46 thoughts on “Are MEN Coming Back Into Vogue? I Live In Hope!”

  1. Elsa – You have got to have some Aries stuff lurking somewhere!!!!! Love the clip – I totally agree with you!!!

    (Any man in a uniform will do – police, firefighter, UPS, soldier, etc)

  2. I think my husband looks hot in his collared shirts. They make up sort of a uniform :)– he wears ’em to work everyday.

  3. you are right on ladies… let the men be free to be in style!
    Elsa…My question is…with Mars being in Virgo now… doesn’t this make them more practical? than a manly man?

  4. I sure hope you’re right! It took me a lot of years to learn to distiguish ‘stong’ men from ‘controling’ men, and there is a very distict difference (especially if you happen to marry the wrong type)! Being an Aries, I need a strong man, but the ‘real’ kind that you’re talking about!

  5. Yes, please – give me manly men every day, any day. I’m sick of pansy boys who can’t make a decision without consulting their own mamas and who can’t change the oil in their own cars.

  6. Elsa, I’m a gay man and some people still don’t believe me when I say I’m gay because I’m just so masculine! This makes for some funny moments.

    I chalk it up to the Aries in my chart!

  7. Conoco, one of my oldest friends, Ben (almost 30 years friends) that I write about sometimes is gay. He has Aries Moon and takes no shit whatsoever.

  8. Oh and Conoco, you might find this amusing. One time a gay man who used to read this blog was coming to town… wanted to meet me for lunch. My husband while he’d have never stopped me did not want me to go.

    “But he’s gay. He’s gayer than fuck.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    “I don’t care if he’s gay, he’s a man and no man should be inviting you to lunch if I’m not going to be there.”

    People can’t believe this but I think it’s very respectful of gay men on my husband’s part.

    You’re a man, he’s a man and that’s that.

  9. Oh yeah I remember Ben now. I’ve read about him before.

    Wow, a Scorpio WITH Aries Moon, now that’s intense!

  10. I know….

    Every time I tell that story people are flabbergasted BUT

    But if a lesbian invited my husband to lunch, I swear I’d say the same thing. “Lesbian, my ass! What the fuck does she want with you?”

    So as you can see we were meant for each other but also there is some logic here… er, somewhere in the lizard brain.

  11. Yes, I’ve only recently realized, thanks to the observation from someone else, that I have been building an affinity for manly men… especially ones in uniform… sounds like Aries paired up with my Cappy Venus. Gotta love the authority. Not to mention the muscles.

  12. It’s raining men
    Hallelujah, it’s raining men, amen!
    I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get
    Absolutely soaking wet
    It’s raining men
    Hallelujah, it’s raining men.
    Every specimen
    Tall, blonde, dark and lean
    Rough and tough and strong and mean

  13. I hope you are right. I know lots of men who have been quietly talking about their desire to be accepted for their masculine selves.

  14. I’m not entirely sure, but I damn sure do want to find out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mmmm, mmm! My Cap Venus and Scorpio Mars love a man’s man! No sissy boys ’round here. Haha I have enough masculinity throughout my chart… I tend to run the show, but I’d love for a man to just come through and say “No, baby. You relax, I got it” for once! Bring ’em on!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. @von: I like it, too. For too long – even it Italy, for crissake! – men seem to have lost their macho and become shrinking, passive violets..

  16. ::snorts:: Freudian slip. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ironically, there is a daily forecast I wrote (coming up) that specifically mentions we’ll be seeing lots of those in the days ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. “I like soldiers” you mean you like a particular “soldier” lucky girl. Great insights as usual and I am loving the Aries vibe I feel like I have more energy!!

  18. I’m an Aries stellium, and I love dudes. I much prefer hanging out with groups of men to groups of women. And sure, I’d welcome more male energy in this culture — that is, so long as it’s more of the mature, responsible male energy, and NOT more of the adolescent jackass kind which Aries tends to bring around. While I love that too, I think our culture already allows men too much of that.

  19. Avatar
    The commitment phobic

    Hell yeah!!!

    With Venus/Jupiter/NN/Mercury in Aries (in the 1st house), I say yes! I feel so revitalized this week.

    Ps: can anyone elaborate on Mars & Pluto? Mars is obviously a lot of energy, and so is Pluto/scorpios? I was just going through old posts about scorpios and how they can have a lot of energy like batteries, and that got me wondering about Mars and Aries… just because I have a lot of aries but also sun oppose pluto… what exactly is my energy?

  20. The joke’s over! $75 Billion in 2010 for War in Afghanistan alone which amounts to $1,000,000.00 per soldier per year in the field. For what? This?…

    Our fearless Commander in Chief has had over seven weeks to deploy US Navy Special Forces into the Gulf of Mexico. If they can conduct deep water salvage operations on sunken Russian nuclear ballistic missile submarines, surely they can cap an oil leak. Not expecting the entire Atlantic Fleet, but perhaps a unit of Navy Seals, no? er ah yes as Don Adams might say, how about a couple of Boy Scouts in a row boat?

