May 2023


Importance Of The “Flyover Signs” Of The Zodiac – Libra

“Flyover Country” is a pejorative term for the American states, located between the two coasts. We do the same thing with zodiac signs. Some signs are elevated while others are denigrated or simply seen as irrelevant for any excellent, uplifted person. The problem is the main functions of all of the signs are inordinately important

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Pressure To Be Disingenuous

disingenuous adjective : lacking in candor also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness : CALCULATING I’m naturally candid.  With Saturn in Pisces, I feel a considerable pressure to be disingenuous. If I can’t stomach that option, I can opt to avoid answering direct question or even avoid interaction all together. Are you experiencing

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Mars: What Is Your Temper Like?

I don’t think I have a bad temper but I am not sure others would agree. Many people have characterized me as hotheaded. There are too many to ignore. “Do you think I have a bad temper?” I asked my husband. “No. I think you have a temper but I would not say it’s a

What Else Horrifies You?

I realize some are  horrified by my boasting or overt nature in general.  The thing is, I have this Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart along various other things and I was just not born not to bleat!  Some people are designed to make more noise than others. We just make a lot of racket

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Life Since March, 2023

Living is the best way to learn astrology.  Six planets changes signs between March 2nd and 25th of 2023. I felt this was akin an earthmover; big machinery, rolling over the existing landscape. What used to be is gone for the most part. The changes are pervasive. They’re seen on the surface but they reach

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