May 2023


The Magic & Mystery Of Organic Attraction

When I was in my 20’s, I had a friend who was one of the “Thalidomide babies”.  If you’re unfamiliar with this, you can read about it here. She was fortunate among the other survivors in that her deformity was limited and not visible in everyday life. It was her chest area that was affected; […]

Capricorn dark

How Long With The Recession Last?

Most feel we’re in a (world-wide) recession even if it’s not been formally announced, outside of Germany. I’ve been avoiding writing about Pluto’s last period in Capricorn, hoping for something definitive to occur that would be acknowledged by conventional media.  This way I could avoid (Pisces) being called morose (Saturn). I’m giving up on this


Healthy Level Of Daily Stress?

Hi, Elsa. What is the key to maintaining healthy levels of stress per day, for a Mutable Earth sun, Mutable Fire moon & Fixed Air rising? Anonymous in Malaysia Hi, Malaysia. Key here is what level of stress is healthy.  If you define this word the way I do, the answer is none. I’m not


Abandoning Friends When A New Love Comes Along

“I would like to know more about abandoning your friends in favor of a flavor of the month type relationship/addiction. For those who cannot do 12 step programs or stuff like that. I know you say certain problems solve themselves but I figured I’d ask anyway. How does one find deeper meaning in “the chart”.

whole sign houses

Whole Sign House Astro Reports Available

Interest in Whole sign houses is growing. I have always offered Astrology Reports in whatever house system you prefer though I haven’t made this clear. I apologize for this! Posting to let you know you know I’ve added “Whole Signs” as an option on all of my reports. If this is what you’re looking for

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