My Chart Is Easy – His Is Hard

planetsDo you have a chart full of trines?  I do, for the most part. In contrast, my husband’s chart is jarring. It’s dominated by a T-square involving Mars and Saturn for one thing.

When we got together he warned me that his life had never been easy.  He has always felt he was destined to suffer. He told me he would do his best to have his hardship not impact me but that it probably would.  This was a sober conversation. He really wanted me to think it through.

I did think it through. I also noted that we had a composite grand cross. It was clear, astrologically that our relationship would pressure me. In fact, I could see I might actually be crushed.

I took the time to think about this, deeply. I talked to friends about it. I’ll tell you something about me. I like to have fun. Yes!  I like to a good ol’ time.  Should I do this?  Should I trade my loopy, happy, serenity for a more austere life?

In the end, I chose to marry. I loved the man for one thing. It’s not something I felt I could or should escape. But I also felt the heavyweight life would be more rewarding overall.

Everything has manifested as predicted. I am happily married. I have no regrets.

Is you chart easy? Is it hard? Have you ever been involved in something like this?

8 thoughts on “My Chart Is Easy – His Is Hard”

  1. I’m the hard one (scorpio moon & sun balsamic conjunction, Pluto sandwiched right between them at their midpoint, plus squares with other stuff). My husband is the easy chart. I think you need that balance. I couldn’t be with someone as neurotic or as slow moving and deliberate as I am. No way! He blasts the way forward, makes stuff happen, while I advise him and follow him, occasionally clean up the mess he leaves behind while he’s carving out a path for us. It actually works! But it’s a more “traditional” gender dynamic than most of my generation have.

  2. ❤️, thanx for sharing,encouraging
    As I wonder if my story just too harsh
    For another to see thru or filter, it’s the scars ,are they their own force field …think the long days have whittled down my mojo.

  3. I think squares in the chart build character. And maybe once the character is developed, it can be used as a driving force through the tension of the square itself.

    I understand what your husband means. I am Mars square Saturn, in fixed signs to the 0 degree.

  4. Mine is hard. Everyone brings someone in it to make it a grand cross for synastry. That stuff doesn’t move. Fixed cross. Hardened. It’s not ‘fun’ for me when someone brings the outer ones in there. Composites are always t-squares and grand crosses.

  5. I have a very difficult chart and have always felt I was destined to suffer. Sometimes it feels like retribution. There’s this guy I’ve been talking to, I like him and all, but he has an easy chart. Lots of Leo sunshine and trines and all that. He’s a good guy, great energy, but at the end of it all, I cannot relate to him nor he to me.

  6. With all my scorpio in the 12th house I guess so. It squares My pluto in Leo. I did have some “light” years when Sag was in Pluto.

  7. My chart is “hard”.
    Saturn and Mars conjunct in Scorpio (4th) square my moon. Mars and Pluto in Scorpio opposing Taurus Moon. Mercury square both Moon and Pluto, also opposing ASC.

    I am heavy, while also relaxed, especially in tense situations. My upbringing shocks some folks.

    Most of the women I have dated or find myself drawn to have easy charts. A couple of these women were very supportive although we were young and very unaware of our projections and issues.

    This is interesting because I have never considered this before.

  8. This hits home! Thank you, Elsa!
    Did marriage to you, with your easy aspects, help to ease the difficulty of your husband’s hard aspects?

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