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  1. Thank you so much Elsa! I really needed this perspective. I’m going to have the Capricorn Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn at the same time the Scorpio Saturn conjuncts my natal Pluto. This is somewhat worrying to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been having terribly bad transits for a long time now, and I don’t think they let up until like 2016.

    Since the past transits have really disrupted my life, I did feel a little jaded about the ones that are still coming that are not going to be so nice.

    Thanks for reminding me to be positive. It’s true, I definitely am stronger now than I was before those transits, so I’m sure I will have grown more by the time that hits me.

    Anyway, I’m sure my Saturn return will be a cake walk compare to these about 6 years of crappy transits, maybe I’m just getting hit early? ๐Ÿ˜€

    But yeah, this was needed, so thanks for the message!

  2. Awww thanks! That helped!

    t Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto, coming up soon! Plus, t Pluto squaring my Saturn already ๐Ÿ˜€
    A double whammy!

  3. thanks Elsa.. always good to keep a positive perspective!! the most recent “impending doom” has had me even more worried as of late about saturn transiting my natal pluto. whatever it may be, i know it will be one hell of a birthday! lol (the transit peaks along with my solar return.. ominous? only sometimes :P)

  4. I’ve got at least one difficult transit coming up in November that’s difficult solely due to the fact that it falls in the 8H. If locational astrology works as advertised then this is entirely fixable and will change should I move west.

  5. I went into pluto squaring itself, then it transited my moon/jupiter while opposing my sun at the same time. I went into that blind, meaning I didn’t know astrology or what the heck was going on. All I knew was things were changing, I was changing. Since all of that, I’m not so much scared of my own transits, but will admit pluto’s heading for my oldest asc and that actually does have me a bit worried. But, as far as myself and my own transits, I’m cool with living and learning,

  6. I was absolutely dreading Pluto transiting my sun through Sag (8th house no less) Then as Pluto moved away from my Sun it squared my natal Pluto. I feared the worst, thought I would probably die, lose everything and/or move into the sewers. Yet, however I DID survive this. I became less arrogant, less ego centric and far more empathetic towards others. I didn’t lose anything I wasn’t prepared to. No material loss or gain. Rather a complete personality overhaul for the better, showed me personal strengths I didn’t know I had. Most transits seem a cinch, after that one.

  7. Ha ha! When I started studying astrology in earnest I was having my Saturn Return in my 8th House and t.Pluto was conjunct my ASC. Talk about hard hitting.

    I was like…wow no wonder life feels so…intense ๐Ÿ˜€

    I do dread the future sometimes, but not transit wise…my Cap Moon just worries.

  8. Got pluto smack on my mars/jup conj. I can tell you it sucks, but determined not to let it tear me down (and determined not to tear anyone/anything else down in the meantime). I know I’ll come out of this more in control of my energies, and that that’s all I need to know.

  9. Trans Pluto Cap 11th square Sun Aries 2nd as we speak. As it moves away, I should see the benefits. I did not shy away from any of the massive changes. I no longer own a home, I have no retirement (it bought the home), and gladly legally ended a miserable relationship. Now I’m waiting to see how I rise from the ashes in how to earn my own money again.

    I knew it was coming, but you always hope for some Grace, you know? Knowing from astrology that everything will work out for the best is sometimes the only thing that gets me through.

  10. Ditto what CArRiE said. Some time in the last year I looked at where Pluto was transiting my chart since birth: what have I got to be afraid of: that fella’s been dogging my heels all my life and I’m still kicking. Thanx again, P. (That is one ageless vid aka timeless wisdom.)

