, customs or family responsibilities that hinder your freedom of action. If the relationship with your family is good, then you won’t feel any burden or undue opposition. But if there are some existing problems, it will be the focus of your attention during this year. Search for creative solutions and don’t let them manipulate you emotionally. Your loved ones could take advantage of you materially as well as emotionally.

The idea of putting down roots and settling in one place could also develop during this period. Making investments, buying real estate, or making improvements in your home would all be favorable now.

It should be mentioned that success comes during the last three months of this solar year, and that time should prove to be extremely favorable and positive for you.

Sun conjunction Saturn:
The weight of responsibilities and obligation could limit your freedom. You will have to organize your life during this year and tackle situations that you have put aside before. This astrological conjunction forces you to see things realistically. It is important that you become aware of this because, the more realistic you are, the more profit you will gain this year. You will probably have to forego, or limit, the time you normally spend on amusement and entertainment. You will have a more serious and responsible attitude; this will be a year of maturation.

But you could also feel alone and isolated from others, experiencing great difficulty in expressing your emotions. You may feel inhibited and have doubts about where you’re going, which could bring about distress or depression. It is important to see things with good humor and optimism, and to work in a persevering way in order to achieve your goals.

This influence could weaken your energy level, and it is advisable that during this time you concentrate your efforts on the most necessary and important tasks.

Sun sextile Moon:
You will show more enthusiasm and vitality during this year. Your thinking will be very positive and you will want to take the initiative and make decisions that you have not considered before. Your confidence in yourself will be recognized by others and you will receive support from your family and friends in general. It will be easy to carry out the changes that you propose which will benefit you in the future. You also could receive help from powerful or very influential women. Your popularity will increase and you will feel comfortable in your surroundings in spite of any difficulties that you encounter.

Your physical body will be very resistant to any type of illness. If you have some kind of on-going health problem at this time, it is probable that it will be successfully treated during this year. This is mainly due to the fact that you will find it easier to deal with your emotions, thereby putting less stress on your mind and body.

Sun trine Neptune:
During this year you will develop a great deal of idealism. You will have a very keen perception that will allow you to judge people correctly on your first impression and you will be able to sense their reactions in advance. This is a good year for the studies of metaphysical or occult sciences in general. You might think about developing your intuition or powers of perception.

You will actively participate in groups or institutions that help people in need. Your desire to help others will be very strong and will incline you to put your own interests aside during this year. The activities that you undertake in this period will give you much pleasure on the spiritual level. Your approach to God and religion also will be very important. You could get much benefit from prayer or meditation.

As far as relationships are concerned, you are more likely to be looking for a platonic relationship rather a romantic one. It’s important for you to be realistic and do your best to see people clearly, with all their faults as well as virtues, in order to guard against being deceived or hurt.

In addition, if you are devoted to music or the art world, you will have many moments of inspiration that will benefit you in your work.

During this period you could benefit considerably from being around water. Every time you become tense or unbalanced, you should go to some place where you can be near water, such as a river, ocean, or lake. If that is not possible, you could take long showers or baths to revive your energy.

Chapter 3: The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Leo :
Your emotions will be intense and spontaneous and you won’t restrain yourself from expressing them. This will be a year of pleasure, and you will enjoy each place and each moment. Your disposition will be happy and enthusiastic. However, you could also be more self-willed. You will impress others with your confident attitude and trust in yourself that you will transmit to others. You could develop a greater sense of fairness and will become very protective of your loved ones during this time. You will also show a great aptitude for organizing and directing others.

You probably will receive more support from women in general, although there also could be strong disagreements and arguments because each party will have firm opinions and a tendency to be inflexible.

Your creativity will be excellent and if you have artistic inclinations, you will create and produce a lot during this year. Because of your emotional intensity, your work as well as your personal expression, will have a dramatic character. You will be thinking big and will have a tendency to exaggerate. If you let this get out of hand, you could become involved in a scandal. If by nature you are a more retiring person, you will be more uninhibited during this time and will surprise the people around you.