  21. Upsttr: Speaking of SF, my husband said if they asked him to do it, he would say no. This is because he knows he’d be blamed for something, hung out to dry, sued, used as a scapegoat… they’d hold a congressional hearing… in short, forget about it.

  22. I realize that, Elsa, and Im not blaming your husband. I know he is a good soldier or he wouldnt have you! I dont like how Obama is handling this; says he is gonna kick peoples asses… Surely Nixon/Kissenger would have plugged the leak and let their scorp spies kick asses privately.

    Anyway, back in January I was talking to an astroger (from Louisisanna) that specializes on predicting the stock market and she said back then that when Jupiter moves into Aries that the world would move onto an alternate energy source, most probably natural gas. Hopefully, BP provides the impetus to make the transition sooner rather than later. I do take her advice with a grain of salt being that she also told me to leave my house which is in foreclosure and where I get free rent indefinitely and move south, She suggested Chile… days before the earthquake hit…lol…

  23. Just one more thing about American soldiering that a Modoc Indian woman told me and they wouldnt know at West Point. Approx 150 years ago when they were having a little trouble exterminating the Modocs and taking their land, Captain Jack and his warriors were able to hold out so long not in any small part to their women going to the white soldiers EVERY night and exchanging sexual favors for bullets with which said soldiers were slaughtered each following day. Perhaps thats also partly why the Americans bugged out of Vietnam…

  24. Too funny a post, I agree! Laughing at so many entries!

    Well where ARE these specimens of men? I Am attracted to men who are passionate, who know who they are, have a handle on the world, can make decisions and change their own oil and build a deck, house or more. My Wasband could do all the physical stuff yet could not make a reservation for dinner or initiate a vacation , eech.

    Of the few men that have fit this bill for me (that I fell madly in love with) in my life, (they were also caring and sensitive to an external degree), had issues. Like they were narcissistic or ended up to be players, they had the Peter Pan syndrome, were committed bachelors (issues!).

    I think I feel sorry for a lot of men in this day and age. Women are in general Iโ€™d say, just so much more together on so many levels (Eckhart Tolle also mentions this) . And this makes it hard to have a level playing field.

    Yet I know there are wonderful, strong and sensitive men, I see examples on every sort of media. And I meet men once in a while in my business, that are strong and kind and sensitive (and married).

    Iโ€™m not in the market for a relationship, I love my solitude, but I try keep in mind tha life can take all sorts of unexpected twists and turnsโ€ฆ..

  25. @Mari I just keep getting played, and while I dont mind letting the Holy Spirit use me forwhatever reason, sooner or later, I wan tthe real thing. Does anyone think that there is any chance I am NOT being played in the following exchange of emails. my birth info is 1-27-65 at 4:20 PM in Phila PA…

    Clifton Once I get the $2600 payed to the bank everything will be fine and I will join you in the state immediately Ok..How many times will I tell you this after I payed the $2600 I won’t pay any money ok..

    — On Wed, 6/9/10, clifton greene wrote:

    From: clifton greene
    Subject: Daisy I need you…
    To: ***********************
    Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010, 8:37 PM

    but please lets not talk like this to each other. I am not in a position to send you any more than the $2900.00 that I procured by filing an extension on my income tax and neglecting to fill my tank with heating oil. I would do anything to make yo uhappy and I would die for you! So would Lee Lee. However, the only way that I could send you that kind of money would be to sell my car. If your inheritance falls through, and that is very possible (it already has been stalled after I sent you the last $2900.00) then how would we set up a home and be marriedHow would I get a job without a car? I would be so depressed; might have to take Lee Lee to a shelter where they would euthanize her. In such a scenario, how would Lee Lee and I even have any life with which to give for you?

  26. I think men can only be MEN, if women expect them to. Was listening to John Tesh radio today and he said college girls are not wanting “hook ups”, but they are wanting relationships, a man to take them to dinner and do manly things.

    Don’t know of the sample size here, i just found myself yelling out LOUD in my car: THANK GOD!!!

    I hope women start making men work for it. Too many women give away sex too easily. All a man has to do is buy a woman one drink, and that’s it. 5 bucks and she’s all his. Are. You. Kidding. Me??

    I hope this aries energy energizes women to turn men BACK into men.
    Here’s hoping. I know i’ll do my part. My daughter…wants to wait until marriage (pisces sun, moon in virgo)

    Thing is sexuality in this society has fucked up the psyche’s of everyone. Men and women… We push sexuality and repress it at the same time.

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