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    Melinda taylor

    Thank you for this Elsa. I AM dreading some upcoming transits. On Jan 10th,2020 there will be a full moon closely conjunct my Sun at 23* Cancer, and Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto will be in almost perfect conjunctions in my 11th house of Capricorn opposite my Sun, all of them will soon after be conjuncted by Jupiter and Mars. I am feeling terrified, and overwhelmed. I have no idea what it all means, and how it will affect me, but I am scared. Nothing is this life has been what I hoped for or believed in. I keep getting back up and find what is great to be happy about every day, then get hit by the proverbial truck. Keep getting back up though, but I’m afraid of this, this time. This stellium in Capricorn looks designed to finally do me in for good. You are so blessed to have the right guy in your life. It makes all the difference in our ability to handle what storms come our way to have a supportive best friend and partner in life. My loneliness is unbearable now, especially since I met my soulmate in 2009, and he vaguely recognized me, but let go to be with the woman he is married to because he felt dutifully bound to stay with her, because “that’s how he was raised”. They have nothing in common, and nothing to talk about. I miss our conversations more than anything. We maintained a wonderful friendship for a couple of years, but we let go out of honor. I can no longer bear this loneliness. AND, now this upcoming stellium has me terrified.

  12. That’s nice timing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just thinking I have no idea what to expect from the Pluto square Pluto transit occuring at the moment in my chart. I know it’s a generational thing but my natal PLuto has aspects with my Sun, Mars and Mercury so I guess I’ll feel this.
    Nothing to do about it but find ways to live my life in the moment without dreading what future might or might not bring.

  13. I have indeed changed in (specific) ways I could not have foreseen. I am handling life very, very differently. It astounds me. I astound me.

  14. Thank you!!! I am trying not to worry about Uranus crossing my ascendant which is on Algol, 25โ€™ Taurus. Sounds dangerous! But since I have moon/sun/mars cluster in early Taurus, I have been going through turbulence, ie Uranus, worries, changes and anxieties! Oh my! Everything dinging Uranus is hitting me hard, hope to get out of this zone when that bugger goes direct. Keep on rocking the awesome astrology and you look beautiful in red!!

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    10,000 Daydreams

    Wow Elsa, thanks for this. Have a massive transit happening for me in January, turning my itty bitty t-square into a grand cross -yum!

    But now you’ve given me hope. No more quivering!

  16. If I will get over the saturn return- and the pluto squares from the 1st house in the future- then it’s done. Been through many bomb transits (tneptune square sun, tpluto square mars, that cardinal tgrand cross, tsaturn making a fixed grand cross in the chart, and many more). Bullet list checked. Yuhu.

  17. I have a series of transits all going over then retrograding, then forward again over a point that just causes a certain kind of low or depression – its been happening for a lot of this year – first its jupiter, then saturn, then mars, now its ceres plowing in or joining the fun.

    Of the past week or so I have had my career on my mind – or lack of – its even in my dreams at night – its strange how transits can change your think or focus at least for the short term ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have seen this video more than once Elsa and I still love, love it! It is such simple a truth, that it becomes golden!! : – )
    Thank you for that.

  19. I was unaware of Pluto transiting my sun starting around 14 years old. Looking back, I can definitely see the transformation, and it was difficult. But, if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

  20. I was dreading transiting Pluto conjunct natal Chiron, in 9th house. There was not much info in my research online, or in books, but what was there was not good. I just told myself that no matter what happens, I would be fine. It’s just something my soul planned and I have to Trust the purpose of it. So, now that I am past it, I can tell you that, yes, it was bad, worse than I could have even anticipated, but through it all, I realize there are some things we just need to go through and when you have no control and you’re going thru hell…keep on moving. You’ll get past it! I prefer not to disclose my particular situation.

  21. Part of me wants to say โ€œPluto aspects are bad enough when they GET there..donโ€™t worry ahead of time..โ€ As I had to go through Pluto opposite Sun and conjunct Moon all at once..donโ€™t ask.AM still living with the fallloout,opps, I mean the lessonsโ€ฆ. I know I know astrologers are supposed to remind us of the transformative powers of Pluto and all that.. what gets decimated had to go.. ok,I get it. That said, I suppose knowing ahead and planning,sort of, can help get the BEST out of a Pluto aspect.Donโ€™t ask ME. Now, when it comes to SATURN: I LOVE MY SATURN TRANSITS. Every good responsible and long lasting growth in my life has happened when I hunkered down under Saturn and took on some responsibility (and usually debt, lol). .Every important thing happened to me under Saturn, in a good way.But I have Moon in Cap and am not afraid of hard work or commitment. Great post,thanks..

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