Fixation In Relationship: Cardinal Grand Cross in Synastry

mistletoe“He’s stuck to you like mistletoe to oak.” That’s what my pal at the gym, Denis from Cameroon said today regarding, “The Salesman”.


Denis twisted himself up. “You know how mistletoe attaches to oak? Once it does, it won’t let go.”

I got a mind picture. “Yeah. Well I’ve noticed that and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’ve told him no, many times. Lots of time. Nothing stops him. I am pretty sure I could hit him with a truck and he’d still keep coming…”

Denis laughed and I went into the astrology. These men who are astro-twins, have a T-square in their chart. The north node fills in the T-square, and guess who’s Mars Mercury is conjunct their north node? Me.

The madder I get, (Mars conjunct Mercury) the more I cuss and the more I swing motorcycle helmets at them. Still mad, I assert myself (prettily) in the gym, and I look like “her” to them. I look like their destiny.

You can see it’s hopeless. Any action I take (Mars) and any communication I make (Mercury) reinforces their resolve to procure me.

Have you ever stuck to someone like mistletoe to oak? What about the reverse?

10 thoughts on “Fixation In Relationship: Cardinal Grand Cross in Synastry”

  1. Disengage, girl. That’ll take the charge out of it for them. Unless you’re getting something out of the exchange. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Moni – that’s good advice. I actually enjoy my ex very much and the Salesman? Well I get on the cross-trainer, he gets on the machine next to me and chats. Not non-stop. he used but he’s made adjustments. And it does not seem worth complaining about… like telling the mgmt I am being harassed or something. The guy just likes me. He wants to talk to me and be my… whatever he can.

    What I do is limit my exposure. Our schedules are not in sync so the most he can do is collide with me for 10-15 min on a cross-trainer and for that much, it is probably worth the research. 🙂

  3. Funny stuff about you and the Special Forces guy! I don’t understand how/why you came to have this weird relationship.

  4. Dani, it’s the mistletoe effect!

    As for my own, I have had this experience. With that weird deranged guy (suicidal anorexic companion/random ride share on road trip). Even after we parted ways, we still bumped into one another for MONTHS. Once, I was 500 miles away from where I saw him last, and he was seated next to me ON A TRAIN.
    This would sound unbelievable, except for the fact that it is true.

  5. Yes, I have been stuck to someone. I don’t know their chart or I could tell you if this applies but I have a t-square and I’m betting it does. I’m betting that’s exactly what it is.

  6. I have a grand cardinal cross in a composite chart with this guy i’ve been kinda seeing for a while and boy do i know about it! We argue pretty much on a daily basis but somehow keep going back for more. We have a grand fire trine too which kinda softens the blow though being in fire and with moon/merc/mars involved in the mix it’s not always that soft.
    In synastry my venus & mars makes a grand trine to his north node and his moon & uranus make one to mine. Our moons sextile and both conjunct each others sun/moon midpoints and both our suns fall in each others 8th house. Our venus’ also fall in each others 7th house but both oppose each others saturn. It’s a rollercoaster for sure and sometimes i’m not sure it’s worth it but we cant seem to break it off. Cos when it’s good honey flows through my veins and i feel home. And when its bad and i finally think it’s over i feel despair. Not sure how long i’ll be able to take this range of emotions for, as i think it might kill me 😉 but hopefully we’ll both come out of it (if we ever come out of it..)more rounded people. Squares are always a challenge but a grand square has no outlet and seems to literally blow it’s top; double that for a cardinal one i’d say.

  7. very interesting. can this cardinal grand cross survive pluto square transiting it do you think if it also involves the composite sun venus mars conjunction?

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