Your personal magnetism will also increase which could lead to romantic and sexual encounters. You will search for the admiration and the approval of others, which could result in jealousy in a committed partner. You will be very selective in the friends you spend time with and will not be easily satisfied with people who come into your life.

Your increased self-respect could bring you many benefits during this time, providing you don’t neglect your goals.

Solar Return Moon in 2nd house:
Your financial situation will fluctuate a lot during this year. Your income could increase considerably, but at the same time, you may spend more than you earn. It is important to exercise control and learn to manage your finances better in order to avoid the possibility of loss of income or overspending.

There is a possibility that you will earn money through work that is related to the public. You could also benefit financially through your work with women.

You should be careful not to become too emotionally invested in the state of your finances.

Moon conjunction Mars:
It will be very difficult for you to control your energy this year. You could act more impulsively without thinking. Your emotions will be easily aroused and you could react more aggressively and with little provocation. You will try to resolve your problems with anger and by imposing your authority on others which can generate unpleasant disagreements and arguments between you and the people around you.

You will have difficulty in knowing the difference between minor problems and more important ones. Therefore, your reactions to them could be inappropriate. The tensions could be concentrated in the home environment, especially with any women in your intimate circle. This could cause serious rifts and opposition from the other members of your household.

If you can succeed in downplaying the negative side of this influence, you can use the same energy to undertake tasks and enterprises that require considerable courage and strength. You will be strong willed and able to face any barriers or resistance which stand in your way.

In the chart of a woman, this aspect could cause health problems such as inflammations, fevers, and menstrual problems.

Moon opposition Neptune:
You could be more vulnerable to deception and deceit. You will be more emotional and sensitive than usual which will increase your susceptibility to the actions and emotions of others. You will not be able to see people as realistically as before which could result in your being hurt or disillusioned by those you trusted. It’s important to be aware of this and be more cautious than usual when dealing with others, especially those who you don’t know well. You will be particularly vulnerable with women. It would also be a good idea to postpone making final decisions or plans, if at all possible, until this period is over. You could also be more easily victimized now.

There could be a state of confusion or mystery in your home. You could be the subject of gossip or malicious comments. Even those close to you could be the ones who betray or deceive you. Since you could be more gullible during this time, you should try to associate only with people you are confident you can trust. You will be working at a deeper, subconscious level and may find yourself recalling memories and traumas from your childhood which will add to the confusion you are already experiencing.

You should probably avoid activities such as consulting psychics or mediums for you could be unduly affected by them.

You will be more sensitive to toxins from alcohol or food. If you already are using cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, you may want to increase your consumption and it will be very difficult to control it.

The best way to counteract this influence would be to give free expression to your creativity through some artistic or literary activity, and also to be extra cautious and perceptive in your personal relationships.

Moon sextile Saturn:
This will be a year of great emotional stability. You will be able to see things from a more realistic and objective view, which will allow you to make the right decisions. You will have more patience, perseverance, and personal security.

You will probably become more emotionally reserved, not being so willing to share your feelings with others. You will prefer moments of intimacy in personal as well as romantic relationships. You could also be very attracted to the past, your origin, and your traditions.

In regard to your home life, there will be order and respect between all members. The climate will be one of seriousness and accomplishment. You will be inclined to consult older people or those who you think have wisdom and experience in the areas of your problems or doubts. You will feel more secure being surrounded by things or situations that you are used to rather than those that are new and strange. There is the possibility of investing in some real estate.

***** SECOND PART *****


HOUSE 1: Personality. Principal interest of the year.

Solar Return Asc in or within 3 degrees of natal 8th house:
You will become interested in the supernatural and start wondering about the mysteries of life and death. Your intuition will increase and you may have experiences of a psychic nature.

On the other hand, you could be exposed to certain risks or accidents. Be cautious and don’t neglect your health during this period.

