Mars Conjunct Neptune In Scorpio – Deception With Malice

mars paintingI worked with the chart of woman who had Mars in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in her chart. She was self-proclaimed predator who deceived people with malice. She was similar to those men who seduce rich women and then bilk them out of their money.

Obviously, there are other ways this energy can be used. But if you do see this in a chart, you’d be well advised to make sure you’re not dealing with a snake.

Have you ever run into this type character?  What can you tell us about Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio?


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  1. wondering questions:
    1. does mars in pieces do the same thing?
    2. if in synastry someones Neptune conjuncts your mars (Scorpio)- would the Neptune person lie and deceive the mars person? is this the same energy?

    1. Yes, to question 2. See my response 4 comments above. Although I guess in a higher functioning Neptune it would not be deception it would be transcendence of some sort?

  2. I have mars neptune vertex conjunction in Cappi in 5th house.
    My self expression gets cinema style sugared. I coat everything I tell in little stories, for example. I tend to speak generally instead of what I really want to say. I tend to avoid telling hurtful things, which makes me hold back in conflicts. I can be easily manipulated in conflicts or in interaction if people I talk to are good at that.
    I see my relationships clearly, yet I think the other person is perfect for me and everything can be solved and discussed if two people care enough: I get cozy with their flaws, I refuse to change my habits, and I don`t have boundaries, and it all drives to ends which I did not want. I tried keeping the guy before, now I just lick my wounds. When they wanna go, they find another person, move out, prepare everything behind my back and then even though I wish to fight for the relationship there is nothing to fight for unless I wanna engage another woman. Till this day I did not. Though I suck at letting go. Can`t stop someone leave you. But then I saw how some people manage. Not letting go and quietly waiting for years. I cannot do that. Pretty soul shattering depressions that last way to long, and annihilation of ego (it comes back after some time). They seem to want to reconcile (at least because of their guilt, it can be bizarro) but it comes years too late.
    In my 20 I had a habit of drinking alone, or a bit too much, especially while being creative.
    When I am depressed I still push (thanks Cappi mars) but I walk blind. I don`t see future.
    I can be obsessive, when I read, research and write. I am the same when I suffer the breakup. I don`t share it, I don`t engage in contacts, I suffer my thoughts and compulsions. I suffer inability to solve those problems with someone, but as I said, all had another girlfriend before leaving relationship with me, and all wanted to discuss stuff years later or to start friendships. But one of them constantly sent nostalgic messages to me (though he was in another relationships, and that took three years to heal). Also, I suffered emotional abuse.
    There was a definite foggy boundaries issue in the beginning of all relationships.
    I have uranus rulling my relationship sector, so that too helps.
    Sudden breakups, degree of freedom needed and couple of months keeping it casual at first though my gut says I am in. If they stay long enough that is.
    Funny, how these things work, either you represent the energy, or get nailed by it.
    Funny, I wish I was the bad guy.

  3. Avatar

    What prejudiced nonsense! I’m Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio sextile Pluto w Venus in Scorpio, too and Pluto-Sun/Mercury conjunction. If anything, I’ve had to deal with these energies in my life from others; I help the sexually abused through my work. Money means nothing to me. Sexually, a little too intense, admittedly, but very very monogamous – obsessively so.

  4. A friend of mine was involved with a male ones. They were class mates at collage. She started to connect with him, showing interest in him. She is a strong plutonian and aries. He “let her” seduce him. She was just interested in the ego boost it gave her to talk and flirt with a good looking guy. She flirted just by talking, asking questions, smilng and strong eye contact. She told me that after 2 months of her doing this, he started to innocently initiate “physical contact”. You know, “oh you have a lint on your clothes, let me get it for you” stuff. Innocent hand brushing, knee brushing. sometimes hugs etc.

    She reciprocated the same way by touching him very subtly. And she told me the sexual tension was soo hard to handle. The Problem is, he had a girlfriend! A girl he also had lived with together for 5 years! I looked his chart up and yeah Mars conj Neptune in capricorn. And venus in libra.

    The strangest thing is, she told me that even though they were flirting subtly, with “innocent” physical contact and all, he always find ways to mention his girlfriend in their conversation atleast ones a day!. She thought it was odd and she never asked him about his girlfriend, she just ignored it and changed the subject she told me.

    I guess he knew he was emotionally cheating on his girlfriend. or in his twisted mind he thought all was ok as long as he always mentioned his gf for my friend, maybe he really didn’t wanna decieve her so this was a way for him to not hurt her by deception.

    Or his libra venus wanted a twisted balance. “I flirt with this girl but I also mention my gf so its all balanced out” ?

    My friend told me that she believed he mentioned his gf to remind himself he actually was in a commitment. Dunno.

    But it seems like Mars conj Neptune men are really easy to seduce and they really crave emotional contact with females. And especially if they are starving for this connection even when they are in a relationship, they will reciprocate if a girl wants too connect with them. even if it does not lead to sex, they just wanna feel emotional connections. I think?

  5. I have moon, mars, mercury and Neptune all conjunct in Scorpio in the third house. I am not like this I hope, but am very attuned to the dark side of humanity. I was bullied as a child and raped as a teenager and have body dysmorphic disorder which I’m able to manage thanks to medication and years if therapy. I have always felt emotions intensely and life has not always been easy emotionally and mentally speaking. I love music and like to dance. I have very close relationships with siblings and my dear brother was an addict and died young. I have never seduced anyone and am loyal and monogamous. I have had a long-lasting and wonderful relationship with my lovely husband. I do have a vivid imagination and am an illustrator. The recurring theme in my life has been about lack of boundaries and I tend to take on other people’s problems a bit too much but am now learning to say no more often. I think this is a tricky aspect to live with – I’ve found one has to be brutally honest with oneself and try not to project onto others.

    1. I have those 4 in Scorpio in the 3rd as well! I have a lot of problems with my dishonest, jealous and spiteful sisters and mother. I used to love them all anyway, but the older I got the worse they got with me, to the point where they don’t really exist for me anymore. Any chance you were born around Oct.11, 1961?

  6. I should add that there is a tendency to victimhood as well as victimisation with this aspect. It’s important to touch base with oneself on a regular basis – to be in touch with one’s own feelings so that you don’t absorb the anger of other people or fall into the martyr syndrome. Mindfulness meditation helps a lot. Taking responsibility for one’s own anger is vital. It can be a magnetic aspect that can give a powerful fantasy life and is well suited to profession in film and photography.

    1. Thanks Elsa, also having this placement I relate very much to your life experience. With Venus also in the mix – I am very much a lover rather than a hater.

  7. I have a Scorpio friend with an exact Mars Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. She is hypersexual,alcoholic,has been a drug addict and suffered physical and sexual abuse. She has a death wish as well. She’s not a snake as described but she’s her own worst enemy. At the same time she has a very charismatic “something” about her. I used to say she was a magnet, but because of the damage from alcohol and poor choices she now is a shit magnet.

  8. The contrast between these two energies bring a richness to life. It’s sad to see some being swept one way or the other as I was fortunate to have a father and several guides along the painful way to apply some self discipline, will power, and intellect to observe this wild combination in action. I’m mistaken for both from time to time, the warrior one day and a mystic the next, which is confusing for the simpletons and excruciating for someone who hesitates to explain oneself, but knows he’s giving off vibes that can ultimately just wear other people out. Seeing the long list of comments here, I find myself rather interested in starting a community online to connect with others with this combination. Mine is conjunct less than a degree in Scorpio/5th House.

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