There is a possibility of receiving some type of inheritance or legacy or some type of financial aid from your spouse, partner, or business associates.

HOUSE 2: Financial situation.

Solar Return 2nd house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 9th house:
You could gain financially from some activity in a foreign country or by getting involved in some sort of import-export business. You also could be required to do more travel than usual in the course of your business. You might be involved in some business activity related to the law or legal regulations. It is important for you to be organized this year. Otherwise, you could have financial complications.

Mars in 2nd house of Solar Return:
You will use a great deal of your dynamic energy to achieve your financial or material goals because you consider your financial position as a sign of your personal strength. You could decide that you are no longer satisfied with your career position or income and will search hard for an increase of your income. You will be more self-serving and selfish than usual which could generate problems with others.

The influence of this planet will allow you to fight tirelessly until you achieve your objectives, but it also brings the possibility of spending money as fast as it is earned. Your desire to possess things will be very strong this year so try to control these impulses and the purchases or investments you make because you can bring serious loss and trouble into your life.

HOUSE 3: The conscious mind. Study, communication, and short trips.

Solar Return 3rd house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 10th house:
You will have much success during this year due to your intellectual capacity. You may have to take a necessary trip in relation to your work or may begin to make plans for travel to improve your social situation. You could receive help from siblings or other relatives. Studying or preparing for future projects also will be very favorable.

Solar Return 3rd cusp Conjunct natal Venus:
You will be communicating in a softer and more careful manner than usual. You will choose your words more carefully and will tend to avoid verbal confrontations, if at all possible. You will express yourself well and will find that others will respond to you in like fashion.

You will enjoy taking short trips during this year and could even meet someone special during your travels.

HOUSE 4: The home.

Solar Return 4th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 11th house:
You will find much hospitality and warmth between you and your friends. You may begin new relationships with people who have the same interests as you during this year. You will also have special social affairs in your own home. You can thank the cooperation of friends and associates for the security and success you achieve. You will be pleased with the progress you have made by the end of this solar year.

Solar Return 4th cusp Conjunct natal Pluto:
Problems at home could torment you now and cause you to make profound changes in your daily routine. You could react rather aggressively and with lack of control. You will attempt to control and manipulate your loved ones or, on the other hand, someone may attempt to manage or control you which could result in power struggles. You will find yourself bringing up repressed or hidden memories and emotions from your past which will affect your home life. Recognizing these feelings and working with them will help you find more peace and stability in your home.

Mercury in 4th house of Solar Return:
This astrological position will generate changes in the home environment. You could very well be wanting to move to another city or to a different location within your city.

You will concentrate your attention on your home and loved ones. The result of this could be increased communication but it could also bring on arguments and disagreements. You should control the desire to impose your own ideas on others, especially if you do it in an aggressive manner. On the other hand, your home could become the center of social activity. You will invite people who have similar interests to join you in exchanging ideas and belief systems. You also may get interested in learning more about your roots and your family history. Delving into your past could help you to resolve your present problems.

There also is the possibility that you may begin some type of work in your own home.

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Mercury:
Your intellectual capacity will increase during this year. You probably will associate with people who have the same interests and will stimulate you to continue studying or to participate in intellectual groups. It will be easy for you to learn and also to relate your knowledge during this period. It will be important not to spend all the time talking about your projects without giving anyone else the opportunity to share.

Venus in 4th house of Solar Return:
You will be thinking about beautifying your home, redecorating, buying new furniture or other things that increase your comfort and provide a harmonious environment. However, it would be wise to be practical and not spend too much on luxuries or unnecessary objects.

This astrological influence promises happiness in your home and improved relationships with family and loved ones. You will enjoy each other’s company. You will probably be in the mood to have some social affairs in your own home.

The last three months of this solar year will be very favorable and harmonious, especially regarding your personal and home life.

Solar Return Venus Conjunct natal Mercury:
There is a possibility of meeting someone who is very attracted to you due to your interesting ideas and your intelligence. You will be more analytical and logical in the way you relate to others. You will have the ability to communicate and express your own opinions in an effective manner in your social circle. You will be attracted to people and places where you will find harmony and tranquility.

Saturn in 4th house of Solar Return:
You will confront problems or obstacles within your home, especially with older people. Commitments and responsibilities at home could weigh you down and limit your freedom, causing you to become frustrated and unsatisfied. You may have to return to your parents’ home to lend assistance, or you may receive a family member into your home who needs your help and support. This period could bring about ties and responsibilities that will be difficult to cut off later on.

During this year you will be concentrating on your security needs and building a financial base for the future. However, any efforts you make to invest in real estate will be delayed or frustrated at this time.

The most difficult period will be during the last months of this solar year.

Solar Return Saturn Conjunct natal Pluto:
Because of the burden of responsibilities of your daily life, you will have a strong inner desire to make changes and transform your life. You will respond in an aggressive or violent way to the limitations that are imposed on you by more structured, rigid people. Your desire for change could be frustrated by their indifference or lack of cooperation.

HOUSE 5: Romance & amusement. Relationship with children.

Solar Return 5th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 12th house:
There could be forbidden and secret romances this year or there could be complications in a present relationship. You will alternate between periods of happiness and times of stress or dissatisfaction. You could experience deception and sadness in your personal life. It would be advisable not to gamble or to invest in speculative ventures during this year.

If you have children, you could have some problems in your relationship with them, or they could have a problem of their own, such as illness.

Solar Return 5th cusp Conjunct natal Mercury:
You will begin to question and analyze your feelings and actions as well. You will be more selective in choosing your companions and also more demanding with your partner. On the other hand, your intellectual creativity will increase, which could help you make a good impression in your studies or your professional work.

HOUSE 6: Health and illness. Employment. Service.

Solar Return 6th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 1st house:
This year’s success will depend in great measure on your staying healthy. It is recommended that you watch your diet and that you give your body the nourishment required to ensure your having the strength to perform your daily activities. Any illness you might have will probably not be long lasting or serious.

Your free will could be limited in your work place where you might be required to take a more subordinate position than you are used to.

Solar Return 6th cusp Conjunct natal Neptune:
You could catch some type of infectious illness or you could have some toxic condition caused by liquids, contaminants, or inappropriate medicines you have taken into your body. Be cautious with what you ingest in order to avoid problems later on. Your ailments will be difficult to diagnose, and they will confuse your doctor as well as you. Your physical problems could very well have their roots in emotional problems.

There could be certain confusion, intrigue, or envy in your work environment, which will result in your being disappointed in the actions of your co-workers.

Pluto in 6th house of Solar Return:
You should take great care of your health this year and avoid becoming too exhausted or nervous. If you are suffering from some illness now and undergo treatment, you will have a complete return to health. However, your mental attitude and your will to get well will also be very important.

There could be changes and modifications in your daily work routine. The relationship with your co-workers could become tense and uncomfortable. Your desire for change could be so great that you will decide to leave your place of employment or even change your occupation.

HOUSE 7: Associations. Marriage and partnerships.

Solar Return 7th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 2nd house:
Any personal relationships or business associations will reflect favorably on your finances, if there are no other planetary aspects against it. You also could receive money from legal proceedings or litigations that will be resolved during the year. And you could gain extra income through activities related in some way to the public.

HOUSE 8: Life and death issues, inheritances, and mysteries.

Solar Return 8th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 3rd house:
There could be problems regarding communication or correspondence. There is also the possibility of a death that will require you to travel to another city.

Neptune in 8th house of Solar Return:
You could have important psychic experiences during this year which could increase your intuitive and perceptual powers and the depth of your spirituality. You will be very attracted to things of the supernatural and metaphysical world.

On the material side, serious financial problems could arise, especially if you have joint investments with other people. There also is danger of being swindled or deceived by associates or your romantic partner. It is important that you act prudently in the handling of your resources during this time to avoid misunderstandings and problems later on. Avoid taking on too much unnecessary debt.

You should be very careful when around water- rivers, lakes, or the ocean. In addition, be careful with the use of alcohol or drugs.

HOUSE 9: Religion and spirituality. Long-distance travel.

Solar Return 9th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 4th house:
You may be attracted to more traditional philosophies and ideas and will become more interested in relating to the past and to history. You may take a long trip to visit historic places or to see members of your family who live far from you. If you are presently not living in your native country, you may take a trip to visit this year.

Uranus in 9th house of Solar Return:
You will be having more progressive and revolutionary ideas. You will tend to be less conservative and will develop an interest in unconventional subjects such as metaphysics, the supernatural, or philosophy. Your religious beliefs and attitudes will change and you will begin to be more critical and unaccepting of some of the more traditional or restrictive teachings. You will have the need to break free from some binding attachments or conventions. However, you won’t necessarily get a lot of approval from others for your new ideas.

This influence points to the possibility of air travel to exotic, faraway places where you will experience cultures and ways of living very different from your own. Your decision to take a trip could very well be sudden and unexpected.

There could be disagreements with loved ones who won’t understand or agree with your new ideas.

Solar Return Uranus Conjunct natal Moon:
You will be very attracted to unconventional, freedom-loving people, and you will be sensitive and responsive toward them. The relationship with this type of person will stimulate your fantasies and imagination. You may surprise others by your sudden and unexpected demonstrations of affection.

HOUSE 10: Your profession, success, and status.

Solar Return MC in or within 3 degrees of natal 4th house:
During this year, you will achieve the objectives you have long desired. Enterprises begun in the past will mature and will bear the fruits of your efforts. This influence marks the end of one professional stage and the commencement of a new one. If you are an older person, this could mark the year of your retirement.

The enterprises begun during this period will be fruitful during the last months of this solar year, or even later. You will receive the encouragement from your loved ones in achieving your new goals. This will strengthen your position and help in your search for more stability.

Solar Return MC Conjunct natal Moon:
You will find a way to blend your personal life with your professional life. You will tend to be more changeable and emotional, and will pay special attention to loved ones and to your feelings in general this year which will have a strong influence on your possibilities for success during the year. If you receive adequate support and affection from those close to you, you will progress a great deal, but if you are not receiving satisfactory attention and understanding, it could affect your work performance. You may feel a strong desire to make changes in your situation and decisions you make will be more emotional than logical. On the other hand, your creativity and imagination will be a great benefit to you in your work.

Jupiter in 10th house of Solar Return:
You will concentrate your attention on your business and your profession. You will expand your horizons in this regard and will have great success and satisfaction during this year. You may find that you will receive help from superiors and other influential people, or you may rely only on yourself to resolve each one of your problems. It will be a happy year of growth with success and honor in your profession. You will be recognized for your efforts and may be awarded some type of prize. You will be more confident and will know that you can rely on the help of your superiors.

On the negative side, you could become somewhat careless or over-confident and outspoken, or you might take on more big projects that you can handle. Be realistic and moderate in your decision making. You also should avoid falling into false pride and arrogance.

The expansion of your work will probably bring new tasks or extra travel, or it could include some sort of educational activities.

HOUSE 11: Friendships and social life.

Solar Return llth house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 6th house:
You will develop many projects and plans for the future in reference to your work. If you are employed by someone else, you will benefit by the policies which are initiated. You will have a more friendly relationship with co-workers and with people under your supervision.

There is the possibility of some kind of health problem which could interfere with your successfully carrying out these future projects.

HOUSE 12: Limitations, enmities and hidden things.

Solar Return 12th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 7th house:
There is the possibility of having serious problems with your spouse, partner, or business associate. You may be deceived or betrayed by that person which will lead you to distance yourself from him or her. These problems will hinder your progress.

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